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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Icelandic 5000 KR bank note:

You hardly see it anymore; except in the hands of tourists or some really purist Icelandic people. A nation fond of using those little plastic cards, even if our shopping bag only holds a cucumber and some dried fish, we get excited seeing one of these:

1) It is the highest banknote you can have in your wallet here in Iceland.
2) It can almost get you tipsy if you take it down town on a Saturday night!
3) It has a woman on it! Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir (1646-1715). She was a third wife to some bishop and did embroidary. And that´s about all we know about her really, and while her presence on the highest bank note might be puzzling, here is two thumbs up for her hat!

She also looks kinda blue! Which brings us to our next point:

What´s this to do with you? Go to The Snark! and check it out!

p.s In case you were wondering what decorates Icelandic coins...yes, you guessed it...various types of fish!

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Posted by Minka :: 5:32 pm :: 21 Royal Subjects

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At 13:36, Anonymous neva said...

WOOHOO! 1st...twice. that's gotta be a record (for me, at any rate!)

that's some seriously interesting money you guys have, Minka -- practical and cute (not unlike yourself, i hasten to add!)

lovelovelove this post -- and, of course, the one you did on teh Snark! xoxo

At 14:23, Blogger Doug said...

It really is cool looking money. Are all Icelandic women blue or just the ones without credit cards?

At 15:53, Anonymous Joel said...

Can we talk about the hat? It seems to be balanced on top of her head as opposed to fitting over the top of it. Is that how hats are worn in Iceland? It seems as though it would be quite tricky. Might you have a photo of you wearing a hat this way? Just asking.

At 16:23, Blogger ariel said...

very jovial looking lady, she seems to be asking, 'So what do you think is under my... hat?'

VERY pretty bank note!

At 16:48, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

maybe she's a bit blue because she has to wear that odd hat in public!

At 17:05, Blogger G said...

She's blue because she chewed one of those pieces of "dinner gum" that WillyWonka forbid them from partaking in - just like Veruka Salt! Was it Veruka or Violet Beuregard?

I was feeling pretty good about life until I read the Larryisms below. ;)

At 18:27, Blogger birdwoman said...

I like the dunce caps better than her hat, but what I've always loved about that period's fashion is the crazy collars they all sport. What if you had to shrug? or tilt your head? weird.


At 20:54, Blogger Diesel said...

"the highest banknote you can have in your wallet"

Does that mean they don't make any bigger ones, or that there's a law against carrying them in your wallet?

She is on the bill because she did embroidery?! Seems like a pretty low standard. I think Sacagawea at least knew how to knit.

At 21:28, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

She's blue because she's COLD!
ICEland does have ice in its name.

I want either her hat or one of those pointy hats that her lady friends are wearing.

At 23:27, Blogger Minka said...

neva, was the "teh" in your comment above purpose or is that a Minkaism?

Doug, we are more of the purple persuasion.

Joel, I´ll check my files and supply you with enough feedback. But a penguin can make anything look cool, if you think about it :)

ariel, I think it is a rabbit. You know the one from yesterday :)

kyahgirl, she is blue because she is the THIRD!!! wife of someone that has religion :)

G, what are you on about. Did you have a Willy Wonka chocolate???

birdwoman, I think we should try some of them on and figure it out. I nominate Diesel for fitting!

Diesel, the Indian girl we meet at "Night at the museum"...I think she had a lot more to boot ;)

Jamie, ok you and Diesel are gonna be our dress up dolls. Iceland is not icy...but it is a nice statement to keep people away! ;)

At 00:45, Blogger Doug said...

She played Nurse Ratchet in the film version of One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest

At 03:16, Blogger Doug said...

A nurse who spoke in Icelandic
Once taught an old dog a grand trick
If she kept him waiting
He'd start salivating
And bark pentameter iambic.

At 04:03, Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

How many dollars is that?

At 14:06, Blogger G said...

I do love that expression "what are you on about?".

I came for the Thursday quiz and now it's not here and I may forget to come back or get busy, oy vay!

I'll be back!

At 15:01, Blogger I Dive At Night said...

Hi Minka, I've got two of those 1000KR notes at home. You can't exchange Icelandic money into another currency anywhere except in Iceland. Oh well.

Neva, Minka is "practical and cute"? Aiming for an understatement award? :-P

At 16:49, Anonymous neva said...

Morgan: what's red, white, and black all over? Teh Penguin when she blushes. heh heh. (can't over do with the praise, bub, lest our shy Ice Queen's head gets too big for her tiara!)

that said, you're absolutely correct, my friend, Minka's not just cute, she's adorable! ; ) xox

At 17:24, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, one of these days we will have to have words! I thought you should know!

snay, ABOUT 70 BUCKS!

g, I can just come over to your blog and be obnoxious about my Thursday brain teaser! God knows it´s been done before...almost weekly in this here comment sections :)

Morgan, I couldn´t agree more! I am nothing short of fabulous! *polishes beak*

At 17:27, Blogger Minka said...

neva, I have always felt I am not bad too look at, nor too hideous to be noticed. I am glad we are discussing my features and characters online, doesn´t make me feel one biit awkward, nope...not one bit:)
*looks at invisible spot in the air and starts to whistle*

At 17:56, Blogger Theresa said...

That's nice looking money, much nicer than the Euro. I wouldn't mind having one of those 5000 KR notes. How much is that worth?

At 18:35, Blogger Minka said...

10,068.7 ESP

57.8262 EUR

78.4510 USD


318,511 Zambia Kwachas


At 16:57, Blogger I Dive At Night said...


FYI, in Holland purchases in Euros tend to be rounded to the nearest 5 cents (EUR 0.05) So all those extra decimal places (which you are technically owed) you won't actually receive.

Oh, now my pockets are full of Swedish Kronors. Great, more pretty money to give to cousins when I'm next in Canada.


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