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Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Thursday...

Born in 1916 in Wales to Norwegian parents, he was named after a Norwegian polar explorer. Fighting in WW2 as a pilot, he got injured and momentarily lost his sight. In hospital he fell in love with his nurse, Mary. After regaining his sight, he fell quickly out of love and rejoined the war. Later in life he married an Academy Award winning American actress and had five children. While at school in Britain the chocolate company CADBURY used to send choclate for testing to pupils in his school, something that would later have an impact on one of his books.

yes...and the light bulb switched itself on, didn't it?! Now off with you to the comment section and hint away at this week's imaginative guest. You are free to use limericks, hints, jokes, little drawings or quotes to bring your point across.

Have scrumptulicious fun!


Posted by Minka :: 5:08 pm :: 24 Royal Subjects

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At 18:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee...even I know this one.

Pats self on back.

Not that I can think of any clues.

At 18:34, Anonymous quilly said...

I understand he was a big friendly giant and also likes peaches ....

At 19:10, Blogger Minka said...

Jenna, it's not Elton John!

Quilly, he was:1.98 meters...if I remember correctly!

At 21:25, Blogger Doug said...

When I was a child, mother would call
And I'd wrap myself in a ball
She said "keep this up,
My little pup,
And you'll grow up a dog after all."

But no matter what evil I did
You can always sucker a kid
By a reading a story,
Better if gory,
Or treating him like a vermicious knid.

At 21:41, Blogger Doug said...

And, for the record, "After regaining his sight, he fell quickly out of love and rejoined the war" is a sentence he would have appreciated.

At 23:33, Blogger J. D. said...

"Cadbury" did it for me. I didn't read this famous book, but I saw the movie. I think this guy is just a doll..........Judy

At 00:11, Anonymous neva said...

i almost rolled onto the floor when i realized who today's "mystery man" was. what a fantastic choice! i am, in fact, an enormous fan of his peachy works, tho' i have to say many of his stories, while tasty and/or bewitching were pretty damn scary.

and, i'm sorry, but any guy who leaves his wife for her best friend deserves a few wonks on the head. i mean, is it me, or was that just plain chitty?

that said, i DO love the fact that he wrote a number of episodes for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

WELL DONE, clever Penguin!! for this post, i do believe you deserve an extra bar of chocolate. mmmmm. ; )

At 00:31, Blogger goldennib said...

He wrote spooky stories for adults.

At 01:08, Blogger tsduff said...

Through the reading
Of his book
I found the answer daunting
Of square-toed shoeware worn alot
By witches, when a haunting.

My favorite part:
Another tale
Was birds with strings unwending,
While high aloft their little beaks
A giant fruit suspending.

I've always wondered what his name really means... it must mean something, yes? He is one of my favorite story tellers - what an excellent brain teaser!!!!

At 02:31, Blogger AP3 said...

Today is his birthday, I know that much. I think I've read some of his stuff in Playboy... My brother and I used to look at it for the articles.

At 05:07, Blogger tsduff said...

Oh Minka - I think your clock is busted. It is 10:06pm here - must be about 6 minutes after 5 a.m. in Reykjavik about now...although your clock reads 12:00! School hours? tee hee.

At 09:57, Blogger Theresa said...

Oh dahling, that was too easy!

At 14:22, Blogger TLP said...

Well, I didn't know who it was. Had to use all the hints above to figure it out. Okay, okay. I googled. Just dip me in a vat of chocolate for being so silly.

At 15:09, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, *applauds* I like that a lot.

J:D, I bet you might have even seen anotehr adaptation of one of his books...people just don't realize...that the tragic story of a bright kid in a family of "average idiots" is also by this fine author.

neva, love the wonks :) Nice hint! He didn't leave his wife for her best friend, but for his best friend, if I remember correctly. regardless, wifes are being left and I hope it made him happier :) *grabs the bar of chocolate*

goldennib, yesterday I relaized that although I had read many of his children's books...I have never read a single gown up book by him. Not sure I want to :)

Terry, glad you enjoyed it. I don't know teh second one you are referring to???

AP3, I understand, personally i always checked it out for its excellent joke section!

terry, my clock looks fine from where I am looking now. Mayeb when I am not online it plays :)

theresa, yet you hinted fabulously!

TLP, next time we are at Hersheys, I'll make special requests! ;)

At 16:02, Blogger tsduff said...

Minka - without giving up the author, on my second limerick here is a picture

At 16:06, Blogger tsduff said...

or better yet, refers to this

At 20:15, Anonymous neva said...

nope ; ) it was his wife's best friend -- his wife, who was a fabulous actress, and came back to win an academy award after suffering 3 aneurysms (at the same time) during her fifth pregnancy, which left her unable to walk and/or talk. that said, he did take control of her subsequent rehabilitation, and it WAS a success, so i guess that's something. still... to marry the "best friend" after being with his wife for 30 years qualifies him as a bit of a... twit. ; )

At 07:22, Anonymous cindra said...

Have a great week-end!

At 10:45, Blogger Minka said...

terry, those where grand. He sure has imagination that dude!

neva, ok. I always thought he had a "best friend" for many years on the side and eventually married her. This is how gossip starts :)

cindra, I am supposed to get that, aren't I? Regardless, have a supercalifragiclisticexpiallegocious wweekend yourself!

At 10:47, Blogger Minka said...

To everybody:

we were,of course, looking for ROALD DAHL!

At 02:39, Blogger G said...

Sorry to spoil the party but I'm late anyway.

We were once huge fans in our household until I found out about his anti-Semitism and racism. Suddenly his words no longer held the same allure.

Ah well.

At 22:16, Blogger tsduff said...

G - I never knew! Bummer. But maybe, like his writings, he was a product of his upbringing. Some blinders never get removed.

At 10:05, Blogger Minka said...

G, I gather he was a bit of an odd ball. SO many people are misguided, hell...I think I have wrong concepts every day...most offending remarks probably result from a lack of engagement in a particular area, wrong information or simply ignorance. WE all have those moments. No excuse for his offenses, just explanations. I personally believe that his writing holds many depths into his own character and I have always firmly believed to judge people by their actions rather than what they let out of that pipehole. His books remain wonderful to me. His character flawed.

terry, I think you are on to something. How is a troubled soul to be enlightened about all the things in teh world. Given his intellect though, he should have been more considerate, researchful and less ignorant. :)

At 16:01, Anonymous G said...

I must admit it truly is/was/is a quandry for us as Tali was my introduction to his books since I hadn't read them as a child and she LOVED them. We'll grapple with a bit more. I appreciate your insight. Lessons are all around us under every stone ay?



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