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Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week's Trivia...

"He was born in Bethel, Connecticut. Very adept at arithmetic, but with a healthy dislike for physical work, he became a business man. Haggling, striking a hard bargain, and using deception to make a sale he quickly came to realize the secret to becoming an enterprising success. As a renowned showman he is best remembered for his amazing hoaxes and founding a circus."

The way I encountered his name was through psychology, a well-known effect in regards to horoscopes and astrology is named after him. Now, in the comment section you'll be able to hint at this week's guest and tell me why you know about him!

A lovely Friday everybody and a bit of HUMBUG here and there, makes for grand entertainment!


Posted by Minka :: 2:29 pm :: 23 Royal Subjects

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At 15:00, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

It's interesting that he really didn't say, "There's a sucker born every minute." but he is quoted as saying it.

At 15:06, Blogger Doug said...

The fair is where most cynics started.
As among the illusions, we darted.
We learned from the best
To disdain all the rest
A fool and his hero are never parted

At 15:10, Blogger Doug said...

Icy, he probably just said he said it.

At 15:19, Blogger Minka said...

TOM& Icy, maybe he didn't. But we have to attribute great sayings to somebody inspirational from history...he fits the bill just fine, I think.

DOUG, although that limerick does not tell me if you know this week's guest...your rhyme reflects much wisdom. I bet sometimes you fall. I like both sides of you.

At 15:41, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, I was about to object on the grounds that the last line of the limerick paraphrases a famous saying of his, but I just looked it up that saying and he didn't say that, either. This week's guest is not Thomas Tusser, A Scottish Farmer. Can that be my hint?

At 16:13, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Wow cool! I leave town for a few days and suddenly, posts! Glad you got a moment. All the best with the studying and exams!

As for me, I'm heading into town to try and beat the jetlag. I PiTy any barman (hint) who was planning to rest tonight.

At 04:17, Anonymous the amoeba said...

"Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the fulfillment of YOUR VERY OWN Personal Validation Fall ... ah, Facilitation! ONLY Four Dollars for YOU to realize YOUR MOST CHERISHED DREAMS!! ONLY Four Dollars for YOUR Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness! Step right up!"

ka-CHING, ka-CHING, ka-CHING!!

At 04:37, Anonymous quilly said...

This fellow's life was like a three ring circus.

At 11:04, Blogger Theresa said...

I was pretty sure I knew this one, but I Googled to make sure. Yep, I was right, but what I didn't know was that he was the inventor of beauty contests. I also found out he used to plow his yard using an elephant (that took care of the plowing and the fertilizing all in one go, I guess). Interesting guy. :)

At 17:14, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, thanks for narrowing it down for the rest :)

Morgan, yeah i got your hint, subtle as it was. Well done ;)

Oc, that was brilliant. You have any experience in that field?

Qilly, was it? three rings, huh?!

Theresa, I didn't know that about teh beauty contests...which reminds me that at the moment there is the Icelandic man of 2007 competition going, I saw an advert and I can safely say that the plasticity of it all, rivals that of LA. Where are all the men?

At 20:47, Anonymous the amoeba said...

Which profession, Minka? Shrink, or carnival barker? (No, and no.)


At 20:56, Anonymous quilly said...

From wikepedia: A circus is held in an oval or circular arena with tiered seating around its edge. A large circus may have more than one ring.

(After this fellow merged with a couple of others they formed a circus of the three ring variety and also included side shows thus forming the first midway.)

At 21:55, Blogger Minka said...

OC, carnival barker? I would love that job...for a day. Shrink? Not so much :)

Quilly, clearly I have not researched this guy well enough :) You certainly added to my knowledge today! has anybody seen the doantion box on top of every Wikepedia article? has anyone donated? i was wondering if I should, since I am there daily!

At 01:13, Blogger Doug said...

Which way to the egress?

At 16:42, Blogger Theresa said...

Where are all the men? But I thought the Icelandic men would be pretty hot (or should that be cool), or am I wrong?

At 03:16, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

"a healthy dislike for physical work" - funny!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Maybe you even went to the circus??!!

At 16:10, Blogger Mo'a said...

I know, I know...but my brain is going around in foggy circles so I have no clever hint.

At 23:24, Blogger tsduff said...

His partner's name was Bailey
When they began the melee
Around the rings
Went clowns and things
While people clapped quite gaily.

At 14:19, Blogger Nessa said...

I guess we have him to thank for commercials and reality shows.

At 14:29, Anonymous neva said...

one assumes he might have held his first circus event in a barn. sadly, one would be wrong.

curious to note he "exploited" those deemed freakish (either by birth or by his trickery), yet this man was all about equal rights for all -- which he demonstrated eloquently during his stint as a senator in the same county we live in! his quote: "A human soul is not to be trifled with. It may inhabit the body of a Chinaman, a Turk, an Arab or a Hotentot - it is still an immortal spirit!" says it all.

this was one grand brain teaser, dear Penguin! : )

At 02:32, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, sometimes I just don't get you! :)

Theresa, rest assure you when I congratualte you to having found and married a man outside of Iceland. I can't say more, I do live here :) Oh and don't think for a second that i have forgotten about teh bag-challenge...I am just very busy these days...I will get around to it veyr soon!

Jamie, I was babysitting 5 nephews. The circus was pretty much my location and certainly is. After a while clowning around is not too much fun :)

Moa, foggy circles...I have been there. If your close your eyes and spin real hard, you can tip over yourself. It's fun!

terry, this is how fried my brain is right now: I read baileys and thought of I have any alcohol that i can have on top of ice-cubes. I do love Baileys on the rocks! But otherwise, well done!

nessa, he took the second step towards that direction, yes. God owns the original fault by creating humanity though!

Neva, I think he was the kinda man that saw the field and harvested it, I can't find any reference to mis-treatment, and although he profitted from them...there was little else a "freak" at that time would be accepted. We humans are strange, I am glad Earth is keeping us in a zoo...for the universe to behold and study!

It's almost three o'clock and I am thinking of writing a book right now...that's when I know it is time for bed!

At 23:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn+t qeite yet, my cigarette was burning

At 23:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hesat at the bar and his feet were num,b


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