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Monday, April 16, 2007

Coming soon to a country near you ...

Oh yes my friends, Europe is preparing for the greatest song contests of them all. Since last year Finland took the title home, this year´s excitement will be brought to you live from Helsinki. Penguin has been there, it´s a nice enough place!

Now, as wannabe composers write cliché songs not out of inspiration but dedication to a cause and a deadline, different variety of crap is created, voted on and celebrated as if it were the greatest thing since mullets came out of fashion.

Iceland takes it to a whole new level. It is sort of a national holiday here: streets are empty, fights are put on hold and food in restaurants never make it to the frying pan. Sleeping beauty re-incarnate.

This year I am not gonna be some chump at work; in true Icelandic fashion, I took the day off and will celebrate big style at a Eurovsion party with the theme of "PURPLE". Now purple is not a colour that complements me in any shape or form, but it is besides the point and I have been informed that there will be purple cake!

This is the song Iceland will be cheering to:

I know! Pretty landscape though!
Now, the thing about Eurovision is that it is gonna be a song like this:

that´ll probably win.

And you thought America is weird!


Posted by Minka :: 12:18 am :: 43 Royal Subjects

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At 01:22, Anonymous neva said...

i did think America was weird -- thank you for setting me straight! for the record -- i believe purple is but one of MANY colors that look fabulous on YOU, oh-dearest-ofdear Ice Queens!

okay -- i was so excited to be "first", i commented without actually watching the videos. guess i'd best get to watchin' -- knowing you, there's bound to be a quiz at some point, later on this week! xoxox

At 01:24, Anonymous neva said...

that was supposed to be: "dearest-of-dear Ice Queens" -- but you knew that, right?

okay -- 2, count 'em TWO comments, and i still haven't watched these videos! d'oh! xox

At 03:28, Anonymous neva-for-the-3rd-time said...

uh... er... is it possible you did this wonderful post and i'm the only one who showed up to comment? apparently it is. (no doubt, this will be a short-lived phenomenon)

okay -- so that second video is absolutely hilarious. and i loveloveloved it. does that make me weird? maybe so... don't care. kind of reminds me of Klaus Nomi, and you know how much i adore that guy!

thanks for sharing this, sweet Penguin -- can't wait to hear details about the party and/or that purple cake! (seriously, you DO look good in that color. you really do!) xox

At 05:00, Blogger Logophile said...

wow, Im the 4th comment and the 2nc commenter.
Interesting choices.
Good luck!

At 08:03, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

G'Morning Penguin,

I'll have to watch the videos when I'm at home, not work. That will be as close as I come to watching the Eurovision Contest. Sorry, I can't abide by such tacky things. Although I know all of Holland will be glued to the TV that day.

I'll root for Iceland, just to be different.


At 11:09, Blogger korovjov said...

I just hear "Eurovision" and want to run away but I totally admire Iceland's attitude to it. there is no bad reason to celebrate!


At 11:36, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, my. Oh. Oh, gosh.

At 13:34, Anonymous quilly said...


At 14:29, Anonymous Joel said...

Hmmmm. Not sure if I'm frightened or amused, but definitely entertained. The second song reminds me of something one would find in Moulan Rouge.

Why didn't Iceland draft Magni to do its song?

Nonetheless, thanks for sharing!

At 14:56, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

By the way, what day is the contest? I know my roommate will have it on the TV, so I have to make sure to spend that night in a sports bar. (And I don't even like football - aka soccer.)

At 15:05, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Doh! The date is part of the Eurotrash, erm, Eurovision banner.

May 12th.

Awesome, that's a Saturday night! Plenty of escape routes.

At 15:12, Blogger ariel said...

I came back to listen to the songs. boy, it's going to be quite Eurovision! :) here is a link to Hungary's addition to the fun:


At 15:36, Blogger Doug said...

Ariel, that one's actually very good.

Minka, I think the diversity of Europe really shines through the second video. The title seems to be Russian, the singing German and English and the band martian.

At 17:49, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Okay, I'v e seen t he vids n ow. Yo uTub e serv ed (severed?) them a t 90% re al- tim e.

I still stand by my earlier comments. I will NOT be watching Eurovision. I'll be hiding from it.

At 18:16, Blogger Minka said...

neva, how cool would it be if I had a quiz every Saturday about my weeks content. You know what, strike that...I usually put two posts up per week, I should give you guys some credit :) You loved the second video...we so would love you in Europe, that does not come as a surprise :)

Logo, and those are jsut a few of the 30 something countries competing. And Israel for some reason!

Morgan, you could also call in and vote for Iceland. Gosh knows, we need all the support we can get :)

Ariel, I think Iceland has teh rigth attitude, we know it is not about quality, we like to advertise our country and teh ide aof all of Europe competing in an almost peaceful manner is sorta nice :)

Doug, :) You ok?

Quilly, that good?

Joel, Magni doing a song might actully be sorta good and that is not what we are looking for in Eurovision. Serious musicians never participate ;)

Morgan, you´ll figure it out :)

ariel, yes I know. I have listened to all entries and I like the Hungarian submission quite a bit.

Doug, It´s teh European Sphinx concept, we are very confused :)

Morgan, enjoyment is a state of mind. It is funny and hilarious and very silly! One day a year? Absolutely!

At 18:39, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, maybe the European motto should be "What walks on four legs in the morning, sees through compound eyes in the afternoon and listens to house music in the evening?"

At 22:27, Blogger Sar said...

Purple? Did someone say Purple?!


I want purple cake.

At 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, what, the icelandic song is great! Don´t you guys know a good song when you hear it ??

At 23:18, Anonymous al said...

Another day off, Minka?

At 23:29, Anonymous Joel said...

So Minka, the object is to submit a bad song? I'm confused...I didn't think the Icelandic entry was THAT bad. Please enlighten and explain...inquiring minds want to know.

At 23:35, Blogger actonbell said...

The second video puts me in mind of Klezmer music, a little bit. Visually, it reminds me of a musical Boy George wrote called Taboo. It's actually pretty catchy. You could have a wild time to it, and it definitely inspires drinking.

Did this guy get his headgear in Las Vegas, or what??

At 23:49, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I owuld love to have the answer for that. And if I were you, I´d make it somehow flattering!

Sar, I will taste and we´ll see if I´ll live and then we get you some too :)

Mom, you are so very Icelandic and I am fiercely proud of you!

Al, what´s your point? *dares-him look!*

Joel, Eurovision is not known for serious or really good music. It is about songs that catch you within a second, every idiot can clap the beat too and it does make for a good laugh. It´s not good music, but it certainly is fun. You shoudl here my ringtone;)

actonbell, hit the nail on the head. It inspires drinking, there will be drinking...this is Iceland after all! And Boy George...I totally thought of him too, his head dress reminded me of the Telle Tubbies though :)

At 00:03, Anonymous Joel said...

Ah...I think I understand...kinda....sorta...almost...maybe. Perhaps on your next visit you could sing a few of the entries to give us a better perspective??

At 00:09, Anonymous Joel said...

...in costume if you please.

At 00:22, Blogger Doug said...

Einen Berliner?

At 00:28, Blogger Minka said...

Joel...I´ll bring the CD! Oh yes there is a CD each year... and present the dance routines to you in my purple dress. If you die out of stomach cramps, don´t come and haunt me!

Doug...you wanna sumit that for next years competition?

At 02:00, Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

I don't have to think America is weird ... I know it is.

At 03:20, Anonymous neva said...

tell me again why you made fun of "Tiny Bubbles"?

kidding. actually, Tiny Bubbles, sung in Icelandic (dressed in classic Hawai'ian garb, no less) would make a wonderful contender! (i'll shut up now, and go see if i can find anything else of Joel's to put on...)

silly folks/catchy music/funfunfun... this sounds like a perfect Television Event, to me -- and something we would SO watch and/or enjoy! of course, with YOU performing the songs on the CD, decked out in that purple dress (really?), methinks we'll have the next best thing. no... it'll be even better! xox

At 11:55, Blogger Minka said...

snay, it´s all relative though if compared to other oddities :)

neva, it will be the party fo the year. There could be an Statesvision contest for my birthday when I am over there...so many things to plan, so little time to do it in :)

At 15:33, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

I quite liked the first video, although it looks pretty cold there. Those guys were driving a gas guzzler but made up for it by carpooling :-) See the influence that California had on me?

The second video? hmmmmm. Someone has been doing a few too many drugs!

Good luck in Helsinki. I'll be pulling for you guys.

At 18:55, Blogger Minka said...

Laura, now that is mighty fine of you...I still have not forgotten your comment on WA though, you little minx!

At 19:43, Blogger Tim Rice said...

I liked the first song; the second not so well.

At 21:13, Blogger Diesel said...

The first one sounded like Meatloaf.

The second one sounded like my brain was on fire.

I think I need to write a fan letter to Kelly Clarkson now.

At 22:18, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, then you and Mom are on the same ship. Let´s hope it doesn´t sink!

Diesel, I am sorry but any writer that has songs that have lines..."the tears I cried" and "I am stronger now" and "the beat of my heart"...I am really sorry, but I´d listen rather to song number two on this site :)

At 23:26, Blogger The Old Mule said...

You guys can diss the song all the want, but I'm after that convertible.

At 00:38, Blogger alex said...

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At 00:43, Blogger Doug said...

Hey, Alex is here from your mom's!

So, Minka, you're dissing Kelly CLarkson's lyrics after sharing with us "Seven, seven, Ailulu, Seven, seven one-two!" And here I thought you didn't like math.

At 01:38, Blogger Minka said...

Old mule...It is a very nice ride is what I thought, too. They could have found soem prettier people in Iceland to drive it though :) At some party, I am gonna die for this remark:)

alex, what´s your point?

Doug, how often did you listen? The fact that you understand the lyrics is a bit frightening :)

At 01:56, Blogger G said...

Is this what is meant by "big in Europe"?

I am so laughing (at what Doug has quite astutely nailed) at the Martian Band. Priceless.

Now let me go check Ariela's link.

At 03:21, Blogger Doug said...

That's my point, penguin. If you sing a song in German and I can follow it, it had to have been written by teutonic chimps. I've had Nena's Neun-und-neunzig luftballons in my head almost as long as you've had a head and I still don't know what the hell it's about. I mean, besides a bunch of balloons.

At 11:50, Blogger The Old Mule said...

Martian Band! I love it.

I think I now know for certian that I would rather be big in Japan than Europe.

At 13:59, Blogger Mo'a said...

Go Iceland...perhaps this thime no one will have a temper tandrum and not want to rehearse.
Eg er ordin Amma...hann var faeddur April 16...fallegasta barn sem eg hef sed.

At 16:21, Blogger Minka said...

G, Doug and his ways :) Ariel´s link...do it! It is a good one.

Doug, I don´t know what 99 Luftballons is about, someone one´s told me it is about war. People say lots of things!

Old Mule, careful about the things you wish for...you´d have to wear purple lip stick for one!

Móa, til hamingju. Eg er svo anaegd fyrir thina hönd. Eg efast ekki um ad hann se fallegur, endar er thad nu i aettinni ;)


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