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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Talent, pure talent...

some actors truly are great. This must be one of my all-time favorite...although his recent involvement with an Icelandic company made him even more prominent in my list:

I just love that Icelandic advert.

But this man holds more surprises than a fabulous British accent:

"Eric Cantona, ein anderer grosser philosoph" LOL...this one was made during the
World Championship in soccer and he surprised me last year with this ability I didn't know he had. Although his throat looks really hurt in that clip, I've gotta admit: German is not for the weak-larynxal amongst us!

"My hovercraft is full of eels." Language sure is open for interpretation!
Bouncy, bouncy!

It's not that I am high, I am just sleep-deprived!


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At 22:24, Blogger OC or Q said...

Well, that brightened up the day a bit -- literally. While I was watching the sun finally emerged!


At 23:45, Blogger tsduff said...

I was looking for the skit with the parrot on his shoulder....

Oh little Johnny, will you pass the cheese pleeese?

At 02:19, Blogger actonbell said...

He's one of my favorites, too.

The parrot may now be an ex-parrot, or pining for the fjords, but how about his fish--the one named Wanda?

At 02:27, Blogger TLP said...

OMG! I love him. But everyone knows him, so is this a regular Thursday when we're not supposed to name him?

At 03:05, Blogger Doug said...

Isn't school great. Too get that goofy on pot would cost, like, $5.

At 03:14, Blogger Minka said...

Oc or q...I know it made me laugh. He always gets me to laugh, regardless of the foul mood I might be in :)

terry, yeah that's a classic...I wanted this one to be about languages though...and the "Hungarian" man reminds me of a Russian friend of mine...

actonbell, oh...I get it people are playing my Thursday trivia...and I didn't even put one up :) You guys are so conditioned! :)

TLP, I didn't realize it was Thursday...well I sorta knew, but I didn't realize it was time for a quiz ...I am rather out with the fairies these days :)

Doug, well, I have 7.50 coming my way soon...so I will be goofy again the proper way :)

At 18:25, Blogger Theresa said...

I love this guy! I especially like when he speaks Russian in "A Fish called Wanda." Loved that last clip, it's the first time I've seen it. Still laughing. :D

At 21:30, Anonymous neva said...

oh how i ADORE John Cleese. this post was good for quite a few laughs, dearest Penguin -- indeed, so many i'm not at all upset by the fact we gave you a "pass" in the Snark this week so you'd have more time to study. d'oh! i see you "studied" all right, studied a bunch of funny clips on The YouTube, that is! heh.

despite all the "brow furrowing" you've had to suffer through this week, i'm mightily glad to see your sense of humor has remained intact! suffice to say my neeples eexplode with deelite! (actually, that sounds painful) ; )

At 01:01, Blogger Minka said...

Theresa, it was the first time I saw it too and it made my day, since I like to share my joys...this post came into being :)

snuppy, I live with myself...humor and laughter is unlimited. I make for great inspiration in that regard :)

At 03:02, Blogger AP3 said...

Get some sleep, Minka.


At 10:39, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

First time you've seen The Tobacconist sketch? Oh gosh, then there must be hundreds of hours of Monty Python's Flying Circus you don't know. I'll start collecting those DVDs and sending copies!

At 22:22, Blogger Cindrarella said...

He is well adored at our house too!

You have about 9 1/2 hours to get your entry submitted to me, silly goose, er penguin!

At 22:29, Anonymous biene said...

I am just checking on last blogs and that what we have to live with: a pale girl (woman?) stumbling up the stairs, hair in tumbles, empty coffecup in hand: "I will never go to pass this examination. It´s exhausting. And don´t you laugh, THIS time I will fail. And what is the name of this bone?" And then she fumbels me up and down reciting my bones like a sleepwalker and disseappears into her hiding place. Home after the examination: Oh, that was quite easy, really, I think I got it right. Now I have to learn for the next one." And it all starts again.. but that probably is why her notes are so good in the end. Better luck still, Mom

At 22:42, Blogger Minka said...

AP3, some luxaries are only awarded to some...where are my glasses?

Morgan, well, you are older than me :) Sorry, any excuse to bring that up :)

Cindra, silly goose? Alright then! Sumitted and it should ahve reached you by now ;)

MOm, do you remember what I told you about the sternum, or the CSF??? It might come in handy by the way, and you have a very nicely shaped cephalon :)

At 14:15, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Minka, you said older but not old, right?

At 15:03, Blogger birdwoman said...

I love john cleese, also. Why don't you pick up the phone and tell everyone... ha ha

bouncy bouncy!!


At 20:30, Blogger Nessa said...

I love John Cleese.

At 01:03, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, definitely OLDERRRRRRR...by no means old! I have seen you, dude!

birdwoman, he does get me into a fine mood these days.

nessa, I think it is teh overall consensus in this comment section. I think he is brilliant!

At 16:41, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

I had such a good laugh...especially that first one with the jabs at the population :-)

At 01:33, Blogger Minka said...

I know...John Cleese in Iceland! How cool is that???


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