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Monday, August 13, 2007

The dance of life

I took this picture somewhere in Greenwich, Connecticut.
The statue just spoke to me.

The way we encircle each other, drawing closer. The obsticles in our way. I love how their gaze is fixed upon one another. How the mountain to climb seems too great yet they engulf in longing, overcoming the distance.

Posted by Minka :: 11:22 am :: 28 Royal Subjects

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At 12:53, Blogger TLP said...

I'm assuming that the answer to the post below was Bedrich Smetana. Which is why I said that I had to go to bed since I had had a rich day, and then the cream referrence. That Lucy. Totally misunderstood and underrated.

At 12:55, Blogger TLP said...

Wonderful photo! I love it. It didn't show the first time I opened your post. I had to try again. Worth the effort.

At 13:31, Anonymous Joel said...

It is a great statue...nice descrip Penguin. Hope you're feeling better.

At 13:44, Blogger Minka said...

TLP: I didn't get it, Neva got what you were hinting at, I am really not that bright ;)

Joel, thank you...I just love it. I am still running a high temperature and I am glad I can type to communicate instead of speaking. There are handiwork- people in my place at this moment, and it is hard being assertive and giving instructions just with my hands...but hey. I am up for the challenge and I can throw a mean glance if something is not to my liking :)

At 13:55, Blogger TLP said...

You're sick???? So sorry. You are VERY bright.

At 14:03, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, but that's a really beautiful description of the photo I can't see. I wish I could see it. Tried reloading but to no avail.

Oh well, get well soon and keep your handiwork-people in line.

At 14:03, Anonymous neva said...

i told you not to hug me goodbye, missy! but would you listen?? NO.

that said, i'm SOOOOO very sorry to know you're now the one huddling under the covers. mine was a long(ish) road back to health (still not back to "normal", but i expect to be "well" any second now). pay attention to that fever and/or cough. don't let that bug get the upper hand. i hear they have Very Good Antibiotics in Iceland, don't be afraid to get some, should you continue to feel crappy after a couple more days. (BoBo's "toughing" it out, and i'm SO hoping he doesn't get worse).

i can't see the picture, but i know exactly which one you're referring to -- and Joel's correct, your description is perfect! (that was a fun day, eh?). by the way, you snapped it half-way down "the avenue", near a charming little park that featured a couple of fabulous trees. just so you know. ; )

missmissmiss you, my friend! were you here, we'd be sipping on Strawanana Berry Smoothies with imunibek, rightthisminute. (hmmm, come to think of it, maybe i'll go get one in "your honor" later today.) xoxox

At 14:16, Blogger Mo'a said...

The photo would not come up for me no matter what I did...you must think I am a crazy lurker or something ;)
Ertu lasinn elskan...sorry to hear that...get well soon.
How very Icelandic you have become ower loaded baggage and all.
Bless, bless, feel better.

At 15:00, Blogger Minka said...

TLP, *blushes and beams with pride*

Morgan, I uploaded it again and it is showing for me now..hope it is there for you too!

neva, strawnanaberry-yummy. I love them.
About the statue under teh trees...let's journey back...who said a certain penguin was not allowed to climb the gigantic tree becuase of laws or something in Connecticut??? Yes, yes...it was you. That being said, it was a greta park and G, you and I had a wonderful time there. Some of us were hanging from statues though :)

Moa, you are not alone...but I hoe it works now. I am sick, but I will put in my new wardrobe and get my plac ein order, if it kills me...you can have my Icelandic stamp collection. Don't mention it!

At 15:21, Blogger ariel said...

the stone of love?

At 15:44, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Ah, the pic is here now. Great stuff! I love the metaphor.

At 17:20, Blogger Minka said...

ariel...I thought more along "the rock of hardship" but yes :)

Morgan, glad you could finally see it. Good stuff, ey?

At 18:52, Anonymous neva said...

hey... far be it from me to try and tell YOU anything, missy. all i said was that i figured folks in Greenwich might "frown" on the climbing of old/cherished trees, and that you "might" get in trouble should one of those traffic cops spot you hanging off a branch -- especially if the branch then broke! (thinkin' you found a charming "branch" to hang off of earlier in the day... where's that picture, eh?)

FEEL BETTER, lovely Penguin!! oh, and just so's ya know, the Strawanana berry smoothie was delish... but not NEARLY as good as the ones i had with YOU! ; ) xox

At 19:22, Blogger goldennib said...

Neat picture. Eloquent words.

At 21:04, Blogger Doug said...

Il Nozze di Sisyphus?

I can see why you connected with that statue. You move boulders gracefully.

Me, I turn dance floors into quarries.

At 23:29, Blogger Minka said...

True, you didn't really forbid me to climb it, you just painted a pretty picture of the consequences :)

goldennib, straight to the point comment!

Doug, I am picturing an elephant in a porcelain store and I don't know why :) Forgive me!

At 23:41, Blogger AP3 said...

The statue would be better if it were two girls... but it's pretty good anyway. ;-)

Yes, I can see why you like it.

Very poetic description!

At 00:22, Blogger Doug said...

I forgive you, Minka. The peanut urn was a bad idea, though.

At 00:44, Blogger Diesel said...

I really like that statue too.

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. :)

At 11:32, Blogger Dan said...

The last time a statue spoke to me I had a headache for two days after the hangover wore off.

At 12:38, Anonymous Joel said...

Are you well yet? Shall we send you some Zicam?

At 16:39, Blogger Minka said...

AP3...figures :)I love the pot you have in yoru garden, the one with the lips!

Doug, thank you, somehow you tickle my funny bone.

Diesel, I mean that. All of it and since i have seen a few of your blog entries I can judge the book to be good. I don't expect any less of you!

Dan, you got really close to it, didn't you?! Sorta with a bang?

Joel, I have a doctors appointment on Thursday morning, so I hope to be healthy by then :) I am better though!

At 19:13, Blogger G said...

I believe you when you said that you could climb that tree (especially after seeing you hang from the sculptures three blocks prior).

Oh but I also love this sculpture and your words added are poetry. Feel better soon. I'll have to email you my pics of them as well.

Bless bless (thanks for that reminder Mo'a).

At 21:56, Blogger tsduff said...

What a perfect rock picture! I love it... sculpture adds much to it as well. How like a peguin to climb up. HA HA - it is funny to try to imagine you giving a mean glance though...

At 10:15, Blogger david mcmahon said...

G'day Minka,

Love the angle of the photograph. And the inference you;ve drawn for us.

Bravo ...

Keep smiling


At 14:13, Anonymous neva said...

still sick, and yet that was one fine and thought provoking POST YOU DID FOR THE SNARK today! (just saying, some of us can't be "clever" on a healthy day, and you manage it with ease, even when you're under the weather!)

G: yeah, thinkin' our girl is more like a monkey than a penguin when confronted by anything worth climbing!

that Monika... ; ) xox

At 22:23, Blogger Minka said...

G, I know...we both were circling around taht stone trying to capture just the right meaning for us :) That was a fine day!

terry, you should see me starring at somebody trying to steel my food :)

David, why thank you. I guess if something attracts you, words come easy with it!

neva, I better check out that post I wrote ... yesterday is kind of a blur :)

At 02:10, Blogger Doug said...

An adoptee, he helped found a major computer company as well as an animated movie studio.


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