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Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday Brain Teaser

Pre-natal screening, genetically engineered foods, the ability to identify human remains and the testing of physical evidence ... all these extraordinary techniques owe their evolution to the groundbraking discovery depicted above, exactly 55 years ago today. Name the two Cambridge scientists, discovering the structure of the recipe for you and me.

HINT in the comment section, don't be shy!


Posted by Minka :: 12:09 am :: 30 Royal Subjects

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At 01:05, Blogger Doug said...

Be careful which victim you pick.
Sleuthing has gained a few tricks.
Whether your DNA
Or needles in hay
It takes less and less straw to make bricks.

In a lab you can put a beaker or pot on
A bunsen burner that it can get hot on
But when chemists opine
On race, culture or kind
There's more heat they knowingly brought on.

At 01:41, Blogger tsduff said...

Creative dog.

Sometimes I get one of these ** in my neck.

And, the portly counterpart of my favorite Scotland Yard detective made good guesses.

At 03:33, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Oh Oh Oh, I used to know this! Read my latest post and you'll understand why I don't now. And why I don't have the energy to Google or Wiki the answer and hint. But I do know there was a Nobel prize involved... eventually.

I coule decribe to you the double helix, the difference betwen DNA and RNA and I can even spell (almost) dioxyribonucleaic acid, but all that really matter is... Minka's back!

At 11:38, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, welcome back...vacation seems to have done you good. Nice limericking dude, glad you did not lose it.

terry, portly counterparts are wonderful, aren't they :) Well hinted!

Morgan, i'll be over in a second...you seem electric. I loved when we discussed DNA in biology. I still know adenin, thymin, cytonin and guanin and how they pair up...I just think it is so fascinating!

At 16:41, Blogger Nessa said...

Dave -N- Andrew are your culprits.

At 19:04, Blogger J. D. said...

Would that be Dr. Wat's-his-name? Would the other have something to do with a friend of Walt Disney's named Jiminy? ..........Jude

At 22:49, Blogger Minka said...

nessa, you sure?

J.D. I do love Pinocchio references, well done!

At 10:25, Blogger Theresa said...

I have one in my neck after watching w(h)at's on tv.

At 14:02, Blogger Doug said...

Hase Hase, mädchen, mädchen.

At 20:41, Blogger actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Wow, 55 years. Life was explained before we were born. Incidentally, if you visit YouTube and search by these two last names (of which Terry so excellently reminded me), you can watch a very short and very cute video of a couple British Rabbits eating biscuits.

I didn't expect that. Good to see you back!

At 01:04, Anonymous Arthur Conan Amoeba said...

"Good Lord, Holmes, why are you holding your neck at that horrid angle?"

"By Jove, Doctor, is it you?"

"You're not pulling that Dying Detective job on me again, are you, Holmes?"

"No, no, I assure you, this ailment is most certainly, and distressingly, real. If you would place your hands here and ... ahh ..."

"I see. Merely a ..."

"Creek in my neck? Running alongside my jocular vein?"

"Righto. And who's been infected with the strain of pawkey humor this time? Look, Holmes, the next time you insist on staying up all night distilling acetones, will you use that fume cupboard I installed for you? And furthermore ..."

At 07:18, Blogger ariel said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

At 12:54, Blogger Minka said...

Theresa, nicely hinted :)

Doug, happy rabbit with a hab(b)it :)

actonbell, wow...that was a cute video :) Have a fabulous March!

Oc, there are fumes around you as we speak, aren't there?!

ariel, tibbar, tibbar :)

At 15:05, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

There's a line for a TV show I like, I believe it was Bender (the robot) in Futurama who said something similar to," I'll never understand you meat-sacks running around shooting DNA at eachother."


At 19:06, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, I always thought there was one major party shooting the DNA around, but I´ll ask Mom to repeat the lecture about the birds and the bees again :)

At 20:52, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Well it was from a robot's perspective. I'm slightly more familiar with how the buzzing and flapping works. ;)

At 15:51, Blogger Doug said...

wats the crickin' answer?

At 19:04, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, you've lost me. Are we still talking about the same thing?

Doug, Watson and Crick...it's not like you did not know :)

At 00:28, Blogger Doug said...

He betrayed the LORD and savior for thirty pieces of silver.

At 00:33, Blogger Minka said...

My grandfather?

At 05:02, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I read all the comments in order to figure out the answer. I would never have known it.
I guess those two dudes were kind of smart.
Without them, there'd be no shows like CSI on television. Where were they when OJ Simpson was on trial???
When it comes to science, I am stupid.

At 14:38, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Uhm, they were there (their work was) for the OJ trial. The defence contended that one of the police officers who discovered the blood samples was racist. So the blood evidence showing OJ's DNA all over the crime scene got ignored.

A good example of the difference between science and life.

At 00:09, Blogger tsduff said...

I will be in Iceland next week from the 14th through the 19th - my Bear's uncle Johannes died in Reykjavic. So, maybe we can say hello over a coffee or something. I believe I've lost your phone info - you could send it to me at tsduff@aol.com.

At 13:45, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie Dawn, when it comes to science...both of us will sit back and enjoy a truffle :)

Morgan, yes...laws and humanity is like giving a bicycle to a fish!

terry, wow....absolutely. I am here and free as a bird. Study week ;)

At 05:10, Blogger G said...

Just dropping in to say hello. The hints have been hinted so just wanted to wave. XOX

At 22:22, Anonymous swampy said...

Haven't be by in a long time. Everyone has already guessed, so I won't even leave any hints. Just wanted to let you know the witch is still flying.

At 14:01, Blogger Minka said...

g, it is good to see you.

swampy, wow you are a blast from the past. Glad the broom is still working :)

For those of you waiting for a new post: My silly brother switched networks and I am having hitonious trouble accessing blogspot websites...unless I am at work.
I hope this cloud will clear up or my brother suddenly becomes susceptible to a short life span :)

At 02:55, Blogger G said...

That happens with brothers. Life spans get shortened - like that.

At 03:19, Blogger Doug said...

When he passed some grass he'd grab it
When he hear a word he'd gab it.
Only to find he'd lost his mind....

At 11:28, Blogger Minka said...

and couldn't grasp a rabbit?!


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