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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Watch out for the shovel...

I get it. I live in Iceland. It's supposed to snow...but for the love of God, have some limits! This morning I went outside to find several heaps of snow in every parking lot. It was a lucky guess that let me to uncover my car on the first go. Lucky me.

Now it is windy too, which causes the freshly fallen powder snow to dance on the waves of the wind, aiming...usually straight for my face. I didn't shower this morning, so I take the icy morning hygene with a smile. Teeth clenched, trousers wet up to my thighs. My gloves are wet through.

I plumet myself into the car, turn on the motor and back out ...only to get completely stuck in the middle of the road. I can feel a temper rising within me. Out I get again to find a shovel and off I go. Look at me go! Shovelling all that snow, throwing it willfully behind me, the wind turning it around straight into my backside.

By that time I had given up going anywhere and just wanted to get my car back into the parking lot, go inside and have a cup of tea. Neighbour lady comes out. Huge fur wrapped around her and I notice the extreme red lipstick. She tries to tell me that I have to take the snow off the roof, otherwise when I am driving it will fall straight onto my front shield...I am trying to tell her that I am not gonna drive anywhere, but just wanna pull my car back into the lot, get inside and crawl up somewhere in the fetal position. Her lipstick is still worrying me though.

Mom comes out, helps to push my car...nothing. Inside I go and wake dad from his slumber, feeling slightly bad for pulling him away from the soft embrace of his thick sheet into the unwrenching heartiness that winter can be. Out we go, wet Monika, sleepy Dad and a snow covered Mom. We get my car back into the lot, but...

where's the shovel? I can't find it...so much snow has fallen in the meantime that it is completely covered somewhere. I just hope neighbor lady doesn't step on it and accidently brakes the lipstick in her purse.

I have high hopes to discover the shovel in mid spring.

So here I am, 8 in the morning...no way of getting to school; writing a post. Eventually the ice on my eyelashes will melt, my pants will stop standing by themselves in the corner and the hot pinches throughout my body are bound to stop tickling. For breakfast I will eat my own words about the obsession of Icelanders with big SUVs. Right now I am thinking a tank for myself...maybe with a huge atenna that no amount of snow can cover...or I'll just wait for the snowplough!


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At 09:47, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

"freshly fallen powder snow to dance on the waves of the wind"

Lovely! Okay, I know you're complaining and I know what it is to be snowed in... but lovely!

Great post. I'm cold just reading it. :-)

At 12:24, Blogger Theresa said...

Great post, I can almost feel the cold. Brrrr. When we get a even fraction of that snow everything comes to a screeching halt. Just relax, have a cup of tea, and enjoy a day off. :)

At 12:54, Anonymous quilly said...

She sings: "I love Hawaii. I love Hawaii." She is sitting in her living room in shorts and a t-shirt. The windows are open. The cealing fan is twirling, there is a glass of ice water at her left. It's about 70 degrees F, and all is well in her world.

Well, except the heartburn, which is why she is up at 3:00 a.m.

At 13:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a winter everywhere. Don't miss the snow at all.

At 14:04, Blogger Doug said...

Beautifully written. Which part was the trivia?

At 14:28, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, you have lived here...you should know!

Theresa, it takes quite a bit of snow for things to stop here...but today has put Reykjavik a bit on teh sleepy side...it took a bit for teh city to wake up and get rolling.

Quilly, I'd like a vacation there some day. Without teh heartburn though :)

Brian, the snow is fun...and beautiful...just if it stops me in my track it gets a bit overwhelming.

Doug, the part behind the comma.

At 19:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent a Facebook sticker to some friends of a snowman and it said "Winter Sucks. Bring on Global Warming."

The novelty of softly falling snow wears on a person. I feel your winter pain. And may you not find your shovel by stepping on it and having the handle slam into your face.

At 01:04, Blogger tsduff said...

Your picture is absolutely gorgeous, as is your story accompaniment. Oh Iceland - I've never seen it in the snow. I don't own a pair of ugs...I thought penguins toboggan on their bellies when the snow gets high.

At 10:21, Blogger Minka said...

Jenn, shovel has been found this morning, car is still stuck and i have to do that stupid thing where one takes a bus. IN icelandic weatehr waiting at a bus stop for a vehicle that might not come...fun pure :)

terry, penguins used to. But once a Penguin went to connecticut and was introduced to the world of UGGS...I fear future penguins will be born with feet, just so they can wear UGGS :)

At 00:43, Anonymous quilly said...

Minka - tell us when. We'll pick you up at the airport.

At 02:16, Anonymous sauerkraut said...

Once upon a time, I lived in Maine. A place with plenty of snow - especially this year.

Now, I live in pennsyltucky - a place where winter brings ice and crashing trees.

If you send me your snow, I will send you my ice. I miss winter.

At 02:03, Anonymous Mo'a said...

Poor, poor little penguin...out of her element...no, wait penguins like snow and ice.
I have heard complaints from everyone in Iceland...never had this amount of snow...is it just that their memory is short?

At 10:29, Anonymous Heike said...

Hallo Minka min!

Gorgeous picture!!!! It's crazy to see and hear that you have so much snow in Iceland this year. I think you haven't had so much snow for years, have you?
Big hug and thinking of you

At 15:54, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

that's a pretty picture...nice to observe through a window while sipping tea eh?

YOu have such an entertaining way of describing such a miserable experience! well done Penguin :-)

At 19:46, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, sure will do. I expect one of them flower rings, though!

sauerkraut, I think I'll keep the snow...we have ice too, happily it is situated under the snow and I don't have to slip on it.

Moa, it's been more snow than I can remember. I have been here for 10 years. The problem is the storms though and the invisibility when the snow is blown all over teh place.

Heike, hello my little muffin of love...we are waiting for your return. When will that be?

kyahgirl, why thank you. I appreciate that compliment. I love writing when I have some time for it.

At 00:43, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I can just see your frozen pants standing by themselves in the corner. They are also shivering from the cold as they thaw out.
Brrrr!! Your words made me shiver!!!

At 00:43, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I can just see your frozen pants standing by themselves in the corner. They are also shivering from the cold as they thaw out.
Brrrr!! Your words made me shiver!!!

At 22:56, Blogger Minka said...

jamie down...they have dried by now...but i am sure it is only a matter of hours until a new pair of pants will stand in the corner :)

At 00:09, Blogger actonbell said...

Oh man, this isn't good. I hate snow, and it's even worse when you have to strain your back shoveling the stuff. I hope you thawed!

At 16:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found your blog..and enjoyed!
I was whinning about a little ice we got here in the Ozarks this past week..after reading your blog ....I'll try to be better!!! Yikes!!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods

At 20:21, Blogger Minka said...

actonbell, I screamed, I was wet through...but I lived :)

Pam, I am glad you enjoyed it and welcome!


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