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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On Wednesdays...

I go snarking on another page. Why don´t you come and join me over HERE?

This week, I´ll share a bit about my ever-expanding family, sibling´s side! The above picture shows me with a niece of mine. I mentioned to my sister -given that she already had two- to give this one to me. What with siblings should share and everything, but she said that people simply wouldn´t buy it!

And if you have an extra minute, go help multiply the hits on HUMORBLOGS!

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Posted by Minka :: 12:33 pm :: 26 Royal Subjects

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At 14:07, Anonymous neva said...

and it's as GRAND a post as any you've done! not to mention funny!

LOVELOVELOVE this picture -- what a couple of doll-babies! ; ) xoxox

At 14:09, Anonymous neva said...

or should that be baby-dolls?? doesn't matter, you're both a cute as buttons on a Hello Kitty sweater -- which, last time i looked, was down right adorable! ; ) xoxo

At 15:02, Anonymous neva said...

AS cute as buttons on a Hello Kitty sweater. yeesh.

by the way, is it just me, or do you need your blanket, again? (can't believe no one else has stopped by... what's up with that?) ; ) xox

At 15:24, Blogger Doug said...

Why do you look more curious about the camera than the two-year-old? I swear it's a generation of celebrities they're training.

At 15:29, Blogger Minka said...

neva, we are very cute. The family resemblance is uncanny, don´t you think?

Doug, she is used to having her picture taken all the time, I only become the focus twice a year! It was new to me, it was shiny...I was confused. The two year old? Who made you Kohlberg?

At 16:21, Anonymous Joel said...

The baby seems to be thinking "why is this woman sticking her head in the frame of a perfectly nice portrait of me?"

Kidding of course. Very nice photo of you both although I have to agree with Doug that baby seems very blase while Auntie...well...nevermind.

Are you rehearsing yet?

At 17:32, Blogger Theresa said...

What a cute picture! Congratulations to such a devoted auntie.

At 18:42, Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

I bet your parents keep wanting to know when the family will expand on your side, eh?

At 19:18, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, 3 hours everyday. Those are some complex dance moves. And the complex lyrics are hard to get down! I am working on it. And go on...don´t restraint yourself...her auntie what?

theresa, little mini-wave celebration in awe of me? I like it!

snay, yes...as a matter of fact they do. I just fear it would imbalance the universe!

At 20:00, Anonymous Joel said...

Minka...we've made plans to clear the furniture out of the family room so you'll have plenty of room.

At 20:22, Blogger Doug said...

OK, I'll bite. Kohlberg? Not everyone's German, you know.

At 20:54, Anonymous neva said...

Joel: you forgot to tell her about the new rug. i'm sure her dance steps will be a lot smoother now that we got rid of the old one! ; ) xox

Doug: uh... Kohlberg's from the US -- studied under Piaget... psychology/child development... ring a bell? or do you only relate to Pavlov? ; )

At 23:36, Blogger actonbell said...

Aaaaaaw, too cute to give away, even to a sister, but it's nice she lets you borrow:)

At 23:55, Blogger J. D. said...

Ya, ya, I'll be over in a minute. I keep going back to get another look at that great picture....Judy

At 00:44, Blogger Doug said...

Well, Neva, he sounds German. Piaget sounds French but I suppose you'll tell me he's Angolan.

I really just came here to be obnoxious about the lack of Thursday Brain-teaser.

Although born and raised in Amherst, MA he made his name playing southern-style acoustic blues and, later, caribbean and Malian music.

At 02:19, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, I think it only right! Those spins alone ...

Doug, Kohlberg is a psychologist most renowned for his stages of child development. I was curious as to how you could tell me niece was 2 years old in that picture???

Neva, conditioning of mouth fluid towards food? I took that course too ;)

actonbell, so you are not gonna sign the petition? Can I offer you some chocolate, a beer perhaps, a hard-cover book?

J.D...thanks, now move it!

Doug, close but not quite, Winnie the Pooh neva made it to Amherst!

At 02:22, Blogger Minka said...

-short intermission-

I went downtown tonight to see a live broadcast of the American Idol final...after the 20th or so intermission I gave up and drove home, I didn´t see the winner announced...I suppose it to be Jordin...did she cry again? Were there tissues. These are questions I need answered, preferably by tomorrow morning. I am way to tired to even google it now. It is friggin´ 2 in the morning here!

At 03:59, Anonymous neva said...

girlfriend -- Jordin DID win and did cry, and it was most anticlimatic. and i say that as one who watched only bits and pieces of the show. oy. xox

Doug: mea culpa, amigo. i meant no offense. at least i don't think i did. i raised 2 sons rather badly, so what i know about Child Development wouldn't fill a drool cup. ; )

At 10:36, Blogger Minka said...

Neva, I hear it was a longish- help starving children in Africa- here have two mustangs-look at these weird people who auditioned-Simon-Ryan Seacrest battle- what famous singers can we possibly dig up kinda evening. I am glad Jordin did win over the beatbox dude. I am glad she sparkled and lived up to her name :)

At 15:10, Anonymous neva said...

yeah -- every time Blake sang i wondered why in the heck he was there. so it IS good Jordin won. not sure who cried more, tho', Jordin or Paula Abdul. yikes, that woman is a train wreck in a low-cut blouse and too much mascara. scary!

again, we only caught snippets of the show -- which was all we could take -- but, as you can see, it was enough. ; ) xox

At 16:33, Blogger goldennib said...

You both are so cute. I can see it.

At 17:38, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful pic and oh how I love the innocence and simplicity of that age! I am glad you get to see the nieces and nephews soon! Live it up!


At 18:16, Blogger J. D. said...

Guys, never watch Idol live. If you tape it, you can save yourself hours of time and anxiety over the one zillion commercials. I look at one or two performances and the end...when somebody gets the boot. Did anybody hear Bette Midler sing? Even if you did, you didn't. I wanted to hear what Simon would say about her. I was shocked...........Judy

At 19:02, Blogger G said...

Sorry I didn't drop in to see this little cutie yesterday! Oops, I mean both of you little cuties!!

She is MOST ADORABLE! Yeah, I think you two would make an interesting mother/child combo. Stranger things have happened in the genetic crapshoot. You're both adorable.

And Neva "as cute as buttons on a Hello Kitty sweater" was hysterical, but cute of course.

At 22:43, Blogger Doug said...

Cold and brazen like beer in a trophy,
A child can be lazy and loafy,
disdaining the lens.
Why even pretend-
That she'll smile while she's still getting no fee?

At 23:50, Blogger Minka said...

neva, and teh way she claps her hands toegther...not quite, and just the palms...does my hea din, I tell you!

goldennib, thank YOU...I see it too...uncanny beauty unites us. *big grin*

Miz B. I can´t wait...Those hugs are everything. Those chubby little arms wraped aorund your neck. The way they hide behind your legs when scared...I can´t wait!

JD, they dug up Bette Midler? Must be when I went for my second beer :) Thank God!

G, the party starts when you arrive. I actually put my brianteaser on hold, just so you´d get a chance to participate in complementing my genepool!

Doug,strong headed certainly is an understatement for you...I am working on it! Give me a few minutes, I just came home!


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