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Saturday, October 06, 2007

There is nothing as beautiful as fall...

I love when my surroundings explode with color and while I was sitting here, ever so dilgiantly studying the inferior hemi-facet of the 4th throacic vertebra, my eyes kept lifting themselves from the riveting pages of my anatomy book and trailed outside my window.

Enough is enough! I went upstairs to find some partner in crime to abondon studies and go out for a walk. Mom is at university too, you know. In our kitchen I found 5 guests and pointing with my ink-stained fingers outside our kitchen window, I asked them to join me for a walk. Why don't you come,too?

They readily agreed and off we went, the 6 of us and two dogs. You gotta have dogs in the equation.

Someone's gonna pick us up, right?!

It was a long Friday night!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Posted by Minka :: 6:32 pm :: 21 Royal Subjects

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At 20:28, Blogger Doug said...

Better to walk without feet than without dogs. Thanks for sharing this. It's a wonderful fall day here, too, but no coats.

At 22:26, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Such a beautiful country and my favorite season. You did a magnificent job capturing the images. Isn't it great having a big window with such a glorious scene right there by your work space! Good luck on your studies, you'll be a very good teacher and role model.

At 22:47, Blogger TLP said...

I love fall. I love this post too. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking me along with you.

At 05:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 06:28, Blogger ariel said...

Beautiful pictures! I can almost smell them.

At 13:40, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Great pics Minka! Are you getting skinnier or is that suit just very "slimming"?

I miss autumn/fall with all the colours and smells. Just got into Canada where I expect to see similar things, but it's 25C and summer here. Huh? It's October, right?

At 15:35, Blogger G said...

That was a fun walk! I love the berries. You look like a cat burglar draped over that bench. Hmmm, there were those burglaries in my neighborhood...Interesting.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too.

At 15:50, Blogger Mo'a said...

Oh!!! I do love seeing photos from Iceland :] These are wonderful.
I now know why I have not been walking lately...no dogs...except the ones I walk on.
It is autumn here also but hot 86 today...sandals and shorts weather...not that I would be caught dead in shorts.

At 20:05, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Is that why you've been absent of late... too busy enjoying the autumn colours??!!

Why not??? :-)

At 22:09, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, fall in santa Clarita? How would that translate...the palm leaves roll up around six?

Tom &Icy, yes it is wonderful to have such a big window. The only problem is that while I try to study and make good notes, my feet keep moving under my desk, pretending they are somewhere else. I put an atlas unde rmy table, I hope my feet will travel far :)

TLP, any ole time.

ariel, I love the smell in the air, a kind of moldy freshness ...invigorating. I love how nature is preparing itself for the colder season.

Morgan, that's right...youa r ein Canda now. I am a bit envious. Say hi to your Mom for me and enjoy! Don't forget the dentist, you need those papers for your passport :) hey, take some pictures while youa r ethere. I am very curious as to what your home looks like :) Just pointing out teh oportunity ;)
About teh skinniness, mom said soemthign about it as well...I think it's teh black clothes though. my weight says the same plus a bit extra from sittign so much :)

G, I love your cristal vase :)Nice Pjs, too ;)

Moa, I think you could even pull off shorts. I wa sjust s happy I got a few pictures this fall, usually I blink and it is gone. I also went to Thingvellir today for a walk and it was just amazing. Expect more fall pictures :)

Lisa, you knwo how it is when you get lost in an Icelandic forrest without compas or bread crumbs :)

At 01:42, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Fall is a beautiful season. And I really like the photo with the red berries.

At 02:52, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oh how lovely! I love the pictures... the one of the berries reminds me of a time we stayed at some friends' cabin in a forest in Sweden when I was a kid... we would walk in the forest and pick wild strawberries... beautiful.

Glad you got to unwind... always much needed when there is much studying to do... we actually have beautiful nature and wooded areas here in the city so when you come to visit there will be plenty of that... we have some just in our very backyard as it is protected land that is not allowed to be used for development so come on over! :-)

For some reason, your getting up and needing to get out spur of the moment reminds me of how I got my nose ring... I was studying for my human sexuality finals, of all things, and was so burnt out I dragged my brother and Loverboy to the Haight (the hippie side of town) and got a nose ring... yeah, the high of the piercing was a welcome one and I might just go in for another piercing, on the right ear cartilage, soon... still waiting for you for the tatoo and know just where to go! :-)

Hope you are having a great weekend my dear! Besos!!!

At 08:06, Blogger Theresa said...

That was a nice refreshing walk. You have a lovely view from your window, no wonder you were tempted to go out. You should go to work for the Icelandic Tourists Bureau, because you sure know how to sell Iceland with all those fantastic pictures. You look absolutely exhausted, but always elegant (as befits a queen) lying on that bench. Hope you had a great weekend. :)

At 10:36, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, ye sit is and teh red berry photo is one of my favourites too. It was windy so the branch kept flying towards me and away from me, that is how this picture came about!

Miz B, I had a piercing in my navel for teh longest time. I always thought it was really sexy, but the dude didn't do the hole very well and I finally had to give up on it! If when or if I do a tatoo, San Fransisco seems to be the perfect place to do it;)

Theresa, yes i did have a godd weekend, little study was done, but lots of rejuvenating energy...now I am back to studying though :)

At 13:56, Anonymous Joel said...

Wait a minute...I thought you said there were no trees in Iceland? Pretty pics, great time of year...getting pretty round here too.

At 20:25, Blogger actonbell said...

AWESOME!! I want my fall. When's it gonna start? It's 85 degrees here.

Thanks for taking me, proxy.

At 21:13, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, there are plenty in our garden, do you think I'd still be here otherwise? But when you look down from a plane onto this ice cube, you'll notice two spots of green forrest growth and the rest is overwhelming lava rock, with beuatiful moss on top :)

actonbell, I'll have a word with an icelandic weather god and sent him over for a quick spin. proxy?

At 00:33, Blogger tsduff said...

Where on earth did you find all those trees? Lovely tall ones too! I don't recall seeing much in the way of forests other than in Egillstadir, and out by Hafnarfjordur outskirts... So pretty! The berry bushes are turning lovely shades of orange and red/brown... what a beautiful country. *sigh*

At 03:04, Blogger Diesel said...

Brrr... It looks cold there. I know, probably not for you, but I'm a California boy.

At 12:01, Blogger Minka said...

terry, isn't it? Iceland is shaping up in my mind as well. If you look, if you really look, beauty is everywhere. Well, maybe not in an unflushed toilet...but almost everywhere! :)

Diesel, last March when I was in California I was surprised at how warm it was, the feeling of sun warming my skin at that time of year was spectacular. If I get tired of Iceland and its cold next February and you should see someone happily screaming, running along the beaches of Santa Barbara, don't mind me :)

At 14:09, Anonymous neva said...

a very (very) short comment to tell you how much i loveloveloved seeing these wonderful pictures, and how happy i am to know you managed to take time out of your busy schedule (along with the schedules of others) in order to enjoy a perfectly gorgeous fall day! in your Uggs, no less!

you look so cute 'n cozy. tired, but cute, nonetheless. xox : )


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