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Friday, September 14, 2007

The First Frost...

Looks like we made it...and lived to see another winter approaching. Yesterday I was in the countryside and when I woke up at 5.30 ('cause that's what you do in the country!)this sight greeted me outside:

I can't tell you how much joy this brings to me. Granted, it takes a few extra minutes in the morning to throw on your third jumper over the obligatory two from the summer, but the rest is just gravy.
I love how the frost casts special shadows and how sunlight gets reflected in a sharper contrast. How the crisp air goes straight to your lungs and feels like it cleans up all the sandy dust collected there during the summer. Your cheeks start to burn and a cup of hot chocolate never tastes as lovely.

It is time to put good horseshoes on the hooves of our four legged friends and ride out to the mountains to get the sheep down. See you guys Monday!


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At 12:40, Blogger goldennib said...

I love it when it gets cooler myself. Enjoy the horseys and sheepes.

At 13:01, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

5:30? In the morning? Oh you poor dear!

At 14:15, Blogger Doug said...

When you go to sleep tonight may there be lots of sheep to count.

It looks grand. Have fun! Sing an Icelandic Shepherd's song for me. I think 2 Live Crew has a good one.

At 15:08, Blogger Minka said...

goldennib...you have kids?

Morgan, it's all good...most days I get to sleep til 9 though :)

Doug, I could sing...nobody would hair and I wouldn't be inflicting pain to anyone. 2 Live Crew...lemme see!

At 18:49, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Of course you like cold, icy weather...
You're a PENGUIN!!!
I'm more like a monkey or a tropical bird. I prefer the warm weather. When it gets too cold, I shiver nearly to death!! Pass the hot cocoa, please!!!

Enjoy your weekend. Have fun riding horses and gathering sheep.

At 18:51, Blogger Theresa said...

5:30 in the morning! Remind me never to go to the country, that is just too early for me. If I didn't have to get up early I would consider it, because horseback riding sounds like fun. Nice looking frost you've got there, but I hope we won't be getting any for a while. Lately we've been running around in summer clothes, which is more than I can say for what we did all summer. I guess I'm really a California girl at heart (at least as far as the weather is concerned).

At 20:59, Anonymous Joel said...

I love the fall. Today is a wonderful early fall day in Connecticut - in the 60's with a cool breeze...leaves beginning to give hint of change.

Have a great weekend Penguin.

At 21:28, Blogger AP3 said...

Looks beautiful! Here in New England, the autumn is arriving right on cue.

At 22:52, Anonymous quilly said...

Having read this I am no longer certain you would appreciate Hawaii -- the land of 80F weather and 90% humidity.

At 23:34, Anonymous neva said...

please tell me your little tootsies are safely tucked inside your Uggs. i need to know your feet are warm!

looks lovely/sounds spectacular, and i have no doubt this will be a perfectly wonderful weekend -- as well as wonderfully perfect! enjoy yourself, sweet Penguin -- it won't be long before the Jack Frost works his wintry magic on the landscape, and you won't be able to tell the mountains from the molehills. ; )

At 02:41, Blogger G said...

Ooh wrap up nice and warm! The horses are even gathering inwardly. Sounds like a real refresher though. Enjoy your weekend!

At 03:41, Blogger tsduff said...

Umm roast lamb, meat soup... woolie yarn to knit wonderful Icelandic socks.... there are good things about the cold season. Are you supplying the hot chocolate?

At 18:06, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

We had our first frost a couple of weeks ago then winter backed away a bit shamefaced. I think he jumped the gun and is making up for it now with temperatures in the 20s (celsius that is!)

Enjoy your changing seasons Monika, I'm thinking of you :-)

At 09:56, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie, I guess I can appreciate all weather sides. I remember going to California and loving how the sun felt kissing my skin. feeling warm without layers and layers of clothes in MARCH. I guess every season has its sunny sides ;)

Theresa, Spain catching up on its summer, ey?! Nothing looks like 5.30 in teh morning...nothing feels as clean and fresh and the enormous sense of having an entire day with just your immediate surroundings. Blissful. Luckily I get to go to the city whenever I want where I enjoy sleeping in until 9...at least :)

Joel, that sounds beautiful...with all teh trees you have around you, autumn must be such a magical time. How are the fire flies doing?

AP3, well of course! new England has European precision ;) Isn't it funny that on teh other side of your country, autumn doesn't really even make it. HUGE country!

Quilly, Hawaii holds an attraction for me...a two week one. I love to see it on vacation, move there? I think I'd miss my seasons :)

Neva, my feet ar eusually tucked into my UGGS, except when I am on horseback. I need riding shoes for that, who not hug my feet in quite the same way, but certainly keep my wool socks in place. I just remembered I owe you a call last weekend. We'll figure soemthing this week;)

G, you are right...they are herds and tend to stand close any given time, but autumn and especially winter all you see is one big furr ball :) I am gonna make loads of pictures this winter to show you how beautiful a society Icelandic horses have:)

terry, yes I am. Oh and we did something last year, we are skipping this year, but a post is coming up...so I don't wanna give it away :)

Kyahgirl, autumn especially reminds me of you. Since my early adulthood, the Canadian summer is something I have longed to see with my own eyes...all teh exploding shades of yellow and red...I hope you have many a beautiful sight!

At 14:13, Anonymous Joel said...

Sadly Minka I fear the fire flies have retired for the season. The leaves are just beginning to hint at a change in color...ya gotta love the fall!

At 22:32, Blogger Minka said...

yes I do. Natural coloring is amazing! Enjoy it...now that you have that woman riding in teh car with you who keeps telling you were to turn, you can take a few nano seconds and look out teh window!

At 16:54, Blogger birdwoman said...

Wow, someone who truly looks forward to winter! I love autumn, but winter makes me sad, for some reason.

I love your entries about icelandic tradition. Always so insightful!



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