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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The World Championship is over...

in handball that is. Yes there is such a sport. Google, why don´t ye?!

And I am proud to announce that Germany is, as of today, the World Champion of 2007. We beat the Polish Team in a amazing final game, with superiority throughout.

Denmark came in third and Iceland...oh yes, you better believe we have a handball team...came in 8th place. Proud as hell, this little island of 300.000 can be and on top of that it is a player of the Icelandic national team that shot the most goals in this Championship:

Guðjón Valur!

It´s been an amazing two weeks filled with screaming at the telly, using bad vocabulary I hope nobody around me understood and simply crying. Tears of joy, anger and disbelief sure were flooding this household. I am not saying I was crying, there are more than one people living in this three-storey house. Just sayin´!

Congratulations to our guys (by which I mean the Icelandic team!) and congrats to Germany for a well deserved trophy!


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At 23:00, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Handball, first, cool. Congrats! :-)

I've seen what happens in Italy during the World Cup. Is it like that?

At 23:50, Anonymous Joel said...

What exactly is European handball? Here in the U.S. handball is played with a small rubber ball on a small court by two or four people...similar? Nonetheless, congrats to Germany and Iceland!

Have a great weekend Minka.

At 00:39, Anonymous quilldancer said...

I am happy that you are happy!

At 02:47, Anonymous the amoeba said...

So tell me - can you be penalized for foot ball? ;)

Hey, at least you don't have to put up with "Super Bowls".

At 06:30, Blogger Logophile said...

congratulations, athletes and sports fans.
Monika, most Americans can't figure out what you lot mean by football, why do you want to confuse us like this?
Are you trying to pay us back for parking on the driveway?

P.S. My children still have NOT forgiven you for Sylvia Night. I played it again a couple days ago tee hee hee

At 07:15, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, I think you are talking about soccer, but yeah, very similar. Handball is not on the same scale as soccer yet, but you should have seen Germany celebrating yesterday, or watch the emptiness of streets in Iceland whenever Iceland was playing a game. A whole nation glued to teh telly!

joel, handball is played with two teams of 7 at a time. The size of teh ball is similar to that of a soccer ball, just more rubbery. the time consits of two halves, each 30 minutes. Both teams try to score into teh opposite goal, which is protected by a goal keeper... there are a bunch of rules and teh game is very physical, active, involves a lot of running ....

Quilly, Thank you, I wnated to see teh Icelandic team in place 5...but there is always a next Chmapionship :)

Oc, in fact...yes. In handball, should the ball meet the foot of any player at any giver time (except teh goal keeper) the other team gets the ball!

Logo, maybe and hey, Silvia Night was ahead of her time. We didnæt get her either though. In a fe wyears people will look back and say she was brilliant.
The song was good though, and I am sticking with it. Just wait what we have in store for Europe this year;)

At 11:58, Blogger Doug said...

Congratulations to the Minka, Iceland and Germany! You manage dual loyalties well. That's not easy.

At 14:34, Blogger goldennib said...

Sounds like lots of fun and excitement for everyone.

At 00:08, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I could add a third any day :)

goldennib, it sure is. Sports is a universal adrenalin quick, regardless of the rules and where you hot teh ball with what :)

At 05:43, Blogger tsduff said...

Minka - I see that the temps in Iceland are far below the ones I'm complaining about here... LOL -4 degress farenheit is nothing to scoff at! You are one tough chick (penguin that is) :-D

At 07:16, Anonymous cindra said...

Yay! Wooooohooooo! If you are happy, I am happy. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house...I bet it was exciting, and interesting...and FUN!

At 14:00, Anonymous neva said...

considering how much fun it is to see how you react to Soccer, i'm almost afraid to think of what will happen should Handball ever reach such competitive heights! that said, i'm glad if YOU'RE glad, i know how you lovelovelove your sports *and* your teams, and not necessarily in that order! xox

At 22:27, Blogger Minka said...

terry, thank you. It has been a little frosty of late. worst, I tend to forget my winter jacket in my car, so every morning to the car is a brisk walk :) "What doesn´t kill ye..., ey?!

cindra, you would probably have needed an ear-exam after, but we did have chips and stuff :)

neva, yeah I am very loyal when it comes to my teams and I do tend to get very passionate about it. I think it was that dude Aristotle that mentiones cathartic cleansing when people go out and see a play. They go through necessary emotions the body needs to go through, but once they leave the stadium/theatre they are through with it and donæt need to aply it to the outside world anymore. Hence, a mre peaceful society, in theory.

After most games, I am totally exhausted and the last thing on my mind would be go out and about and hit whichever is closest :)

At 01:40, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

A world championship where they invite other nations? That would never catch on round here.

That's a pretty huge achievement for Iceland. Very cool.

At 01:22, Blogger Doug said...

She was hired as a guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition and then married Lewis, Clark or both.

At 02:12, Anonymous shayna said...

Wow... never knew this was a sport! :)

Hope you are doing well....

At 10:47, Blogger Minka said...

trundling grunt, it was indeed. After getting over our dissapointment of not winning it, Iceland realized we did outstandingly and now we celebrate and come up with many outside reasons why we didn´t make it further:)

Doug, is that your limerick for this week? It´s not that good :)

shayna, I am very good, thank you...I bet you are too ;)


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