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Friday, February 01, 2008


Rabbit, rabbit ... you guys!


Posted by Minka :: 4:56 pm :: 23 Royal Subjects

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At 17:28, Blogger Doug said...

Good luck, bunny!

And rabbit, rabbit, Minka

At 20:21, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit woof woof!

At 20:30, Blogger G said...

Rabbit, rabbit! A great February to you too!

At 21:59, Blogger AP3 said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Very cute.

At 22:18, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, thank you for the both of us :)

Tom and Icy...and a happy "wag your tail, wag your tail" to you too :)

G, May there be lots and lots of snow...here in Iceland of course. Lots of sunshine to you!

Ap3...and you said that even without its bum present! Have a great month!

At 23:40, Anonymous neva said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, Penguin, Penguin!

here's hoping February is hoppy, hoppy! : )

At 02:37, Anonymous quilly said...

Dinner! Dinner!

Come here cute little bunny. Hop into this frying pan .... Oh! (Hides pan behind back.) Hi, Minka!

At 09:59, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Hase Hase, Minka!

I'm not personally looking forward to February... I'm expecting a bit of winter. But one never knows for sure.

At 12:54, Blogger ariel said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

At 13:52, Blogger Nessa said...

I thought it said Hum an human. Silly me.

At 16:43, Blogger Minka said...

neva, as for now it is friggin' cold, is all it is. I got my Uggs though :)

Quilly, *picks up some snow, softly forms it into a ball and trhows it...*

Morgan, a bit of winter is bound to happen in February until June, if we are luckky here :) Roll with it :)

Ariel, hase hase!

nessa, I enjoy your silliness :)

At 20:52, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Yeah, winter weather probably too.

At 17:26, Blogger Theresa said...

Okay, rabbit, rabbit (a few days late, but better late than never). Or should I say penguin, penguin...it somehow seems more appropriate.

At 12:16, Blogger actonbell said...

I love that picture! And I'm late, but have good luck in February:)

At 13:14, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, you are puzzling me exceedingly these days.

Theresa, I am not sure how we can combine penguinity and luck...but i am all open ears for suggestions :)

actonbell, thank you and I hope your february is nothing short of wonderful!

At 21:41, Blogger Tim Rice said...

That's a beautiful rabbit picture. Good caption, too.

My wife and I just got back from Chile a couple weeks ago. You might enjoy seeing some photos on my blog. I've done two Chile posts so far with more to come.

Hope you are doing well!

At 04:51, Blogger Doug said...

This British Novelist has a ranch in New Mexico named after him.

At 09:17, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, i definitely want to see that.

Doug, I have a feeling that "Thursday trivia" will become more of a weekend thing from now on...how do you feel about that?

At 14:06, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, that would be fine. Can my obnoxiousness still be a Thursday thing, though?

At 17:13, Blogger Minka said...

I think it would be very hard to turn it off...any given day of the week.

At 01:00, Blogger tsduff said...

tibbar tibbar (my bunny got your note on the table - thanks) ;)

At 00:45, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Very funny, Minka!
I guess we bring rabbits good luck.
Happy February!
It's LOVE month, so let all those you love know how much you LOVE them.

At 22:57, Blogger Minka said...

terry, very welcome!

jamie, I am a hoot!


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