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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday´s come and almost gone too...

better hurry then...*falls over her own feet*

"Raised in rural Scotland, he moved to London in his teens and worked as a shipping clerk and served in the Territorial Army. He earned his medical degree in 1906. A researcher in the area of antiseptics and antibacterial substances, in 1921 he discovered a natural protein with bacteria-killing properties that he named lysozome. In his lab in 1928 he discovered mold in an uncovered culture of staphylococci that repelled bacteria. He identified the mold and published his findings in 1929, naming the substance **********.Lacking sufficient chemistry skills to exploit his findings, it took a few years for "this mold" to be developed by two other scientists into the first significant antibiotic."

You know the drill;)

and for those of you with a bit of extra time...I was guest posting at the SNARK! and if you are looking for amusement a trip to Humor-blogs.com should be rewarding!


Posted by Minka :: 11:59 pm :: 32 Royal Subjects

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At 04:05, Blogger Doug said...

There's a story I once heard about this guy when he was a child and someone was injured in an accident and almost died and someone else saved them and as a result he lived to invent ******** That was fascinating and well-told wasn't it?

Some men are no more than a lemming
Wearing like suits with the same hemming
But a man who is bold
Can break free of the mold
In this case the mold's all that's remenning.

At 13:56, Anonymous quilly said...

Gotta love that Dog.

I am too busy to play, but soon this house will be packed or abandoned -- I am going for the later.

At 15:12, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Twelve. The answer is 12. If not, perhaps the question is wrong.

Greetings from Vienna!

At 18:15, Anonymous Joel said...

His last name is shared by the creator of a certain Bond.

At 18:37, Blogger Logophile said...

I recall feeling quite a kinship with him when I read about him.
He was an incredible genius (that is not the part I identified with) but was incredibly unorganized and his lab was chaotic. In fact, THAT is why he was able to discover what he did!
Yay for the messies!

At 19:26, Anonymous neva said...

am i wrong for thinking it's funny that first part of his last name is what we call that cruddy mucus that collects inside the lungs, once a cold turns into an infection?

wowie, this was a great brain teaser, dear little Penguin! as they say in New York "I'll axe youse later how you came up with this guy!" ; )

At 22:13, Blogger Gawpo said...

Doug is talking about ********. But he has the wrong substance. We were talking about **********, weren't we?

At 22:20, Blogger Gawpo said...

Dude, you are SO in my blogroll now!

At 22:44, Blogger Doug said...

Doggonit, Gawpo. You're right. Great, now who discovered **********?

At 23:03, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, that was well told, wrong medicine, right guy! Well limericked, I´ll let you pass!

Quilly, the best of luck with it all and good thoughts, I am told they help...sorry, i don´t do praying that well :)

Morgan, Hi and i hope you are enjoying Vienna, it is so beautiful! 12? Ok!

Joel, really? elaborate!

Logo, yeah he was a bit of a scatterbrain I heard. But hey, even fungus has a right to live!

neva, you are absolutely right! And if you consider the trade I am in, you´ll easily gather where his name came from ;)

gawpo , welcome and congrats on overpowering Doug, it does not happen often! And I think I've never been referred to as dude before, kinda like it! I´ll check your blog out as soon as I get home!

Doug, you can spell the wrong medicine, since it´s not to do with our special guest and then I´ll tell you who discovered it!

At 23:12, Anonymous neva said...

uh, er... now i'm confused. because i thought Doug had the right person -- wait, he did have the right person...just the wrong medicine, right? right.

also, that particular story about your brain teaser's father saving a certain important someone, who later paid for "Brain Teaser Guy's" education is -- or was, according to BTG -- nothing more than a fine and fantastic figment of someone's imagination. in other words, a fable (something Doug's well acquainted with, no?) ; ) xox

At 23:33, Blogger Doug said...

Neva, if it helps Gawpo is teasing me for not counting the asterices. I approve.

People receiving ********** usually missed a dose of ********.

At 00:20, Blogger actonbell said...

I can't spell well enough to count those asterices, which are too small to count, anyway. I'm just glad that people such as Minka's mystery guest lived to weave their magic.

Good one, Minka!

At 00:51, Blogger Minka said...

neva, youa re talking about Winston Churchill being saved during the war, right. There is a fable going that Wiston´s father payed today´s guest education. Winston Churchill was saved by a medication called "sulphonamide", which was a German discovery ( but they were waring against Germany, so the otehr medication sounded better :)

Doug, you really like those asterices, huh? taken your medication yet?

actonbell, yes I am glad for all the smart inventors...it gets me off the hook :) I make a decent omelette though!

At 11:35, Anonymous Heike said...

Minka min, núna er helgin en þú ert ekki hérna .... Hvar ertu? Komdu!!!! ;-)

At 12:13, Anonymous Joel said...


Bond, James Bond.

At 14:09, Blogger daedalus2u said...

You should at least give an honorable mention to Ernest Duchesne.


and numerous other researchers.


At 16:19, Anonymous neva said...

Doug: i can spell -- i just can't count, so shut up. : P

Minka: yep, that's what i was referring to. it made for a great story, too bad it wasn't true! ; )

At 16:25, Blogger Minka said...

heike, ég er nú bara vinnandi. Og er með eina vakt á morgun...er að hugsa um að kikja kannski á sunnudaginn ;)

joel...*smacks forehead* of course!
I used to be bright you know, back in teh days when my neurons still fired properly :)

daed...there is only one thing I should do in life, and that is die...the rest is pretty much up to me :)

neva, I had heard the story in germany...where the emphasis was on our medication. It´s all about teh angle ;)

At 17:42, Anonymous Joel said...

I've heard that about you. Please don't smack your forehead too hard...that could be part of the problem you know?


At 23:17, Blogger tsduff said...

Okay, yesterday I tried to make a limmerick like the dog, failed miserably, and then gave up and ran away. I'll do better next time.

At 02:41, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

It's great to see a chemical structure...thank you. You've made an old man very happy

At 11:09, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, thanks, such a charming side to you that one misses at first :) Best of fun to you and yours today ;)

terry, tried many a time to make a limerick like our Doug, and miserably failed each time, I am still teh author of this blog though :) Come back, you´ll just be like teh rest of us. It´s a nice place to be!

trundling grunt, it takes little with you, doesn't it? Youa re most welcome, making and old man...I have soem experience in that area :)

At 05:15, Blogger Diesel said...

Ted Nugent?

At 07:57, Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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At 10:14, Blogger Theresa said...

Ooh, I am really late for this party! If it weren't for this man I might not be here today writing these words. Having been born on a farm, he wasn't a nobleman (although later he was knighted), but he was a Nobel man.

At 17:23, Blogger Minka said...

Diesel, your trivia knnowledge is inspiring:) laughter that is!

rodrigo, don't mention it!

theresa, I think many a human could say that. That being said though, it could kill some of us!

At 13:00, Blogger Doug said...

I must have dreamt the whole trip. It's still Thursday, Clarence!

At 13:21, Blogger ariel said...

I am not impatient, I'll learn who this is sooner or later. :)

At 16:25, Blogger goldennib said...

He invented asterisks? Or did he invent a certain number of asterisks?

This has infected my brain. I need a shot.

At 17:43, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you and your ways *flicks wand*

ariel: the answer is Alexander Flemming. Boy it´s a long time since I posted last ...*looks worried*

goldennib: *hands her a whiskey glass, nicely filled to the rim* grandma used to say, nothign quite like it!

people, I am working on a post right now...give a penguin space to stretch her wings *glares in a certin direction*

At 22:27, Blogger Doug said...



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