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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The last couple of days....

Tuesday: Bursting Day

The idea is to eat salted meats, traditionally cooked in a bean stew with the turnip-like root vegetable
rófa. You eat as much as you can, because come Lent, meat is also off the menu. Being gluttonous is a duty that day, and if meat sweats can´t be noticed on your forehead, well you better have another helping! I usually am found hiding in one corner or other hiding from all the salt, eating the leftover Bollur from yesterday:)

Is kind of a trick-or-treating type day for kids, where they go to stores in costume and collect candy. But we just don´t go "Either you give us somethin' or we make you regret it" but rather we have to sing. I am proud to announce that I received a lollipop that day purely by chance. I went to a little local store, where I bought some milk, while waiting for my card to be retuned to me, I must have been humming, mumbling of some sort, ´cause the lady reached under the counter, smiled at me and handed me a lollipop. I took it! She probably thought I was shy!
We also go around town and try to clandestinely strap little pouches of ash to peoples' backs when they’re not looking. And then we snigger...you should try it some time;)

It is a lovely week for kids, and those of us who still can let go and run with a witch costume among youngsters :) I am tired now, I did a lot of running!

ups: Who could it be?

His father was a friend of George Washington and he survived the harsh winter at Valley Forge with the future first President. When Washington was elected, he was offered and turned down the position of attorney general. Later he did accept President John Adams’ offer to be chief justice of the Supreme Court. Under his guidance, the Court gained power and he ruled that the Court could overturn any law it found unconstitutional. He has been declared one of the most important jurists in United States history."

Go, give it a try and hint/limerick and/or excuse yourself in the comment section!


Posted by Minka :: 8:02 pm :: 30 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 21:23, Blogger Doug said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 22:00, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, did you color your hair or something?

At 22:14, Blogger Minka said...

No, I got a new wart...left cheek, close to the ear, why?

At 23:01, Blogger Doug said...

Something looked different is all. Maybe it's just me.

At 23:02, Blogger Doug said...

I know! You lost weight, right?

At 23:09, Blogger Minka said...

*gives him a look*

are you calling me prior-fat?
wafer-thin ice, my friend!

At 23:17, Blogger Doug said...


At 23:27, Anonymous neva said...

personally, i think that black gown is quite flattering -- and the hat adds the perfect finishing touch!

what a fun/interesting tradition, dear Penguin. "singin' for your sweets"? i love that! of course, since i sing around the house on a regular basis, i'm afraid i'd be fat as a Chinese New Year Pig in no time flat!

thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse at your Icelandic Holiday traditions. now i'll step aside so that Prince Charming/Frog in a Dawg suit can move back in and try to redeem himself, before it's too late (and all the "sweets" are gone) xox

At 02:46, Anonymous the amoeba said...

When I was in Germany years ago, I was somewhat surprised to discover that no one celebrated Hallowe'en.

I'm beginning to figure out where it went ... ;)

At 11:24, Blogger goldennib said...

The time before Lent is the Halloween for Austrians. People dress in all kinds of costumes too.

At 11:27, Blogger actonbell said...

This is really fascinating--and what fun!! I used to assume that all religious traditions were solemn. Silly me.
And you even passed for shy!
Great costume:) AND--TGIFF!!!!

At 11:28, Blogger actonbell said...

WHOA--I meant to put one "F" in TGIF. I swear I wasn't swearing. I'll assume that Friday is celebrated everywhere?

At 15:59, Blogger Logophile said...

Did you see that?
The refined Actonbell just cussed!
I love that!
Looks like a fun time of year in Iceland,
but honey,
I think we should discuss your hair conditioner, its doing nothing for you!

At 20:08, Anonymous Quilly said...

Minka -- the cold weather this winter has really trashed you hair and makeup. Come to Vegas for a visit. Bring Bollurdagur.

At 20:35, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you trying to articulate something?

Neva, I´´ll bring my wand and cover him in boils with teh next chance, it is ok!

Oc, Europe celebrates masking just as much as America does, only at a different time, for a different reason, with different threats :)

Goldennib, Germnay too and Swiss for that matter and as we now know...Iceland too :)

Actonbell, I´ll celebrate Friday if you tell me what TGIF means. My guess: Toby the Giraffe is Faulty. Am I close?

Logo, last time I fired up my gauldron to make shampoo and stuff, it was bloody freezing outside, I just couldnæt find the right type of frog legs, so I made do with curmudgeon ears...my hair´s been in a mess ever since!

Quilly, sure thing...do they have frog legs in big supply?

At 20:53, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Yes! Thank God It's FINALLY Friday!

Minka, is mystery judge still important if that whole "overturn unconstitutional laws" thing doesn't fly any more?


At 21:49, Anonymous the amoeba said...

The first Presidents thought it was quite fair,
For the laws that they signed just to stay there.
    But ol' John said "Not true
    "'Thought judicial review."
And so founded Constitutional Day Care.

At 22:38, Blogger Doug said...

Shoot, OC, I was going to do a federal supremacy Marbury v. Madison limerick, too, but yours is better.

So, I'll go with:

Abolishing slavery may
Require a few tries, some did say
He worked through the night
To make the wrong right
And excluded catholics all day.

At 23:11, Anonymous the amoeba said...

Thanks, Dawg. Don't look under the robe, eh?

'Course, if I could only spell 'thout ("without"), as in without the superfluous "g"s and "h"s ...

At 06:17, Blogger Diesel said...

I thought I knew it, but Doug and Amoeba are making me doubt myself. Oh well.

At 06:46, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, Happy Friday to you too :)

Oc and Doug...I think you are barking up the wrong tree! WE are not looking for John Jay ;)

Diesel, and who made them kings of trivia?! ;) Go with your instincts!

At 10:46, Anonymous the amoeba said...

Minka! You think the Dawg and I would (ahem) general our forces to go bird-watching? You should know that the Jay-bird in question turned down the post that Your Subject accepted, and if he had accepted would never have accepted the notion that the US Supreme Court could strike down laws. A cause that our John, and Your Subject, captained.

At 11:37, Blogger Doug said...

Amoeba, I thought it was John Jay. I also thought John Jay wrote Marbury. I, uh,, captained my forces up the wrong hill.

At 15:54, Blogger Minka said...

So the nature nerd was right :)
The Dawg wrong, and that rarely happens and Penguins, well what do we know?!

At 19:04, Anonymous neva said...

numeroligists would have a field day with this guy and the number FOUR.

1. he was the 4th US Chief Justice
2. he took his post on the 4th of Feb. (1801)
3. he became a member of the House of Representatives on the 4th of March (1799)
4. despite his postion as Chief Justice, he didn't end his tenure as Sec'y of State until the 4th of March (1801)

interesting Brain Teaser -- and well done, Miss Penguin! (you know you've done "good" when you manage to stump the so-called "experts"!!) xox

At 20:50, Anonymous snavy said...

You give up meat for ALL of Lent or just Ash Wednesday and Fridays?

At 22:52, Anonymous cindra said...

Wow-looks like fun although the salty meat would be a bit much...I'm not even going to try to do the trivia since i'm so late...sorry I haven't been visiting much...I've missed your posts! Life has been so busy. xo

At 00:11, Blogger Minka said...

Neva, 4 indeed is a well used number :)

snavy, I ain´t giving up anything:) I am not into doing the fasting thing much, but I am a strong believer in the three days before Lent :)

Cindra, Life indeed gets busy...I, myself, have not had time to visit much and I don´t have children or a family to take care off, just this here Penguin is enough for me :) Very happy to see you though ;)

At 13:39, Blogger Doug said...

Neva, it seems to me if we can find one more number 4 we can break the curse.

At 19:23, Blogger Diesel said...

Crap, you mean it WAS John Jay? That'll learn me. I even had a clever comment all ready. Crap.

Oh well. Have a Happy Inappropriate Card Day!


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