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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom!

Congratulations! You turned 60 and therefore you are now officially old. But there is solace to be found in the knowledge that you don't look a day older than 59. And what's with the hat, are you French or somethin'?

I still love you though!

Here's to the next 60, I hope you had fun. You were absolutely lovely.

p.s I am sorry we sang "Happy Birthday" to you. In our defense, we inherited our singing voice from you ;)


Posted by Minka :: 11:35 am :: 18 Royal Subjects

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At 15:02, Anonymous Mo'a said...

Happy Birthday to Biene...love the hat...you look wonderful in that photo...60 suits you...but you don't look a day over 48

At 15:21, Blogger Doug said...

Frohlich Geburstag, Sabine.

I was going to say you look 40. I've learned a healthy fear of German women.

At 16:50, Blogger ariel said...

Happy Birthday, Sabine! You look wonderful. Deep blue is really your colour, isn't it?

At 16:52, Blogger Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to Minka's lovely mom!

Minka, 60 is not old anymore these days, so I don't think she qualifies just yet. :)

At 17:05, Blogger Minka said...

Moa, she really looks young for her age doesn't she? I hope that is somethign I have inherited as well :)

Doug, it is a HEALTHY fear indeed!

Ariel, we call it Königsblau (the King's blue)and it is absolutely her color!

Theresa, I have to give her a bit of grief. It's in my job discription as a daughter ;)

At 18:22, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, it's a totally different tone what we call king's blue in Hungary, probably only Snow White could wear it without looking hilarious. Your mom's dress is absolutely beautiful.

At 20:30, Blogger Doug said...

By the way, is this a trivia post?

At 22:15, Blogger Doug said...

If you wonder why Monika's smart,
Just look to her mother's heart.
When there's lessons to learn,
A cigarette burn
Can teach a young penguin her part.

At 02:25, Anonymous quilly said...

To Minka's Momma. That's some girl you raised. (And I'll let you read into that whatever you wish. :)

Happy Birthday!

At 02:39, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Sixty is old? Oh wow, I've missed years of opportunities to tease my parents! I'll correct that straight away.

I hope it was a happy day!

That's the blue I'm painting my table. Lovely!

At 02:43, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Oh, and for the record, I have a new found respect for the French. Hats and all. They aren't Germans, but at least they aren't Germans.

[Morgan ducks quickly for cover.]

At 04:12, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

60!? ...'you're freakin' kidding me'. (Did I sound like Monika there?)

Happy Birthday Monika's Mom; despite the insults flying from the mouth of your darling daughter, you are not old and you look lovely.

At 18:48, Blogger Biene said...

I thank you all very much for your wekkwhishes and the picture is absolutly flattering (thatá why I like it). It was a great party and I am absolutely happy with it and my age too. On Sabinema.blogspot youu can read a little more about that.
Yes and teh penguin..., what a pleasure to have her around and step on my toes - otherwise I wouldn´t know I had any)
kveðjur Mom

At 19:56, Anonymous Heike said...

olala, das bild sieht très fronzösisch aus!

At 20:08, Blogger G said...

60 must be the new 35! Happy belated birthday and best wishes for the next 60 indeed.

Pssst you fresh little penguin - I was thinking your post title below "watch out for that shovel" might be appropriate to you teasing your Mom like that ;) At the very least - a smack.


At 12:08, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, I have always wondered how some people can pull off orange.
Can we call it Queen's blue?

Doug, by the way...aren't you supposed to be on vacation?
How did you know? Do you think I should call social services?

Quilly, I'll help her reaidng into that :)

Morgan, we need to talk. What's wrong with Germans? Why do you think I moved? get out from under that table!

kyahgirl, she knows -deep down- that I love her. Ok, deep deep down!

MOm, I know there is a time when I have to let go raising yoru parents, but that day hasn't come yet :)

heike, see you and I= like one mind!

G, sigarette burns and shovel hitting...my mom is not associated with child friendly parental raising :) It's all true...help me!

At 19:36, Blogger tsduff said...

Happy Birthday to Monika's Mom - a bit tardy. That's some wild daughter you have there. A great feat to raise as well as you did I'm sure.

At 22:59, Blogger actonbell said...

...a belated happy birthday to Monika's lovely Mom! Wow, she certainly does not look 60. Great picture!


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