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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Sometimes you are lucky and you get to meet a person that simply astounds you. About a year ago or so I was frequenting a funny site by a dude named Joel. He was witty, charming and had nice pictures. Most of all his comment section was always lead by someone called "Puppy" and I could just tell she fancied Joel. Female intuition and all that. Happily, I sat back and watched the show...it took me a few months to figure out the two of them were married:)

Where Joel is, Neva isn't far behind and vise versa. And on June 8th 2006 she put her paws on my site and hasn't left since. We even met... more than once...took a trip together, got our nails manicured and pedicured...and I don't wanna kiss and tell, but I once caught her unsuspecting in the bathroom. It was an accident! *blushes*

People that know Neva, know the wonderfully witty, warm and giving person she is. If you are a friend of hers, she'll turn her world upside down to accomodate you...so long as you understand, interruption during ordering of Mexican take-out will not be well received.

In a little over a year she has crawled up the ladder to one of my favorite people. Granted, the ladder is short, but the people on it firmly placed. I hope she brought her sticky gloves!

Neva, you know I am not one for expressing too many layers of chocolate, but if actions can show what people feel: imagine a penguin clumsily trying to put frosting on top of a tiered cake all the way to the ceiling.


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At 23:17, Anonymous quilly said...

This is sappy and sweet and tear jerky -- the perfect birthday tribute.

Happy birthday, Neva!

At 23:55, Blogger tsduff said...

Oh! A birthday wish from Iceland, and such a perfect picture! How did you do that anyway? Very nice birthday card Minka!

Oh, yes, Happy Happy Birthday Neva - hope it's all great.

At 00:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh! Happy birthday to Neva!!

At 01:38, Blogger AP3 said...

Happy Birthday, Neva! :-)

At 01:53, Blogger J. D. said...

Minka.....what lovely thoughts to send the wonderful Neva. May I add my best wishes to Neva, also? ***HAVE A JOYFUL DAY DEAR LADY!***


At 05:35, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Hey, there's no birthday post at Snuppy's yet. Oh wait, it's 2:30am there. Being her birthday I hope she gets to sleep a bit longer.

Minka, that was a sweet post. And not just because of the layers of choloclate.

Happy Birthday Neva!

At 08:57, Blogger Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Neva! Minka, that was a lovely post, and that picture is fabulous. Neva is one of my favorite bloggers, and I hope someday to be lucky enough to meet her in person.

At 10:52, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, I hope I balanced it enough so people come out smilign rather than drowning in tears :) It's a joyous occasion. *re-adjusts her party hat*

terry, well I got out my pen, drew an outline of a picture of neve and I, deepend it with patience and asked my bird for assitence. Ok, you caught me...it is a process called embossing, you just pick a picture, teh right degree of embossing, soem shadows and off you go :)

Jenn, Give me an "N", give me an "E", give me an "V", give me an "A" and what do you get? That's right...a slipping penguin :)

AP3, so ar eyou gonna share soem Pezes with her today. I like strawberry tasting ones, just sayin'!

J.D...well some people inspire so much, that a post comes easy :)

Morgan, it is up now...bet she is snoozing, 'cause I had to go and publish today's post. The nerve of some blog administrators!

Theresa, I am not sure yet if Neva is going to the March event of blogging in Chicago next year...but you definitely should keep that weekend open for travelling, I meet you half way ;)

At 11:18, Blogger ariel said...

Happy Birthday, Neva! Never better time for a fiesta!

At 11:21, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, is there a weekend fixed already? (I checked the Chichago-next-March page but there was no new info.)

At 11:31, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, should I break out the Scrabble?
And I am not sure about a date either in March...Old Mule and Doug chair the comittee, so it might take a while for things to become clear :)Are you thinkign fo coming? That would be amazing!

At 12:12, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Minka, where be that post at?

At 12:16, Blogger Doug said...

Neva, Happy Icelandic birthday, too.

At 13:53, Anonymous neva said...

wow. *wipes tears off face with back of sleeve* i have no words to properly convey the rush of emotions i experienced while reading this unbelievably beautiful post. Monika, it is I who should be singing YOUR praises, for being the remarkable and wonderful person YOU are. *hunts around for tissues, reverts to soggy sleeve* my eyes are filled with tears and my heart with love and gratitude, not just for your thoughfulness here and now, but for allowing me the distinct pleasure of getting to know you, in the first place. 'twas life altering, and that's a fact.

can't imagine a more perfect Birthday wish, my friend, in case i haven't told you lately and/or enough, i LOVELOVELOVE you. *blows nose into paper towel*

and, of course, my heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone in this amazing comment section, who so kindly and generously helped to make this day so very special! needless to say, i am humbled by all this attention. *eyes well up again*

by the way, Minka, that's one of MY favorite pictures of you and I, too! as for that Mexican food and/or chocolate cake? we are SO gonna have lots of both as soon as you get your perky little Penguin behind back to Connecticut! : )

At 17:02, Blogger Nessa said...

Very sweet. Happy Sugary Birthday, with Chocolate on Top, Neva.

At 18:12, Anonymous Joel said...

Minka that was beautiful and the part about Neva was really sweet too.

At 18:52, Blogger G said...

Happy Birthday Neva! I'm rushing around trying to cover my bases. This post is just awesome and perfectly captures the spirit of Neva and what it is to be lucky enough to share a friendship with her. And Penguin, perfect amount of layers!

The picture is amazing as I've seen the original. And I'm sitting here smiling as I've been lucky enough to peek in and share some time with you both together (well absent the bathroom part) and just feel the love of this post. Nicely done.

Happy Birthday Neva to someone whom we all LOVELOVELOVE! XOX

At 21:22, Blogger TLP said...

Neva's the bomb. You're lucky to be friends!

At 23:16, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan: check this: http://bigbadbear2.blogspot.com

Doug, some people get to celebrate universal. It's wonderufl isn't it?

Neva, I love this picture and wasn't sure if it is ok to publish a picture of you, so I dismantled it...step by step and I thought this one conveys the meaning for both of us, but nobody will be able to stalk ;) I love you and this was an easy post to write:)

neva, maybe some cream and a cherry to finish it all off?

Joel, which part in particular was not about Neva?

G, I have a wonderful picture of the two of you as well. We made a lovely crowd in downtown Manhattan :)

TLP, we'll keep it in mind :)

At 23:31, Blogger tsduff said...

HA HA - I should rather imagine the penguin slippin sliding down the side of the icing, tier by tier :)

At 10:26, Blogger Minka said...

I am glad my clumsiness amuses you! :) Wanna come play?

At 19:59, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

that's a beautiful tribute to a very nice lady! Loved that picture too.

happy belated birthday Neva


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