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Friday, August 10, 2007


"Born in 1824 in Leitomischl, Bohemia (then Austrian Empire); he became a composer of operas and symphonic poems. His father, an amateur violinist, introduced him to music. He would later on study the piano under a professional teacher. Most famous for his collection of six symphonic poems that was written between 1874 to 1879, it is amazing to know he was already totally deaf by that time. In his later life he sufferred from mental problems and entered an asylum where he died in 1884."

This one might be a bit difficult...if you have no clue...you could always play with your thumbs, leave a quick hello in the comment section or go wikipediotic!


This one goes out to Raymond...who smilingly checked in my luggage at JFK without ever mentioning the 15 extra kilos I schlepped on board. Thanks, man! It was great to see you again, a bit of a surprise and this one is for you ... because of all those wonderful evenings in Reykjavik when your fingers stroked the keys of your piano and made our ears tingle with pleasure.


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At 01:23, Blogger TLP said...


At 01:25, Blogger TLP said...

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

I have to go to bed soon. I've had a rich day. Sort of a crème fraîche kinda day.

At 04:37, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! Methinks you need to dish more about Raymond, hmmm? ;-P

How's that for a hello? :-)

At 05:00, Blogger G said...

Trivia on Friday! Stroking ears, er piano keys! Me agrees with Ms. B., hmmmmm.

Okey, maybe I'll dream up a clue as I sleep.

Nighty night or g'morning to you girl.

At 05:17, Blogger Doug said...

My country is like a banana
It opens with just one handsa
But what the hell
I had Pilsener Urquell
So tonight, I'll stand with great mana.

At 06:15, Blogger Diesel said...

Ooh, I get to play with my thumbs! Hang on, gotta get the magic markers.

At 07:37, Blogger Minka said...

TLP; I know it is important and a creme freche day sounds just nice. Would you share?

Miz B; I was wondering when you´d resurface. I have seen you lurking in the background fro days now. I am glad you brought the Spanish Inquisition with you.

G, mindbohhling does not do well, when trying to rest those neurons. You could always come back in the morning and bring coffee!

Doug, see...I sorta knew you might get this one. He's good isn't he?

Diesel, that was hilarious...can I play? Gimme the green marker!

At 11:02, Blogger ariel said...

he, his wife and their bird are characters in one of the funniest Monty Python scenes. that is the scene gives it away that The Tune actually comes from Shakespeare...

At 14:27, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Gosh, I had to Google and Wiki to get this one. Honestly don't think I know the name at all. Oh well, Doug's poem makes sense now. :-)

Oh, and dish the dirt! :-P

At 14:28, Blogger goldennib said...

I have never heard of him. Very interesting life.

At 19:47, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I actually had written a loooong comment for the post below and right when I hit publish my internet connection froze and it took me half a day to figure out what had happened! I don't really know what happened, actually, only that something must have seeped into my system and when I cleaned my cache thoroughly I was finally able to connect!

And the previous times I had kids with emergencies so I had to leave each time!

It might be Spain not letting go of its grip on me FO SHO!!! We have been having some overseas drama and are oh so hopeful that it finally be resolved because if it isn't it is gonna cost us and then some!

So yeah, if you see me lurk but no comments are around, something BIG has been keeping me from speaking for you are one I have missed oh so much FO SHO my dearest and with that...

on to yesterday's comment...

I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! But from what I said above and from what you already know about what's going on in my life, I am sure you will forgive me, I hope... P-LEASE????


I am oh so happy that it was spent in style and with so much fabulous company in three different places to boot! WOOH! Now THAT's a celebration my dear!

May this year be nothing short of faboo for you and may it hold in store many a trip back to the USA (the FIRST stop being San Francisco mind you!!! I ain't your bossy big sistah fo' nothin'!)

Besos and off I go to tend to kiddy drama!

At 22:52, Anonymous Joel said...

I have a cold and am finding it hard to concentrate. What? You feel guilty you say? Oh, that's okay don't you worry about us we'll make it through somehow. ;-)

At 02:33, Blogger AP3 said...

So Tony Randall's not the only one who suffered from tinnitus... poor man.

Howdy, Monika!

At 14:17, Anonymous neva said...

oh my. way to make a sick girl feel stuid, dear little Penguin!

that said, i finally figured out who this guy is (not a world class Wikipidiot for nothin'!). funny that he lost his hearing (and mind, one assumes) because of syphilis, yet one of his most famous works was The Bartered Bride. guessing there's a statement in there somewhere, but i'll be darned if i can say what it is.

here's my theory as to why he's YOUR choice for this week's brain teaser: his last name is Yiddish for sour cream, something i happen to know you're veryvery fond of. (guessing TLP beat me to this particular hint with her own "higher class" hint!)

SOOOOO glad Raymond was the one checking you in at the airport on Monday -- yet relieved he didn't "surprise" you by joining you on the flight (i know you were tired, thinkin' you needed to catch up on a few zzz's!) ; ) xox

At 16:44, Blogger actonbell said...

I didn't know about him either, and I neeeed to know more about that Monty Python reference, ariel!

At 00:23, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, what? you sure?

Morgan, Doug makes sense more often than we probably give him credit for. But why brake a year long habit, I ask you?!
Nothing to spill either, Raymond is American and used to live in iceland. Foreigners in Iceland group together, that´s how he and I met. And that about covers it!

Goldennib, yes...indeed...more of a one or two-hit wonder, but amazing.

Miz B...nothign was meant by my mentioning of your lurking, only that I knew you were there and had not forgotten me. It was meant to re-assure...I know all teh stuff going on in your life (ok, maybe not...but quite a bit!) so whenever I can help -and I am real good with a broom or lawn mover- let me know ;)And as to my birthday...hey, I plan on having many more ;)

Joel...I do good work, don't you think? Dragged teh whole family down with me, that might teahc you next time to not invite Penguins into your home ;)

AP3...Howdy and apparently not :) Greetings to your Wonder-woman, too!

Neva, see now I got TLP´s hint...you shoudl co-author my brain teasers :) I chose this one, because he composed my favorite piece of classical music ever. I also mentioned him to Joel and wanted to upload it on his i-pod. Raymond plays piano and knows about my devotion for this composer...hence this particular teaser. No idea about teh sourcream though...talk about meant to be!

actonbell, join me on this side of confusion! ariel totally bumped me, too!

At 03:20, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oh I most definitely know that nothing was meant of your knowledge of my lurking ways my dear hermanita! 'Tis just me being pissed at not meeting my own expectations you see... and one of them is most definitely to not miss out on your news 'cause then I wanna kick myself (and I might just be able to do that thanks to yoga and all! Ha, ha, haaaaa!)

That loooong and frazzled comment up above was my way of saying that I just love you so! Besos and have a fantabulous weekend!

At 10:56, Blogger Theresa said...

Had to go wikipediotic on this one. What an obscure and tragic figure. Surprising that his father was initially against a career in music after having introduced him to music in the first place.

Can I join the Spanish Inquisiton in asking you about Raymond? ;)

At 11:03, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. i love you so much, that I know these quirky things about you :) You are a funkified sistah, fo sho!

theresa, nothing to tell, really...foreigners in Iceland flock together...for extra warmth :)

At 13:13, Blogger ariel said...

my hint was totally wrong. then I thought it was the guy Actonbell wanted to listen to the music of on her new MP3 player. then I had no more guesses. of course, I know it now because TLP couldn't just keep it to herself anymore. :-P

At 15:18, Blogger Minka said...

ariel...taht explains it:

Bedrich Smetana is the correct answer!

At 19:54, Blogger david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, Minka,

I followed your link from Diesel's blog. I'm a bestselling novelist and just told Diesel that he's inspired me to do a follow-up post on his theme.

I've enjoyed your site so much that I'm going to blogroll you - do let me know if that's okay with you.

Happy belated birthday from someone like you, who enjoys life.

And re: this post, we all need Raymonds in our lives.

Nice to `meet' you.

Keep smiling


At 20:18, Blogger Minka said...

David, I will keep smiling and I´ll come and check your blog.


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