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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Brain Teaser

"Born in 1879, she was initially a nurse for the underprivileged in New York's Lower East Side. When she began to realize the dramatic effects of unplanned pregnancies in these destitute conditions, she left her nursing work in order to promote the use of birth control and give women everywhere the ability to make their own reproductive decisions.Though battled from the beginning, her work finally paid off with the formation of the World Population Conference in 1927 in which the effects of overpopulating were discussed with experts from around the globe. She later formed the Planned Parenthood Federation in 1942, which still stands today to educate women about their reproductive health and choices for family planning."

You know the drill; off to the comment section with you. Leave a hint, limerick or otherwise charming comment to show me you know the answer and leave others guessing at the same time.


Posted by Minka :: 12:24 pm :: 14 Royal Subjects

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At 14:18, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

First? I wish I had a hint or clue to give.

At 14:24, Blogger goldennib said...

She coined the phrase "birth control" and was often charged for violating obscenity laws for trying to educate women regarding their bodies.

At 14:38, Anonymous neva said...

her (Roman Catholic) mother had 18 pregnancies and 11 live births -- and dies of tuberculosis and cervical cancer (guessing that's where the concept that "birth control" was a good idea began?) can't help but smile at the fact this amazing/insightful woman attended nursing school in White Plains (sounds like such a magical place...). after divorcing her husband she had a number of affairs, including one with HG Wells, makeing her not just "interesting", but impressive -- apparently she believed what she said about women being the "absolute mistresses of their own bodies" (love that)

wow. lovelovelove this "teaser", Penguin! well done! xox

At 15:08, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, good morning to you, too... and don't worry...this stumbled more than just you :)

goldennib, yep...I think she might be attributed with coining the term.

neva, catholicism has made many a person turn the other way :) I think her mothers constant pregnancies, certainly might have initiated the desire to care for her own body and have the right to do so. I strongly admire woman, who speak up according to their own views, against society. Especially at that time, it shows a remarkable character. We had to pick a favorite nurse during the first class yesterday and tell the others about her. I picked this one.

At 16:13, Blogger Doug said...

Although I can't rightly name her
I offer this as a disclaimer:
If preventing kids
Is the good thing she did
Then silence is right to proclaim her.

At 17:32, Blogger tsduff said...

One article she wrote exhorted Americans to "restrict the propagation of those physically, mentally and socially inadequate."

A woman of bold proclamations,
She paved ways to stilt populations
Although I can't judge
Or carry a grudge
I don't have the same rationalization.

At 00:53, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I just wondered if she had any offspring at all???

Terry, I haven't read all her articles...this seems very out of character. Do you have a reference to that particular article??? I'd love to rea dup on that!

At 01:37, Anonymous neva said...

let's make these "hints" easier:

she shares her first name with former Prime Minister Thatcher -- as well as Dennis the Menace's red-headed nemesis. and there's a town in Central California that has the same name as her last. ; )

PS: tho' she accomplished much for women, there are those who question her motives for wanting to help control the growth of population. (in other words, she's a bit of a controversial figure in some circles)

At 04:47, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, she must have met one, I think.

At 06:14, Blogger tsduff said...

Minka - you might like to read Margaret Sanger's
"A Plan For Peace", 1932
, paying particular close attention to item d.

BTW, her five-year-old daughter, Peggy, died November 6, 1915.

Neva - that is really a cute sleepy town, isn't it? Good clue!

At 11:10, Blogger Minka said...

Neva, that was very well done, even I owuld get it from these hints:)
In my opinion changes in society arrise from passion of a person or people. And although their motives might be questionable at the time, the goa turned out to be a great thing for women.

Doug, maybe through shattered glasses.

Terry, I absolutely will. This little sidetrack information might be a greta help with an essay I have to write for next week. I appreciate it! Thank you!

At 13:11, Blogger ariel said...

Terry's given her away, I would have had many, many great hints, though. this is sad.

At 17:18, Blogger tsduff said...

OH NO!!!! I've gone and spilled all the beans! I'm sorry - *climbs up on the stool positioned facing the corner*... wasn't thinking :-(

At 23:25, Blogger Minka said...

ariel...I'll give you a star anyway :)

terry, not to worry...it was well worth it :)

The answer is :

Margaret Sanger


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