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Saturday, February 03, 2007

some funnies for the weekend...


Evolution in Africa
Nothing like a warm welcome!

Talking about shit....

remember: nothing is cooler than a surfing Penguin;)

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


Posted by Minka :: 10:21 am :: 4 Royal Subjects

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At 10:51, Anonymous Heike said...

First!!! :-)
My dear Minka, I wish you a lovely weekend!! Are you going to the country side? Say hello to everyone! Big hug, Heike

At 13:43, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Great! Double post for a double fun weekend? Thanks, Minka -- you, too! Oh, and btw, that's a very fancy Kentucky bathroom - -it actually has toilet paper instead of corn cobs and/or the J.C. Penney's Catalog!

At 20:05, Blogger Minka said...

Heike, sure will do. And huge hug right back at you!

Quilly, are you trashing the rednecks? They are trying the best they can ;)

At 03:23, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Minka -- some of those rednecks are my relatives -- I'm just telling you how it is.


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