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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend Trivia

Serving a prison term in 1946, he discovered the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. After being released, he became a well-known spokesperson for Islam, and also became a militant leader during the civil rights movement. He believed African Americans should fight for equality using any means available and necessary. He did soften his approach after a trip to Mecca, but was assassinated in 1965.

Ok, you know the drill...off with you to the comment section and HINT! at this week's guest.

And since it happened it Iceland, it just wouldn't be right if I did not say something. Check-mate, Bobby. 64 years old, the numbers of the squares on a chess board.


Posted by Minka :: 2:51 am :: 19 Royal Subjects

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At 03:19, Anonymous quilly said...

I'm going to do such a bad job on this quiz you are going to give me an X instead of an F -- or send a Black PAnther to eat me.

At 03:20, Blogger Doug said...

The Little names hang from our necks
While the great name forgives and protects
From Fard to Ali
It's easy to see
Islam changes hearts, names and subjects.

At 12:09, Blogger Nessa said...

Nice poem, Doug. And an interesting choice Minka with MLK's birthday celebration on Monday. They were contemporaries with similar goals but radically differing ways to get there.

I didn't know Bobby Fischer was in Iceland until I heard of his death. I found his perceptions of the world interesting.

At 14:21, Blogger Doug said...

Great catch with Fischer's age and the number of square on the chess board. How many drops are there in a lunatic's spittle?

At 18:09, Blogger Theresa said...

X marks the spot.

At 02:03, Blogger Biene said...

As you all know: Bobby Fischer was an Icelander when he died. Because he had a game with Spasski in Jugouslavia while the USA set a trade ban there, he was imprisoned for nine month in Japan and the Icelanders grabbed him before the americans could get him to prison in their country. Here in Reykjavík he got to live a few peaceful years. What an american way to honour a overwhelming genieus!

At 06:40, Blogger Minka said...

quilly, no grades on my blog, just attendance sheets :)

Doug, Historically very relevant. Nicely done!

nessa, I guess radical always implies different to some extent. Mr.Fisher certainly was, too...radically different.

Doug, would you like to offer your specimen for research?

Theresa, usually where there's a treasure hidden.

MOm, I guess I agree with you that sports should transcend boundaries of politics...but Mr.Fisher sure was a bit "out with the fairies" and in his life has remarked on rather tender issues with a bit of ignorance and impulsiveness. If you have a voice that people can hear, you'd better make sure you re-check what you blurt out. I think Iceland loves every 15 minutes of fame it can grab in the world news. Don't get me started on the child molester they brought back and who published a book now...

At 11:54, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Minka, you keep attendance? Okay then X my name off. Late, but I made it.

I recently watched a documentary on the writing of this man's autobiography. Fascinating!

At 15:55, Blogger Doug said...

Biene, it's not like we're not grateful. How do you torture a madman? It's impractical!

At 16:47, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, why am I not surprised you watch documentaries?! Geek! There is an interesting one about bumble bees tonight ond iscovery ;)

Doug, invite him to a party!

At 00:09, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, 1000 points for that one.

At 07:24, Blogger Alana said...

It's a whole generation I believe.

By the way thanks for still being here. I take off for a year and it seems all my links have drifted to the oblivion that is reffered to as "bad link". Penguins are quite resilliant thankfully...

At 12:13, Blogger AP3 said...

He wasn't in the middle, that's for sure.

At 13:14, Blogger actonbell said...

(How am I always so late? What day is it?) I'm markin' the spot, anyway:)

And that's a bit wild about Bobby F--insert twilight music--just had to kick it at 8-squared.

Hope your semester is going well:)

At 15:39, Blogger G said...

Here, present, but a little late as usual. What day is it indeed, Actonbell.

ap3 took my hint. That was a good show. Ah well, let's see:

Doing time in the can
Gave this man a master plan
Minister of mosques, at least three
Forever a place in history.

At 22:02, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, 1000 out of how many?

Alana, it's a pleasure to see you here and congratualtions on contribulting to population growth :)

AP3, no he wasn't.

Actonbell, I guess too much free time takes away from blogging at work? :)

G, *checks her in*

Everybody is right...Malcom X is the correct answer, he sure marked a spot in history.

At 03:39, Blogger Doug said...

He was the fictional king of elephants, as opposed to Lou Dobbs.

At 11:52, Blogger Minka said...

Babar! He's blue too and what's your point?

At 21:01, Blogger Doug said...

Ganesh is blue. Babar's gray. My point is at the end of my tusk.


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