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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tickle your brain...

"After dancing the Charleston to win a dance contest, she got a part in the chorus line of a Broadway play. While performing, she was spotted by a talent scout and taken to Hollywood where she acted in silent and sound films. The final, of her numerous husbands, was the chairman of Pepsi-Cola, and she continued to serve on the board after his death. Even though she won an Oscar in 1945, for playing a loving mother, her real-life parenting skills are reported to be very different."

Any ideas? If you do, try hinting at it in the comment section. I said HINT!

addendum: I am going to a cabin up somewhere in the wilderness until tomorrow evening. I won't be able to visit blogs within the next 20 minutes, but I promise I'll catch up on the weekend :)


Posted by Minka :: 12:33 am :: 21 Royal Subjects

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At 02:05, Blogger Doug said...

No matter what Hollywood offered
To Bogie, say, or Peter Lawford
The roles for a dame
Were "sweet" or "insane"
Reality alway does best when it's coffered,

At 03:53, Blogger tsduff said...

Sublime Doug, really well done.

Minka - you come up with the most diverse teasers!!!!!!

Ah, the braininess of youth ~sigh~


Her first name sounds much like
a strawberry horse
Or something you'd do to an edge...
The last name alas
is the hometown of our
famous president
Oops that's the edge!!

At 05:31, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Is this the imfamous "Mommie Dearest" story?

Wow, I'm surprised I actually know a "silent movie star". (Feeling old)

At 08:54, Blogger Theresa said...

It seems she and Bette Davis detested each other.

At 09:38, Blogger Nessa / Goldennib said...

No wire hangers. No wire hangers.

At 11:17, Blogger Minka said...

Doug that was superb. And with a hint of you in the final line. Loved it!

Terry, nothing to do with braininess. I just think of a name, remember some tsuff, research others and put down teh words. It is more work than people think, but it is less intelligent on my part than people assume. I don't know all the stuff in my brain teasers either, I just made it my business to know so I could tease your brains. This way, we all learn something! Hey I had to google the hometown, I didn't even know ;)

Morgan, it's downhill from here! it's just said that you know that. Kiddin', a youth today better make good memory of the past, and willing prevention for teh future. You can quote me on that :)

Theresa, whatcha redin'? The gossip guide to Hollywood 1962? :) But yes, The divas of Hollywood have their own little peeing contests :)

nessa, good quote! And I am gonna work on my meme this weekend, just so you don't worry ;)

At 13:35, Blogger ariel said...

This is not Edna Purviance because she didn't have those dancing feet, neither Josephine Baker because there's no mention of bananas. I hope I helped a lot!

At 13:54, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

But who are you quoting on that? And what's it mean?

At 15:37, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, immensely...your contribution shall be remembered. Soemtimes it is bette rto know what you don't want than trying to figure out what it is you want ;)

Morgan, I am quoting myself...I know!

At 16:27, Blogger Doug said...

The best child might not heed mommie dearest
And the best eye might not see the clearest
But youthful rebellion
Rises up in a hellion
Who can't see the clothes tree for the fearest.

At 17:23, Blogger jenn said...

Morgan stole mine. -pouts-

I read the book when I was a teenager then promptly got rid of all my wire hangers.

At 17:35, Blogger Mo'a said...

Ok!!!...Nessa stole my line and Jenn is pouting...so I have nothing to do but leave.

At 18:14, Anonymous neva said...

did i NOT feature a picture of this woman in her youth for a cheesy Snark post i did last week? why yes, i believe i did. ; )

this actress was in one of my ALL-TIME favorite films, playing Crystal, the cheap perfume-selling seductress, who stole Norma Shearer's husband in 1939's classic "The Women". what a broad. oh, and is it just me, or were her eyebrows more than a little scary??

LOVELOVELOVE this brain-teaser, dear Penguin! hope you have a grand and lovely weekend (with lots of yummy hot cocoa) -- trust me when i say you'll be missed! : ) xox

At 22:03, Blogger The Old Mule said...

a cabin the wilderness sounds perfect. I hope your time was peaceful and enlightening. Oh yeah, and FUN!

At 23:05, Blogger tsduff said...

She always scared me - so mean!! It made a good brain teaser though.

Minka - I'm envious of your night at the summer house - hope you brought your woolies.

At 18:47, Anonymous al said...

Severe and stern, she was the consummate movie bitch. A high, square brow under a tossed shock of dark hair; perfectly arched black eyebrows carefully penciled onto her porcelain skin; a long, thin, chiseled nose; deeply shadowed, sculptured cheeks; battleship grey paint on her unsmiling lips...

Shot in black and white stock, which was always most flattering to her, she looked as though she could bear the weight of the world on her absurdly padded shoulders.

Oh, the nightmares her men had of her...

At 22:35, Blogger TLP said...

Neva used her to show a "pout," on a post, and then challenged me to name her. That was easy.

She once said, I never go out unless I look like
XXXX XXXXXXXX the movie star.
If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.

At 20:37, Blogger actonbell said...

Is this Mommy Dearest?

And is this a Penguin Band? Chopping down a palm tree? Have a good time out there in the wilderness:)

At 20:39, Blogger actonbell said...

Oh! The penguins are doing the macarena, aren't they? And I repeated someone else's question, silly me.

At 18:42, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you sure are an efficient limericist and more often than not, extremely funny!

Jenn, I have not a single hanger, probably because I don't have a cupboard where you can hang clothes. I feel I'd be ok with wire hangers, if soembody would give me a cuboard to keep them in :)

Moa, you could always have a cookie in the back and observe, it's quite funny at times :)

neva...busted! that's where this week's inspiration came from :)

Old Mule, it wa sall that and a delcious BBQ...nice meat, greta drinks-I remember one was purple!- and we went to bed really early-in the morning!

ts-duff...yes I did. two pairs of socks and a hat. Hate it when my ears get cold :)

Al, I seriously hope you were never one of her men :) The detailed description of her beauty...should I call Margie?

TLP, I se eteh girl next door every mornign when I look into teh mirror. I like her. A lot!

Actonbell, some people can do no wrong. Some are silly. You are some :)

At 01:39, Blogger J. D. said...

Boy, am I ever late. Sorry, Minka.

The person in question was likely the most disliked person in Hollywood. She adopted Christine, thinking it would add to her allure and reputation. Then Christine grew up and wrote the famous tell-all. (Way to go Christine!)..........Judy


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