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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off we go snarking....

On Wednesdays Penguins go snarking. Today we will discuss books we haven't even read. Leave it to me, to do a post without actually knowing anything. So if you want to chuckle and get by without too much work, come join us over here! If you do like to put in the work, comment here first and then come on over anyway :)

Update on the nursing education: I can now measure you blood pressure, pulse, breathing and body temperature, non-digitally, more or less realiably. My parents are very proud.


Posted by Minka :: 11:55 am :: 17 Royal Subjects

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At 12:23, Blogger Theresa said...

First! So, if logic is another thing that penguins aren't good at, what's the first thing? Congrats, you're halfway to being a nurse! :)

At 13:35, Blogger Minka said...

theresa: the first things penguins aren't very good at is rather obvious: FLYING, duh! :)

At 13:52, Anonymous neva said...

flying? heh... that was a bit too logical, Penguin.

as for your Snark post? HILARIOUS. i'm looking forward to the book report down the road, for i'm certain there are many many things i DON'T know about those Ukrainian tractors.

also happy to know teh classes are going well -- guessing many of your male patients enjoy being "practiced" on -- altho' i can only imagine what you're doing to their heart rates! ; )

At 14:30, Blogger Doug said...

Non-digitally meaning with wings instead of hands?

At 16:08, Blogger Nessa said...

OOps, I commented there first. Sorry.

Penguins could fly and logicitate if they only believed.

At 17:11, Blogger Theresa said...

Oh, I just figured they don't fly at all, so it's not that they're not very good at it, they just don't. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking...do penguins do that? ;)

At 17:55, Blogger Minka said...

neva, I skippe dteh parts where teh author ramble son about tractors. Sorry. I can drive one though, if that helps :)

Doug, no it atcually means you have to count and stuff instead of a machine doing teh numbers for you. Given my abilities with numbers, this is a tremendous feat accomplished :)

nessa, some of us tried...they didn't make it!

theresa, well if you are born into the species of bird and all things fowl, being unable to lift your wings and fly is a bit of a downside.
Nit picking? You must have me confused with a human, my forefathers are not apes! We like to believe we are derived from dragons :)

At 20:46, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Dragons? That explains so much to me!

I thought you were an elf.

But as for nursing, I can do the temperature and pulse things. Can I get credit for that?

At 21:00, Blogger ariel said...

I think that penguin is actually genius, it has just proved that logic sucks.

Morgan, sweet nurse!

At 21:59, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, you referring to the spitting of fire? And yes, I would have thought as a scuba divign instructer that soemone had forced these talents on you at some point.

ariel, logic is over rated. So are cookies. Doesn't mean some people are nuts about them though :)

At 22:30, Anonymous Joel said...

Shall we call you Nurse Penguin then?

At 22:32, Blogger actonbell said...

Fabulous cartoon! And your parents have lots to be proud of:)

At 22:56, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, I prefer "Your Highness, Nurse Penguin!" if you don't mind!

actonbell, I am rather tidy around the house...I think that's why I haven't been banished yet :)

At 01:09, Blogger Doug said...

the company he cofounded created the first cell phone useful for commenting on blogs while driving.

At 20:36, Blogger Biene said...

YUes, we are and Mom is still alive! (says the penguin)

At 03:07, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you talking about your darn i-phone again? Show off!

Mom, what now who?

At 19:06, Blogger tsduff said...

And I'm proud and very admiring of you too.


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