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Monday, September 10, 2007

To be a good student:

1) Clear out corner for writing desk. Ask dad to put up romantic lights!

2)Get started with lifting way-too-heavy constructions for your back into cleared-away area. Use dad's tools. Try not to break things and absolutely do not invent new swinging motions with hammer. Turn on romantic lights. Smile.

3)Finish construction. Black-mailing brother into final touches is ok. Sit down. Pat self on back.

4) Fill newly developed surfaces with unnecessary plastic objects. Definitely hang up pictures, wanted CD list and latest phone numbers all around you to distract self from too much focused attention on heavy books with way-too-small font printing. Rejoice!

Lift up feet and watch epsiode of Friends or go to the countryside over the weekend and get some oxygen into your brain. Think about writing desk while away!

Hope you guys had a grand weekend!


Posted by Minka :: 11:08 pm :: 17 Royal Subjects

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At 00:30, Blogger Doug said...

OK, that was, at once, hilarious and quite reasonable. My preparatory method was
Play pinball
Go to waffle house
Find someone for some racquetball
Rue bad grades.

Beautiful photo at the bottom. What does the cairn represent? And can Willie and Lela play with your dog?

At 00:32, Blogger tsduff said...

Your room is BEEEAAUUUtiful! Lovely lights - and resourceful means of getting things done (blackmail is good for usage on brothers... I know from using it on mine :-))

Did you build that cairn in the background on the rocks? Great adventure picture!

At 00:36, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...


I seriously LOOOOOOOVEEEEE your desk!


People have a hard time believing what a high it is for me to see pictures of new decor, furniture and whatnot... but I am a total freak about it and I LOOOOVE your desk!

Loverboy thinks me nuts because when something gives me that high feeling, for some reason I get this crazy urge to lick it... not that I do but at least I proclaim to love something so much that I want to lick it...

And having said that, your desk and IKEA accessories (don't think I did not notice) are utterly lickable! Lick away and enjoy my dear sistah! WOOHOOO!

Oh! And if anyone wants to so much as look at your desk, let alone sit at it, scream "GET UP BITCH! DAT SHIT (as in "tight", as in blingaliciously faboo!) IS MINE, MINE, MINE!" That should straighten them out!

As for your riding? Hot powerful mama!

So, can you tell I love pics or what? WOOH!

At 00:38, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oy... but most of all, and especially in this case, 'tis the subject of the pics I love the most FO SHO!... had to clarify that! And with that...

BoheMia OUT!

At 01:31, Anonymous neva said...

ah... now that's lovely. but, um... i have to ask: at what point do you play silly video games, in lieu of homework?? i mean, that Guybrush Threepwood can be such a distraction, can't he? (don't tell my son i mentioned this, again. d'oh!)

LOVELOVELOVE the last picture. tres spectacular! oh yeah, and the scenery is absolutely fab, too! really beautiful.

happy happy, dear sweet friend! : ) xox

At 05:30, Anonymous cindra said...

Oh, you are such a genious! I've missed reading your whimsical wisdom. Hope you are well, lil penguin!

At 05:45, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Your post brings back all the memories of school for me... building a giant wooden desk, then not using it. Ahhh.

Although I don't remember horses. I had a mountain bike instead.

At 08:12, Anonymous quilly said...

Here I sit at a folding card table feeling very jealous!

At 09:01, Blogger ariel said...

WOW! I love the window and the bushes, too. This is the most wonderful workplace! And you built it with your own hands, there's no feeling like that. In your place I'd never want to leave it. :-)

At 10:37, Blogger Minka said...

DOug, well people are different. I asked Mom and teh cairn was already there when we created our habitat there. Which means it is really old. Our countryside is a historical place, in the olden days it was the only place where a ferry would cross the river, with people and horses. When it rained or was misty I guess visual markers were needed, this might have been one of them. There were a few earthquake that have changed the structure a little over time.
Willie and Lela are so welcome to run with Tira (Border Collie), Svalur (blend of teh litter), Rosa (white puddle) and Karitas (German Shepherd puppy). We've got them all :)

terry, thank you and see my answer to Douglas above!

Miz B, few people will have access to that desk, they might ruin my disorganization and then I won't find things. I think it all is yummy too...not lickable, but I always loved your crazy tendencies about you.

neva, yes he is...he's met a companion now and well, let's just sya silly games grip people. Especially when the storyline is that well plotted. Le Chuck be warned, I am coming. After all I can hold my breath for 10 minutes under water. Such a story line :)

Cindra, welcome back my sweet little coffee mug provider :)

Morgan, a mountain bike and a horse...I guess you can compare those:)

Quilly, imagination is a powerful Bob the Builder :)

Ariel, yes I love the view to the garden as well, with my little elves in the flowers and all over the place. It is a very calming place!

At 14:51, Blogger Theresa said...

Oooh, I want a desk like that too, with a window like that one, and a laptop to go along with it. Our computer is in the kids' room, so I'm limited to using it when they aren't sleeping or doing homework. That's a lovely place to play Monkey Island you have there...I'll have to admit that game is addicting.

At 20:52, Anonymous neva said...

ah... ze dreaded pirate LeChuck has been duly warned. pretty sure he's shaking in his, er, hat? (i'm not quite sure which version the "boy" sent you, so i can't say for sure what LeChuck is shaking in, but i DO know he's... concerned)

did i mention i'm working on "beefing" up my brain, too? (a la Brain Age, that is...) still can't play sudoku, but once you come back here, i'm sure you'll give me a refresher course, and then i shall play like there's no tomorrow and/or until i can find something more fun to do! ; )

At 21:16, Blogger Minka said...

Theresa, I lay down on my table today to see how gigantic it is, and I am not long enough :) It ginormous, I am always sitting there now, STUDYING of course.

Neva, I have introduced many to Sudoko. It's fun once you get into it and challenges you.

At 00:14, Blogger AP3 said...

That's some desk!!! I'd pine away for it, too!

At 05:14, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

You did a fantastic job on that desk. That's a nice, big desk, and your finishing touches made it just perfect.
I never knew that romantic lighting could enhance learning, but I think it really does!!
That last photo is gorgeous!

At 10:08, Blogger goldennib said...

Pretty desk. Pretty space. Pretty window. I could get alot of procrastinating done there.

At 11:18, Blogger Minka said...

AP3, pine away! I'd share it with you when you would come for a visit. When is that again?

Jamie, thank you. I have a lot of stuff, it fills surfaces nicely :)

goldennib, I am getting good at it,too. I have a coloring book for one. In my defense it is about teh human body!


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