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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It´s Wednesday...

which means I am SNARKING on another page. This week, habitats in Iceland:

Icelanders are all hobbits? Who said that?

p.s...if my post is not up there yet...come back and answer me this: If due to some circumstances beyond your control, you´d make it to this island, what is the first thing you would want to see?

If this does not amuse you, I swear on my purple socks, that you´ll find something to stretch your lips on HUMORBLOGS.


Posted by Minka :: 2:02 am :: 27 Royal Subjects

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At 03:56, Anonymous quilly said...


At 03:57, Anonymous quilly said...

I was first and I had the right answer, so what did I win? (Beyond Doug's ire.)

At 04:04, Blogger G said...

I finally made it over for your art installation. Well I saw it from work but didn't get in to comment.

Quilly took my answer so...how about the naked showers :)

At 04:06, Anonymous neva said...

Doug scowling at Quilly looking at you laughing at G in the shower.

what do I win?? (aside from a scowl, thumbed nose and/or eye-full of G)

feel free to post that post whenever my friend! don't wait for me to get up to enjoy your well-deserved attention and/or adulation! (no worries if you do wait for me... i'll have it up and running by 7 AM, my time!) ; ) xox

At 05:36, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Quilly definitely had the right answer. :-)

At 09:22, Blogger Theresa said...

Quilly is absolutely right, what else could we possibly want to see but our Queen? Will I get promoted now, from Royal Advisor to Duchess of Höfuðborgarsvæð? (You can't tell I copied that from Wikipedia, right? I guess I'll need to learn how to pronounce it before I'm made Duchess)

At 10:30, Blogger actonbell said...

Hail Quilly! Party at Minka's?

Are there really hobbits in Iceland?

At 11:50, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, wonderful answer. Love it!

G, that is great and again the right answer. Thsi should have been a Thursday Brian Teaser and you all good have limericked nice things about me :)

neva, that was too complex to even follow. By the time you reach the second phrase in that sentence we are usually drunk over here. Youc an have a price for making my head spin this fine Wednesday morning. *hands her a BRUMMKREISEL* have fun googeling :)

Morgan, *blush*

Theresa *claps excitedly* that was a wonderful icelandic usuage, but we are not an arcaic language for nothing, since you basically use dteh Dative in that sentence your title would be HÖFUÐBORGARSVÆÐINU :) Enjoy!

Actonbell, small people with dirty and hairy feet? Sure!

At 12:58, Blogger Doug said...

Planes going the other direction?

At 13:03, Blogger Minka said...

Good luck in your next life as a dung beetle!

At 13:11, Blogger ariel said...

I know almost nothing of Iceland, so I'd just let you get me walk around all day. I can do that. :)it looks like a beautiful island.

as for the nights, I'd like to be introduced to those worldfamous Icelandic parties where people get drunk before Neva finishes her first sentence!

At 13:58, Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

Those are awesome houses, though! But I know you're not Hobbits - aren't you all 6'5" supermodels?

At 13:59, Blogger Doug said...

Ariel, we're all drunk before Neva finishes her first sentence.

Sorry, Minka, but sometimes the truth is both obvious and spoken for. That's when the halo can fall on a horse's @$$.

At 14:38, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, I proposed a date on the snark for the two of us. Let me know what you think! :)

snay, everything you´ve heard is true!

Doug, give me a second while I get a chorus to re-phrase that :)

At 15:05, Blogger Diesel said...

Ok, Quilly took the ass-kissing answer and Doug took my first choice, so I guess I'll just schlep over to the Snark.

At 15:41, Blogger Theresa said...

So, now how do you pronounce HÖFUÐBORGARSVÆÐINU? (Lucky thing I have the copy and paste function) We should all get a brummkreisel just for leaving a comment here, my cats would either love chasing it or be scared to death of it.

At 19:47, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

You, of course, then some good food and chocolate truffles.
I know this guy who has Hobbit feet. They are hideous.

At 20:42, Anonymous Joel said...

The Blue Lagoon and the Hard Rock Cafe?

At 21:05, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Beautiful photos on the other page! And if I came to Iceland I would have to find you to be our tour guide. :)

At 21:15, Anonymous neva said...

heck Doug, you were drunk before i started my first sentence.
: P

At 23:04, Blogger Minka said...

Diesel, schlep away, make sure you dontæ trip over all the others while hurrying there!

Theresa, a brummkreisel was one of teh few toys I had as a kid, I could sit and watch it spin for ages...never helped my with physicl concepts such as motion though :)

jamie, I did not know I was fishing for compliments when typing this post. I was seriously thinking about stuff people would want to see. I am getting visitors on Thursday and I thought you could help. Nevermind, I kinda like that you would wanna see me first, ´cause as we all know: I am quite a sight to behold :)

Joel, you made me smile from one ear to another. I miss you! You are a good listener and with all the stupid nonsense that come sout of me any given day, you deserve soem Mexican...feel free to charge it to your credit card any day :)

Tim, I´d be honoured to show you around, as long as I get copies of teh pictures you take:)

neva, I told him many a time that he should stop sniffing the black color he puts on his windows to keep the sunlight out. But does he listen?!

At 02:56, Blogger The Old Mule said...

I would ask to see the gardener, of course.

Might those be shorn? I am bad. Don't ask.

At 04:28, Blogger Doug said...

He was born in Oklahoma and his wife's name is Betty-Lou Thelma Liz.

At 12:01, Blogger Minka said...

Old Mule, the gardener is deaf and mumbles a lot, what ye gonna do?

Doug, Hell is filled with people like you! (oh, and I love that song ;)

At 13:39, Anonymous Joel said...

Whaddya waitin for? There's a quesadillo with your name on it!

At 13:40, Anonymous Joel said...

*quesadilla (previous spelling was how my grandfather would have pronounced)

At 14:12, Blogger Minka said...

Joel...July 16th? and don´t worry, usage has never worried me that much :)


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