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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Trivia

"He was the first person to fly, non-stop, across the Untied States, the first American to orbit the planet, and the first Senator of Ohio to be elected for four terms. Besides working as a consultant for NASA and as a business executive, he made a much talked about launch in 1998. He was portrayed by actor Ed Harris in a movie and guest-starred in Frasier."

addendum: Congratualtions to Puppytoes and Joel for making it 22 years in their marriage and last time I saw them, they didn't look like on the verge of quitting that habit any time soon. I love you guys!


Posted by Minka :: 2:27 am :: 29 Royal Subjects

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At 10:08, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

First? Really? Like as in, first American around the world?!?

At 13:35, Blogger Doug said...

My grandpa told me from his den
"I'll tell you 'bout our race of men
My Senator might
Have been first in his flight
But all buckeyes flee, now and then."

At 13:54, Blogger Mo'a said...

Not only do I know who he is...I met him in person, When I lived in Columbus, Ohio :)

At 15:01, Blogger Logophile said...

Here is one thing my papa, the military retiree, war buff and airplane enthusiast told me about him, his nickname was Magnet Ass.
Nice, huh?

At 15:43, Anonymous neva said...

he's not just the first to orbit the planet, he was the first to complete a supersonic intercontinental (California to NY) flight. a friend in Ohio exclaimed "****** dropped a bomb!" when he broke the sound barrier and the loud sonic boom was heard over his home state. and he's the oldest person to have flown in space -- which he did at the age of 77.

that said, i'm with logo in thinking his "nickname" of Magnet Ass is awesome (something he earned while flying during the Korean War, for attracting so much "flack". guessing he gets a fair share of flack over that "title", even now).

OH, and Joel once flew from CA to NY next to Ed Harris (and his wife). not as cool as meeting the man himself (SO cool, M'oa!), but impressive, nonetheless! ; )

FABULOUS brain teaser, dear Penguin! hope this means your brain (along with the rest of "you") is feeling better, today! xox

At 16:07, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, it would appear so...you used a space shuttle to arrive in time, did you not?

Doug, correct and I guess I have to check out buckeyes now in connection with this man.

M'oa, did he invite you to take a flight with him ? :)

Logo, and I think it is better to not try to figure out why. Mental images are forming in my mind and well, they ar enot pretty!

Neva, all correct...I kinda hinted at the 77 year old dude flying, since it was in 1998 ;) He seems to have been the sort of man, any grandpa would have loved to tell stories about. "WE were of tougher steel back in the days!" I can hear it now. In our defense, I have flow from CA to NY myself...and lived to tell the tale, although there were moments when some stranger involved me in a discussion of how envigorating it is to clean other people's toilets. Where is my medal?

At 16:50, Blogger Mo'a said...

No!!!but I waited to be asked to take a spin on the dance floor...sad to say the invitation never came, although he had ample opportunity...his loss ;>

At 16:52, Anonymous quilly said...

You know he made his second space flight 34 years afer resigning from NASA, and he went as a test subject (science experiment) rather then an astronaut.

Scuttlebutt claims that as a national hero he was only allowed the one space flight because if he'd died in outerspace the American public would have turned against NASA and space exploration.

At 18:02, Blogger J. D. said...

Chuck Yeager was the first to break the sound barrier and because of that, he thought he would be chosen as an austronaut and to be first in space (that was Alan Shepherd, after Yuri G, the Russian - just a quick up and down), but Yeager was not chosen, even though he did seem to have "The Right Stuff". All in our family read Yeager's biography 25 years ago. It was immensely enjoyable.

Our trivia guy has a very common first name and his last name reminds me of a landform in Ireland.

I'm so glad you are back, Minka.....Judy

At 18:07, Blogger Minka said...

Moa, certainly his loss...but with his idea of gravity, you might be better off never having entered that dance floor with him :)

Quilly, I did not know that and congrats on the new working computer. Life is grand sometimes, isn't it?

JD, thank you and there is a lot of extra information I did not know. I know loads about Yuri Gagarin...he was every child's hero in East Germany :)

At 18:51, Blogger tsduff said...

Matthew Mark Luke and ----
Bless the bed that I lay on

Try a place you'd find a wren
Leafy, hidden, deep within
With trees a blowing in the wind
And river bottom at the bend

At 19:24, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Chuck was my hero. As a kid I was sure I'd have a space shuttle by now. As it turns out it was mobile internet that got me here so quickly. Never would have imagined that I'd build the network that make's this comment possible!

At 19:36, Blogger TLP said...

No one in the U.S. had to Google this one!

He's a good guy.

At 19:53, Blogger Minka said...

terry, very beautiful and nicely hinted...good with the rhyming, are we?

Morgan, well..in that sense you have to bow to me...becuase without my post there would be no comment section for you to scribble in...we could keep this going for quite a while, couldn't we?! :)

TLP, what about poor Juan that crossed the border into the US last night...bet ye he doesn't know squat from famous astronaut :)
But youa re right, this one seems to have been an easy one for you guys...next week I'll go European..God knows, maybe I'll go Icelandic and then there will be laughter in my head, as I picture you guys pronouncing names :)

At 20:10, Anonymous G said...

That was beautiful Terry. And I can't believe he blew it with you Mo'a!

Now where does that leave me? Hmmm -

I have to run out the door, but I'll be back. I know who it is, but no time to give a proper hint.

Oh but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Neva and Joel! lovelovelove ~ G XOX

At 20:23, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

I may be sometimes reluctant to bow... but to you? Never!

At 20:42, Anonymous neva said...

well, yeah...of course you mentioned the fact he flew again in '98, i was simply filling in the "blanks" (about being the oldest, etc.). Quilly's comment gives it the final "oomph" that makes his accomplishment even more memorable... not to mention impressive.

oh, and speaking of toilets (yes, you DO get a medal and Mr. Toilet-Cleaning Freak gets a long, LOUD ewww): wouldn't it be funny if you were in a Scottish valley, and you used your mystery man's first name when asking to use teh bathroom? (think about it) ; )

loveloveloved Terry's poem! and LOVELOVELOVED your happy post-it addition!! lovelovelove YOU, too!! (thanks) xox

At 22:53, Blogger Minka said...

G, ok run..the door is always open for you even after hours, I'll leave the light on for you !

Morgan, *bows* to his character! You should only ever bow for a reason, there are few...I am certainly one :) LOL

Neva...that was hilarious...it took me a second but nicely done.*claps*

At 00:10, Blogger actonbell said...

Good one, Terry! Wow. Great puzzler, Monika:)

Ed Harris is still HOT. just sayin'.
Happy anniversary to Puppytoes and Joel!

At 02:30, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Damn, I knew that one. Ah well, have to wait...

I seem to have missed your tripartite birthday - many congratulations. Does celebrating in 3 countries make you 32?

At 03:42, Blogger Diesel said...

Tom Hanks?

At 15:00, Blogger goldennib said...

He studied chemistry in college.

At 15:22, Blogger Minka said...

actonbell, *nods head in rapid agreement*

Grunt, it makes you worn out that's for sure. But nothing a bit of make-up and/or beheading won't take care off :)

Diesel, not quite...actually it is Tom hanks cousin twice related, on his aunt's side...the one with the mole

goldennib, sombody has to...I am glad it wasn't me :)

At 18:22, Blogger Theresa said...

This man somehow reminds me of a Blackadder quote :"Show me the **** where the kipper roams free. And forget Morag forever. ..." -Can't really think why.

At 14:02, Anonymous swamp witch said...

Just watched a segment about Iceland on the Travel Channel and had to pop over to say hi.

At 16:34, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Ok... *said the panting bohemian* I seriously and totally labored away just for YOU... *pant, pant* and was up until midnight (seriously!) and up at 6am ('cause I couldn't sleep and Loverboy woke me but I digress... I was STILL up!) and JUST got done so *pant, pant* you'd better watch!

*BoheMian faints and is KO*


At 18:38, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

THE PENGUIN'S ORIGINAL COMMENT BEING REPOSTED BY YOURS TRULY (You said my real name my dear Penguin so I hope my using my team member privildges here are ok!):


Theresa, that is a good quote to be reminded off. Whatever floats your boat, my sweet!

swampwitch, I hope it was not the mountain troll that reminded you of me :)

Miz B, and I with no internet connection for a whole day...I'll be there right this instant :) Thank you...some people just need to know :)

At 19:16, Blogger Minka said...

Oh My God, I did?

I am so sorry, I checked the referrers and there were only 6 people since my last comment on my blog, none of them anybody that either doesn't know already or we know. So i hope it is ok...I am so sorry!
*smacks head, just to check if it still hurts* :)

At 19:52, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

No need to smack your beautiful and dainty head oh Queen de mi corazón!!! I am not too worried at all... or even a little bit for that matter!

The name will eventually get out... under wraps for now but some day it'll be out and no worries.

*bohemian hands the queen an ice pack and makes her take some arnica for the booboo! DIOS MIO*

No more head smacking P-LEASE!


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