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Saturday, March 15, 2008


due to reasons beyond my technologically challenged mind, I have problems accessing any blogspot-sites these days. My brother had the clever idea of switching servers and with it: switched my access. He has promised to fix this problem in the near future and he better...if he expects to have one :)
I miss you lot.

This too shall pass. If I end in jail...please do send letters!

Posted by Minka :: 6:45 am :: 20 Royal Subjects

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At 06:55, Anonymous quilly said...

Brothers! Can't live with'em; aren't allowed to kill'em.

At 07:27, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly...I am very close to testing my ability in covering my tracks!

At 09:51, Blogger ariel said...

I used to have computer crashes regularly when my brother did my computer. NOT that he is bad with computers but as an expert he loved trying out new things. Me, silly user, I only wished for a working computer. :-)

At 13:24, Blogger Doug said...

If we send letters will you be able to open them?

At 14:43, Anonymous Mo'a said...

I was missing you :( Eg skal skrifa...but let's hope it won't come to that.

At 15:52, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Fratricide is frowned upon in Iceland? Hmm. I'm an only child, and no one has any proof to the contrary.

At 20:42, Blogger Diesel said...

Hope you get it all sorted out soon. Try not to become anybody's bitch in prison.

At 23:54, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, brothers are weird that way. I think that's why men don't live as long. usually they are someone's brother ;)

Doug, we'll I sorta hoped you'd bake a cake and hide a remote and an envelope opener in it :)

Móa, I still have a few minutes at work, when I can check my blog and go comment, but it is not sufficient to really blog and go everywhere.

Morgan, that so reminds me of the joke about the kid and the tractor. Do you know it?

Diesel, well if anyone in prison looks like Cameron Diaz, I won't kick her out of my bunk :)

At 16:32, Blogger actonbell said...

OUCH! Sorry to hear about the computer problems. That's discombobulating, for sure. Hmm, maybe I can aim a paper airplane through the bars...

At 10:29, Blogger Theresa said...

Computer problems...that sucks! I miss you too, and hope your brother gets it fixed soon. Otherwise, I may just have to go over there and help you kill him. Will they let you blog in jail? ;)

At 21:10, Blogger tsduff said...

I've had trouble with my only "bother" many times, but he knows who's boss. We have also been having trouble with accessing the internet lately, but this was due to hotel choice.

It was Grand meeting you, and even Grander being mistaken for your parents... although we consider ourselves much to be much younger.

At 19:00, Blogger Minka said...

actonbell, that's a fantastic scrabble word, you'll never have all the letters though :)

Theresa, these days you get an education, a psychiatrist and a Playstation 3 in prison...I wouldn't mind going there for s short visit!

terry, you do have a daughter who is exactly my age. But i won't tell anybody that :) I wish you guys a calm day tomorrow!

At 00:26, Anonymous Câmera Digital said...

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At 21:35, Blogger tsduff said...

Hey YOUSE! Sorry we didn't get another chance to pester you... we have TOO SHORT A TIME here in the land of EDEN to do what we want. We leave Iceland tomorrow at 4:30pm - got scolded by relatives whom we neglected to notify until the last moment that we were here. Today was the funeral - man alive, what a million-bunch of cousins and relatives! They were all so wonderful and so very nice! Tomorrow before we leave we must visit some more ... for "coffee" name that thousands of calories, cakes, casseroles,. etc., as well as do the chores (bank, Bonus... among others) that we must do before we leave. - got to be at the airport by 2:00pm...

I've told the family, and I mean every word: If I found the right job, I'd be living here tomorrow. I love Iceland, and wish I was a native. How can I do it? Hmmmmm? I'm perfectly in agreement to learn Icelandic... hell, you did it, so what is so impossible??? :D

At 22:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monika, it does not pay to kill your brother. When he is dead he won´t be able to fix nothing no more. So, please, do wait some.

At 21:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust Moms to use logic.

I can't kill my brother because who will cook for me? Me?!? Good grief.

Good luck with the computer fixings...and -not- killing your brother (wink wink nudge nudge)

At 16:51, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Okay, now I've sent a letter. Do you have many stamps from Egypt? ;-)

At 16:53, Blogger Logophile said...

Oh dear
Ive been unable to get around to blogs due to time limitations but at least I know I CAN, if I choose not to sleep or pay attention to my family. I can't imagine not being ABLE to, ack!
The horror of it all!!

At 16:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

peace--.hope you are up and running again soon...Thank You for your hospitality on our visit...peace

At 05:12, Blogger Minka said...

terry, don't you worry there'll be a next time :) It was a pleasure to meet you both...thanx for the coffee and the bets pizza in town.

MOm, how much did he really fix to begin with??? Think about it!

Jenn, I will try to refrain from it but it's been a month and very annoying!

Morgan, you sent a letter? I have no stamps from Egypt! Nice!

Logo, it is rather annoying to be honest. He's a busy guy though...he's got a girlfriend for one :)

Hey, I know you! I will be up and running again and it was my pleasure. Hope we can do it again some time!


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