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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So I turned 30...

(picture curtesy of BoboJoel with MY camera!)

I have to say I love this life. It seems to get better every year and I think it is partly due to the fact that we discover more and more about ourselves and become at ease with the person we are. Don't get me wrong, life still scares the bejesus out of me sometimes, but it always seems to be worth the turmoil in the end.

My 30th was not scary and celebrated in three different countries. Germany, Iceland and the US. Yes, I got style! I met some amazing people, had a lot of laughs, many a present and there was chocolate. What more can a girl ask for? Well, I really would like to have my own castle...but I have strict confidence that I´ll make it to 40. *winks pathetically at everybody*

So here are some images that made this birthday ever so special:

(picture curtesy of Neva aka puppytoes without her glasses!)

Isn't he just the cutest?

(picture curtesy: well, this one´s got my flippers all over it!)

I went to PEZylvania and had me some chocolate. Maybe some more, too! Look at those beautiful Hershey-Kisses street lights. Some amazing people live there too, I forget their names now...there are also powder rooms. It´s nothing to do with anything, but it is important to some. Believe you me!

(Picture curtesy: Neva with glasses, but look at me waving!)

Boston Common. Such a wonderful place to just hang. And hang I did...from various statues, not that I´d be willing to demonstrate my imaturiy on my 30th birthday post, but to let your soul dangle for a moment is one of my favorite past times.


I love the water, and the Charles River in Boston is somewhere I can't wait to return to. If you are ever up for a walk along the Esplanade, lemme know! Bring chocolate though! dark chocolate...where was I? Oh yes...

(Pez feet, curmudgeon foot and one freshly pedicured foot snapped by me!)

Whoever started this tradition, it´s a grand one. I love the foot pictures going around and let me be the one to tell you that some people are well worth walking the extra mile for.

~Penguin out!

Oh and if you missed me so much that these few words are not nearly enough to make up for the time we spent apart, I have a few more words over at the SNARK!


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At 01:07, Blogger Doug said...

Well, happy birthday once more. Those are great photos. It was great fun seeing you on your birthday tour. Um. Chocolate.

You do 30 perfectly, by the way, by blending equal parts 10 and 50. (this is meant as a compliment.)

At 01:34, Blogger Jenna Howard said...

Well happily belated 30 to you! Looks like you had a really good time. Way to do the occasion in style!

At 05:42, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Welcome back! And Happy Birthday again. Finally, pictures. :-)

At 12:08, Blogger ariel said...

what wonderful weeks! you've sure chosen the best way to celebrate your birthday. if a tour needs any excuses. I guess it does not. unless you sing or something. :-) glad to hear of the great time you had, and thanks for sharing pictures!

At 12:39, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, that took me a second to interpret, but I sorta think, i am kinda gettign getting it. Thank you!

Jenna, thank you...it was all good fun and I managed to hike the freedom trail, which told me I ain't old yet :)

Morgan, it was a long trip, wasn't it? To be honest, I am a bit knackered...but life in Iceland has already re-claimed me. Busy as a penguin.

Ariel, I might have sung a few bars, but only in the right company. The forgiving one, that is! I am not a member of the Spanish Inquisition!

At 13:26, Anonymous neva said...

i'm just glad we were allowed to be a part of the grand celebration -- even if some of us didn't get to go on the PEZylvania part of the tour and/or eat copious amounts of chocolate! (next time, Gina and i are SO going with you!)

lovelovelove these pictures! (amazing how well they turned out, considering the fact that your "official" photographer was often without her glasses). you wear 30 well, my dear and beautiful friend, but then, i always knew you would.

hmmmm... shall I be the one to share pictures of you in less than "mature" mode?? thinking i've got a couple that might evoke a giggle or two out of your fans... *suddenly remembers awful pictures of sweaty self while walking Freedom Trail* er, on second thought...

it was the BEST of times, and i, for one, can't wait for your next visit, which i'm hoping will be SOON! xoxox ; )

At 13:32, Anonymous Joel said...

The shot of you blowing out the candles is brilliant...wonder who snapped that one?

Happy to be a part of the "Penguin turns 30 world tour." We miss you already.

At 13:37, Blogger Minka said...

Neva...that´s right you took quite a few pictures of me and I have several cute ones up my sleeve. For a later post.

Joel, I miss you guys so much. And yes, I love that first and second picture so much...wait ...I´ll just add a few curtesy claimers!

At 18:42, Blogger Logophile said...

Welcome to the 30s, they are working pretty well for me, hope you enjoy them.
Love the photos, looks like so much fun!

At 19:31, Blogger actonbell said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, the 30's were fabulous, and so are your pictures. LOVE the inflatable penguin, and the Boston Common pic is great. I love being there, too. The Swan boats give the place away:)

Happy Wednesday!

At 23:02, Anonymous neva said...

by the way, unless i'm mistaken, your friends and/or fans will thoroughly enjoy reading teh CLEVER/HILARIOUS POST YOU WROTE FOR TEH SNARK. but how can anyone do that if you don't tell 'em it's there?

a mystery, that's what it is, a mystery! ; )

At 23:14, Blogger AP3 said...

You really did celebrate in style! Great pictures. Glad you had such a great trip -- or trips, really. Wonderful to meet you, and may we meet again! And no fair getting a pedicure right before the foot photo!

At 23:57, Blogger Minka said...

Logo, well one of these days you and I will have to take a fun picture...somehow I have a feeling that won´t be a problem for us!

actonbell, yes they did, but it took me a few days to decide if I wanted to get on them, they move so slow and well, I am kinda fidgety. (If this is not a word, it should be!)

Neva, you are absolutely right...I totally forgot to bathe in my ability to post two posts in one day...I will rectify this minor oversight!

AP3, I was spoiled rotten in Connecticut...I love my toes...I showed them to everybody, even those who could't care less. And absolutely...we will meet again!

At 03:52, Blogger G said...

What a great Happy Birthday tour - glad to see it posted but our little country has gotten lonely without you :)!

I'm with Neva, we're worming our way into the next Pez tour! And Joel - that picture is sheer genius, I say!

Nighty-night, just wanted to check in and make sure you got home safely (a day later - how sincere).


At 11:56, Blogger Minka said...

G, hey you came all the way out to teh airport to say goodbye for a few minutes, you brought bubble tea and music and that amazing girl of yours...I think you said it all already!
Love ye!

At 13:12, Blogger Doug said...

Tutored by Aristotle, he conquered the great states of his era before dying at 23.

At 14:00, Blogger TLP said...

It was wonderful meeting you! 30 is SO young. I'm glad you understand that. You've only just begun.

And thank you again for the chocolate that YOU brought to us, and for the book!

At 14:10, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, bugger...it´s Thursday. I get right on it!

TLP, you are more than welcome, I hear chocolate is hard to come by when you live so close to Hershey :)

At 23:35, Blogger tsduff said...

Looks like all of your birthdays were fun! I'm sure sorry to have missed all the fun. It is nice to picture you back in your familiar surroundings though - safe and sound amongst the lava... :-)

At 23:35, Blogger tsduff said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 01:06, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I know you enjoyed your 30th birthday!! What a great celebration you had! You are loved my people all over the world!!!!!!
I got to meet with Mr. Douglas in CA shortly after he met with you and the ladies PEZ. Your pedicure looks FABulous!
Dark chocolate rules! It is SO good!!!! I hope you have plenty of it. It has lots of anti-oxidants, you know, which makes it good for you. I suggest you keep eating chocolate until you turn 40, then double what you've been eating after that.
Have a great year! 30 looks lovely on you. :-)

At 02:23, Blogger Minka said...

terry, You had other, dare I say more meaningful things, to ponder about. But I certainly appreciate you wishes. Thank you!

Jamie, you are my kinda girl!

At 10:54, Blogger Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late, but today is my first blogging day after my trip. I've been completely disconnected from the world for more than a month (no t.v, no blog, no e-mail) so I've no idea of what's going on in blogland and out. From the looks of your pics it sounds like you had a great birthday, and I wish you many, many more (way beyond the age of 40). Love the foot picture, that's a nice foot you've got there, doesn't look a day over 20 if you ask me...

At 13:33, Blogger goldennib said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great one. I think my 30's were some of my most fun years.

At 18:11, Blogger Minka said...

Theresa, welcome home and I know what you are feeling. Being away from your blog for too long makes you feel like you have lost the plot, even scarier...you just might have ;)

goldennib, I expect my 30´s to be a riot. They better be, or someone will have to answer...and that will never be pretty!

At 20:05, Blogger Mo'a said...

Hello Elskan, Sorry that I did not get to see you this time...I think I got that blogger cold/flu from G and Neva...sick, sick and sad that I missed you...well I guess I will just have to go to Iceland to see you ;)
That was some Birthday Celebration and I might add a well deserved.

Did you know that I used to live on Commonwealth Ave. not too far from the Boston Common.
HeineKen is from Boston you know and we lived there and in the area four different times.

Velkominn Heim!!! those words bring tears to my eyes every time.

At 22:38, Blogger Minka said...

Moa...whenever tehy say it on teh plane, warmth rushes all over me. "Velkominn heim", indeed!
I´ll see you when you get here...maybe there will be Mysingur?!


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