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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Trivia

"He is one of the best known American pyschologists. His major contribution to the field is probably in the area of operant conditioning. A man of strong opinions, he aroused strong passions in both his supporters and his detractors, especially when he announced that "free will" is an illusion and therefore has often been portrayed as cold-blooded. Interestingly enough, in his youth he used to swim in Thoreau's Walden Pond and if I am not utterly mistaken, a character in The Simpsons is named after him."

Ok, you know what to do. Get involved and leave a hint about today's special guest in the comment section. Guess away!


Posted by Minka :: 11:43 pm :: 21 Royal Subjects

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At 00:24, Blogger Doug said...

You could call your child to dinner
But if you want to raise it a winner
Put the plate in a box
with a pillow and socks
And close it up around your little grinner.

A child imprisoned may not be right
But out of earshot and out of sight,
However they grow
Uncle Doug knows,
If he visits, he'll at least get some quiet.

At 01:34, Anonymous Joel said...

Pavlov had his dogs...this guy his Pigeons. He shares initials with a popular tire manufacturer.

Are you watching Football (American) tonight? Why aren't you studying?

At 02:50, Anonymous neva said...

tho' they share the same last name, this brilliant man is no relation to the principal of Springfield Elementary School -- who also happens to be one of Bart Simpson's nemesises (in case anyone asks).

i hear it's Monkey Island that keeping you away from your studies and/or up 'til all hours of the night. or is that just a rumor started by a certain rotten son of mine?? ; )

At 03:36, Blogger J. D. said...

Oh, heck Minka. I know this guy. I can only think of more rhymes. I can't think of a clue for love or money. Hey! Love and money would both be positive reinforcements. Send me some (preferrably money) and I'm sure the outcome will be different. .....Judy

At 04:14, Blogger Diesel said...

I knew someone who said they met him at a party. Apparently he was a real jerk. But then I guess it wasn't his fault, was it?

At 04:16, Blogger Diesel said...

BTW, email me if you really want a copy of the book. We'll work something out. :) Otherwise, Snuppy's got like 8 of them.

At 06:23, Blogger tsduff said...

A bird and a box
were his studies
A lone squab without
any buddies
A light would turn green
Without causing a scene
He would peck it
and out would come goodies!

He disliked his first name intensely
And went by his mid name instead
A male Flintstone subtle
Whose pal was named Rubble
Bears a name that rhymes nicely with Ed

At 10:10, Blogger goldennib said...

He was a failed fiction writer but wrote lots of books and articles on his theories.

At 10:33, Blogger Theresa said...

If this man had written Green Eggs and Ham, it might go something like this:

Would you eat them in a house?
Could you eat them with a mouse?
Would you eat them in a box?
Could you eat them with a fox?
Would you eat them here or there?
Could you eat them anywhere?

You could eat them in a house.
You could eat them with a mouse.
You could eat them in a box.
You could eat them with a fox.
You may eat them here or there.
You may eat them anywhere.

You can eat them if you are clever,
And you press the right lever.

At 11:07, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Apparently the Principal and the Psycho-ologist are related. Writers on the Simpsons used to attend Harvard where the other guy taught.

Is it Friday yet?

At 11:42, Blogger Doug said...

I will say this about him: If he is remembered as cold-blooded, fatalistic and cruel to children, it's a little hard to figure out what I'm supposed to contribute to the world. Was he fat?

At 16:33, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, sometimes you are just you. I had an uncle Doug once, I hid his pipe all the time!

Joel, are you paying my tuition? Well, I wanted see the first game of the season. A few years back I became slightly a fan of the Patriots, since then I sorta almost kinda like footbal. I am still studying, apart form Brain age, monkey island and decorating my office :)

neva, nono...He's right...I told him not to tell you. He should watch out, I'll be back and I have no problems hiding his books again. You can tell him that! For the rest see Morgan...it is a Hravard inside joke apparently.

J.d...ok, I'll put you on payroll. 2 Kronurs a hint? Sound fair to you? Love, I am sending for free :)

Diesel, gosh you know old people! And yes, you should have an e-mail by now:)

terry, *claps* YEP! well done, he has one of teh oddest middle names,too. In my humble opinion.

goldennib, failed writer...I didn't know that. Interesting. He did compose quite a pile of stuff. Some of it good...

Theresa, you guys are just really funny today. Well done. I guess some people inspire non-sense :)

Morgan, that's what I thought, too.

Doug, he was a rather petite, tiny man...you are still contributing something to the world. It is good to know one's purpose in life!

At 18:28, Blogger ariel said...

I have no idea who this is but that thing about free will is true. and I love the poems!

oh, and... wise uncles do hide their pipes. :-P

At 21:35, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

You mean to tell me I DON'T have free will when I DECIDE to eat chocolate truffles????
No wonder I can't control that craving!!!!

Here in AR, this man's last name is what we do to deer and raccoons and other varmits after we shoot 'em.

I hope school is going well for you!!
Study hard and be sure to find ways to cheat whenever possible.

At 23:15, Blogger AP3 said...

You people are too clever~! I know who it is, but can't be nearly as clever in letting you know that i know.

At 02:14, Blogger TLP said...

Because of SUPERSTITION (step on a crack, break your mother's back), I fell on the sidewalk and skinned my knee.

At 18:29, Blogger tsduff said...

Jamie Dawn - that was as clever as ever :)

At 18:39, Blogger goldennib said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

At 16:01, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

hey there miss penguin. nice clues everyone gave. I learned about this guy in my one university psychology course. I'm glad I wasn't one of his kids!

At 17:30, Blogger Theresa said...

Is Monkey Island keeping you away from blogging too?

At 23:07, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, yes some of them are really bright. Chocolate?

Jamie, correct and thank you. school is fine, but all the latin for the Human anatomy is driving me insane.

AP3, maybe a neuro transmitter blockage?

TLP...you skinned you knee, huh? D you think there is a correlation between that aspect and my trivia? If you do...well done :)

terry, yes everything that explains or own inner ego away gets my vote, too.

Goldennib, bugger...I guess i ma too late now, but i am gonna come and check. Sorry I spent the weekend away.

Kyahgirl, he had two duaghters, right? Yeah...me glad too. Pushing levers all dya really takes it out of you :)

Theresa, no rathe rmy family adn horse and stuff. decided I needed a weekend away and get oxygen into my brain :)

I am back now...patience!

The answer to this week's trivia is, of course, my best friend: Skinner!!!


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