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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


That's right. The Penguin has made it over. The East Coast will never be the same. I felt right at home. Snow, freezing temperatures and walking coats all over the place; for a second I thought the plane had made a circle and brought me back to my tiny island.

But I am in America, the toilets gave it away. Yes, the toilets! Now explain this to me and do speak slow: Why do you need a swimming pool in your toilets? I am worried that I'll make it overflow each time I have a full bladder. I know all restrooms in the Connecticut area by now!

I have squeezed some other stuff in between toilet breaks though.

Spending time and laughs with Joel, Neva and our lampshade. You do the math! But it involved dogs, Mexican food, Starbucks and the odd ADD conversation I am still trying to organize . Everything you have heard is true. Neva is tall, dark and has a rugged handsomeness about her. G is continiously checking out light bulbs and Joel, well constantly files applications for golf resort memberships.

The Belle of the Brawl flew in during her Spring break. Whohoooo! You'll be glad to learn that we did share a hotel room together and life webcam recordings can be purchased at youneedhelp@freak.com! She is as spunky, funny and amazing as I knew she would be and Sar: Thank You!

I went to a Blue Man concert in Manhattan and had such a fun time. They got up close and personal too, nice physique and well, I left the theatre with a blue mark on the left side of my face. The works of a Blue Man. But not to worry, I can pull off blue quite well!

I got to meet the wonderful and delightful Moa and took the grand tour through her fabulous and artistic home. I specifically had a passion for her handmade marzipan sculptures. She is just the sweetest soul and here is cheers to Heineken too.

Today Al showed us downtown Manhattan. Now he is just gonna love me for this, but whenever you are in New York, go bugger him about a tour...he does is well, knows his stuff and *whispers* didn't ask for any of those really confusing local currency papers;) Besides, his red/green Mohawk sticks out and if you get lost amongst the huge crowd, he is an easy visual marker, if you don't mind the Japanese tourist taking pictures of him all the time.

excuse me...I have to use the bathroom!


Posted by Minka :: 12:12 am :: 48 Royal Subjects

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At 02:49, Blogger Diesel said...

Glad you're having a good time, Minka. Interesting synchronicity on the toilet issue.

You have no water in your toilets? What do your dogs drink?

At 02:59, Blogger Doug said...

Great post and very funny. Good to know the East Coast folk live up to their billing.

Hey, the email came back! What's the deal?

At 03:09, Blogger Minka said...

Diesel, we have dogs, so needless to say we have water in our toilets, but we add additional water as the toilet flushes...I mean I thought as a man, you would understand my concern ;)

Doug, They sure are giving me the royal treatment. Neva actually gave me wallpaper, so I could decorate the bridge I sleep under :)

At 05:29, Blogger tsduff said...

MINKA! You go girl! Hope all the rest of your trip is awesome as you visit the home of my youth... The US has a lot of negativity amongst the other world's countries, including my very own Bear's Icelandic opinions... but hey, it's all I have to call my own. Hugs - best wishes, and so sorry I won't be hooking up with you all down south next weekend

Cheer up - at least you are missing the horrible weather back home LOL!

At 08:01, Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Any pics of Manhattan? Would love to see them?

At 09:16, Blogger goldennib said...

Sounds like you are having a great trip. I am so upset, on the verge of tears, that I missed you all at Mo'a's.

At 12:37, Blogger Minka said...

terry, yeah it is horrible weather back home. I am glad I escaped it. And don't worry I'll catch you in some hot pot in Iceland :)

cazzie,I have and I would love to display them, but I have to get home first to download them down to my computer :( I promise when I'll get back that there will be plenty scenic pictures!

goldennib, I am having the most wonderful trip. And everybody I have met so far has lived up to expectations and more. Everybody says who he or she is and I think that is a comforting thought, I think. And hey, Maybe i iwll catch you the next time, for believe you me...I'll be back here :)

At 13:40, Anonymous Quilly said...

Penguin Tours New York

Funny, you'd think that would have made the national news. I'm sure New York will never be the same!

At 13:51, Anonymous neva said...

tall? dark? ruggedly handsome? hmmm. aside from the fact that i'm a 5'5", blond hair/blue-eyed, female, and um... way older than YOU, that sounds just like me! (i think your exact term for the way i look was "weird", but maybe i'm remembering it wrong)

for those of you who have yet to experience the wonder that is... Monika, here's the scoop: teh Penguin is a delight, more beautiful than any of you can imagine, and as regal as the name "Ice Queen" implies. except when she's climbing over statues, flirting with baristas in Starbucks, and, um... coming out of the bathroom. (that water thing scares her, it really does. we bought a pair of water wings to keep next to the pot, in hope of allaying her fears, but she's not buying it.)

i know what you're thinking... shouldn't i be getting ready for another day of fun in the sun with an Icelandic blogger? uh... come to think of it, yeah. d'oh! xox

At 14:23, Blogger G said...

Haha, very cute. I love this post because now I can hear it so perfectly with your inflection. And you have to admit - those lamposts were quite lovely downtown yesterday. And really, you don't need to wear a lifevest to use the bathroom...as long as you're a decent swimmer.

Enjoy the rest of your visit. Miss you already. xox

At 14:33, Anonymous Joel said...

Minka it has been such a pleasure to make your aquaintance (in person). I feel we've learned so much about you...your ability to dunk a basketball, for example...and I still can't believe you chugged those 15 steaming Starbuck's skim mochas in less than 45 seconds, man oh man.

Your fascination with the toilets not withstanding, here's hoping your stay thus far has been as enjoyable for you as having you here has been for us.

Oh, and the funny part about what you said in your post is...while I'll admit to having compulsed about a certain golf club membership...I've never even played the game. Not once.

At 14:51, Anonymous al said...

Uhhh... Multicolor Mohawk?

GREAT idea! People just don't take me seriously enough. That should help.

We'll walk the other 80% of Downtown next time. Remember: comfortable shoes, your Majesty.

At 14:56, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, well it made the local news downtown Manhattan last night. I was holding a public speech on top of the Golden Bull. Were you not informed?

Neva, I never said you are weird looking. At least I don't think so...I think your shoulder pads look just lovely on you :) And thank you, you are wya too kind!

G, I miss you too and I think you should stores those beautiful children of yours somewhere for a day or two, because I do believe I missed an industrial area soemwhere and we forgot to rip your bag last time ;) Say Hi to MR. Scissorhands for me...tell him: "We are the Champions..." He'll understand!

Joel, I know about the golf, that's why it was so funny :)Sorry about spitting the last skim mocha all over you, but your David Hasselhoff impression was just too much to handle :)

At 15:00, Blogger Minka said...

Al...I took you seriously, for at least 5 minutes!!! Oh, don;t you worry...I'll bring my UGGS! Have yous started working on my phone- recognition- blue- light- flaring- statue- like beeper yet?

At 16:40, Blogger ~Mo'a~ said...

A wonderful time, was had by all...did you nip the head off the Marzipan sculpture yet?
The house was so empty when you and your court left, good thing Heineken came home a short time later.
*whisper* She is a beauty and takes her Royal role a little too seriously *don't tell her I said that*
Neva and Lampshade lady...beauties also and so kind and fun...I now understand ADD a little better, I'm just saying :)

At 16:43, Blogger Doug said...

Joel, you make her sound like a fancy viking. That's kind of what I thought.

At 16:45, Blogger Doug said...

And, Minka, as a penguin you know what to do with an enclosed pool of water. Push someone else in to make sure its safe.

At 20:01, Blogger birdwoman said...

hey, at least we don't have those things that wash your bum. Those are strange.

welcome. have a nice stay1!


At 21:16, Blogger The Old Mule said...

Great post. But wait one second...you came all this way east, over that vast ocean, and miss South Carolina? Our weather...our BBQ...our beaches!

That terrible travesty must one day be mended. Enjoy your stay!

At 22:16, Anonymous the amoeba said...

Hmmm .... I seem to have had a similar reaction to my first encounter with the porcelain buses of Berlin. Sure they save water, but they have an (ahem) in-your-face quality about them that I found, er, disconcerting.

Beware of roving amoebae ...

At 00:15, Blogger Biene said...

Monika, what ARE you doing_ I told you Not to climb statues. Oh oh, Mom is worried. You got a boy with a blue green mohawk? I and don´t see him? And why do you have to go to the toilet so frequently? Don´t they have swimming rings for tynies like you? Did you take your cranberry pills with you? Did you do thinks I would do? I asked you specially not to!
Behave well, sweet daughter! Show your excellent upbringing! Lucky that aunti móa had an eye on you, I trust her. And don´t go near water around dough, he´s got strange ideas. We already talked about your fingers missing because of knives and snakes and things like that.
BUT have fun, fun, fun.
/people, now you know what we have to live with every day!

At 03:23, Anonymous Joel said...

biene I have a much greater appreciation for what you must go through...my prayers are with you. ;-)

Monika do we really want to discuss Hasselhoff? No...I didn't think so.

At 03:28, Blogger Minka said...

Moa: I take my royal representations very seriously :) A great time was had by all indeed!

Doug, I'll keep that in mind, are you volunteering?

birdwoman, Thank you and yes, I thank the world for that!

Old Mule, it certainly will and if not before, than Chicago in March sounds like a plan!

OC, roving amoebas? Now there is an image! In your face kinda thing...do you pee right?

Mom, I did some stuff you would do, and I know that is not smart...but I have to learn. I am not sorry either! I miss you guys, I am safe though and wonderful adn way too kind people are taking excellent care of me. It is all good! I did hurt my leg falling over a couch table while trying on flip flops. I lived to tell teh tale though ;)

At 03:33, Blogger Minka said...

Joel...ups! No we really needn't pull at that thread too much! Things are cristal clear and may I just mention how perfectly lovely you are any given moment *looks nervously into the air, scratches floor with feet and crosses fingers*

At 11:35, Anonymous neva said...

despite teh limp (following that flip-flop test run) i believe our Penguin is doing Iceland proud. she's clumsy, but her excellent upbringing somehow manages to shine through! Biene, you have nothing to worry about -- except for the part where we're trying to convince your wonderful girl to stay in America a bit longer. seriously, we NEED more adorable/sassy penguins around here, we really do!

ah...if only i were slightly taller, darker and/or more ruggedly handsome. damn! xox

At 12:04, Blogger Minka said...

neva, xox right back at ye! *whispers* that might not necessarily be the right way to convince my mom ;)

At 01:23, Blogger actonbell said...

Oh, great post! How cool is that?

I never thought of our toilets that way before. I'm just very thankful for them:) Glad to hear you're getting enough fluids:)

At 01:27, Anonymous the amoeba said...

hey folks, remember this comment up a few dozen lines?

teh Penguin is a delight, more beautiful than any of you can imagine, and as regal as the name "Ice Queen" implies.

The Queen of Snark speaks truth. There are some people who are even more attractive in real life than in pictures, and that certainly applies to Our Penguin. Almost makes me forget purple paint and spaghetti hair. I'd go on, but (ow!) I'm being exited stage right by a feather, who has a firm grip on my ear. Leggo ... ! ;)

At 02:15, Blogger Minka said...

actonbell, it is very neat isn't it? I am actually getting accustomed to your toilets, but I have discovered a new frenzy...those revolving doors when entering a store; they move so fast...it is difficult to waddle without getting stuck!

Oc, we had an interesting afternoon with you as well. It was neat learning about volcanoes, but did we really need to disect that fungi before lunch?

At 09:44, Blogger Biene said...

Sweety, I hear you have the time of your life! I am reassured, the many sweet people to take care of you and I hear that you have everybodies heart in your hands. Me not astonished. You deserve the greatest time you can get and DO plan the next trip. And (whisper) just do everything I would do, but don´t knit...)
Mom who loves to read your post and is happy that you are happy,
Meanwhile we change the house: You will not recognize it!

At 09:47, Blogger Biene said...

For the pictures downloading: can´t you just buy a Schnur? Can´t be that expensive in great US! Me so curious, can´t wait.

At 17:36, Blogger Diesel said...

Hope you're having a good time in the States. Are you coming to visit me in Ca now?

If you have a chance, come play in my caption contest!

At 02:17, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

I looked for you but didn't see you. Must be becuase you spent so long in the ladies.

At 13:05, Blogger Minka said...

Biene, Mom schnur is German...you mean cable right? I just don't want to download them and lose them on someone else's computer!

Diesel, you in California? I thought for some reason you were on the East Coast! I'll check the contest with the next best chance!

trundling grunt, I saw you that was enough!

At 18:53, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

How absolutely wonderful!!!

You actually met all those folks! Good for you.

It's funny about teh toilet thing. I found teh toilets in Europe strange. I like my stuff diluted.

At 19:50, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

How wonderful that you are in America AND have met several blog buddies!!!!!

Don't worry about the toilets.
They are harmless, unless the person before you forgot to flush. :)

I hope you will post some photos from your trip and the blog buddies you've met.

At 13:24, Blogger Minka said...

TLP, it is wonderful isn't it? I met 8 bloggers I think Not a bad accomplishmet in the few days I have been here. I made my peace with teh toilets now...the weird freaks trying to convince me to follow Jesus is another matter.

JD, I think my bloggerbuddies wouldn't really welcome that too much. Soem are really private ;) But i will post a bunch of pictures after teh trip with palm trees and everything.

At 22:25, Anonymous neva said...

i know why WE don't want our pictures shown (as do you), but if Al's to shy to show off that Mohawk, he should never have gotten one in the first place! ; )

hope California is treating you well, dear little Penguin -- i know this, folks in Connecticut are missing you like crazy! (none more than poor Larry, who's certain you're supposed to come back for another round of pictures and/or coffee before heading back to Iceland!)

in hopes of enticing you to stay a bit longer, i bought high boots, dyed my hair black, and am sporting a plaid flannel shirt (over those shoulder pads you like so much). alas, that ruggedly handsome part continues to elude me. sigh. on the other hand, Bobo, Max, AND Sophie are looking good... and ready and/or waiting for your return! xox

At 23:19, Blogger AP3 said...

Wow, you're really makiing the rounds! Have a great time!

At 23:47, Blogger Jay said...

If you had a baby with a blue man, what colour would it come out, do you think?

At 03:49, Anonymous Minka said...

neva, baby...you had me a hello and tell Larry to keep a Grande Soy with whip Moch at the ready....It's been days without Starbucks and wel, quite frankly...I miss it.

AP3, If I finally get going I do it big style. It's been amazing and I am very lucky ad fortunate and the sun here...just beautiful!

jay, purple...the black colur n my fippers are domiant!

At 13:40, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

how's your study of the California toilets going? :-)

You have intriqued me so much with this topic that I think I must plan a trip to the East coast!

At 14:15, Anonymous minka said...

Kyahgirl, Hi there and glad you made it back home safe. The toilets here are less scary for some reason, but don't get me started on teh bitchin' traffic in LA. Thank goodness for car pools, ey?

At 08:53, Blogger micky said...

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