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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Trivia

"Starting as a carpenter and a cabinetmaker, he joined the Mormon Church in 1832. In 1844, he became the church’s leader when founder Joseph Smith was killed by a mob. He led the Mormons from Illinois to the Great Salt Lake earning the name “Moses of the Mormons.” In addition to his religious duties, he had the time to meet and marry 27 wives."

So off you go hinting at this guys name. He sure had his priorities sorted, that dude :) Drop a hint, limerick and/or general wonderment into the comment section and let´s all learn something today!

it´s ok to laugh with due respect of course!:

A anxious soon to be Mormon father spoke frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"

"Is this her first child?" the doctor asked.

"No, you idiot!" the man shouted. "This is her husband!"

A Mormon Bishop got on an elevator on the 10th floor, (he was heading to the lobby) on the 8th floor a beautiful woman walked in. (they were alone) On the way to the lobby the gorgeous woman hit the stop button. She turned to the Bishop and said:

"Can you make me feel like a true woman?"

The Bishop said: "I sure can" and excitedly took off all his clothes, he then threw them in the corner of the elevator. He turned to the woman pointed to the clothes and said:

"Now fold them!".

It's Show and Tell day in school, and each kid has to bring something that represents their faith.

Little Mary walks to the front and says in a very soft voice, "My name is Mary. I'm Catholic, and this is a rosary."

Little Isaac walks to the front and says, "My name is Isaac. I'm Jewish and this is a dreidel."

Little Nephi walks up and says, "My name is Nephi. I'm LDS and this is a casserole."


Posted by Minka :: 1:10 pm :: 20 Royal Subjects

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At 13:24, Blogger Doug said...

When latter day saints' songs are sung,
In English or the old native tongue
They praise heaven's grace
That this is the place
Umpteen bonnets on the same door are hung.

At 13:34, Blogger Doug said...

"meet and marry" is a great phrase. What do you suppose the courtship was like? "Wait. There's still one empty bale!"

At 13:45, Blogger Minka said...

Douglas, that was cute and in case others seem to wonder how exactly you are hinting...sung, tongue and hung rhyme with today´s secret man´s last name :)
And yes...probably more along the lines of ..."oh, I still have a few minutes of freetime between "early dinner mass" and "just before dinner mass", what can I do, what can I do?"

At 18:54, Anonymous the amoeba said...

27? Only 27?!? I thought it was more like 55! But hey, the Bible says "be fruitful and multiply". How many wives did David have? And he led his people into the wilderness ... just like Our Hero.

There's a university in Utah named after today's subject. They graduate quarterbacks - at least, I think they graduate them. The university persists in picturing its namesake as old. A neighbor of mine recently received a copy of said picture, in return for a small donation ($1 million). I kept lurking around, hoping to detect a leak in the boon bucket. No such luck.

At 20:34, Blogger G said...

His name, said quickly, might be confused for his request for more wives.

At 20:40, Blogger ~Mo'a~ said...

*laughing* that is so funny G :)

At 21:52, Blogger Doug said...

G, I'm with Mo'a. That's hysterical.

At 23:57, Blogger Minka said...

Oc, correct and 27...in teh grand sceme of things...and considering the female population all over this planet: it is really not that much.

G, LOL and thanks that made me laugh out loud!

Móa, isn´t laughter just the sweetest thing:)

Doug, does that mean your are smiling? How does that feel :)

At 00:11, Blogger Doug said...

My lips feel funny and the breeze makes my teeth cold.

At 01:26, Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

The Young man whose history we trace,
Led a church of latter day saints.
He had 27 wives
With passionate sex lives
And died with a smile on his face.

Is that ok?

At 01:32, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, it is oddly unsettling, isn´t it? Stop smiling, you are freaking me out!

trundling grunt, that is more than ok...limericking is catching on :)

At 06:31, Anonymous neva said...

i'm sure i had something to add to this clever and informative mix, but after reading G's hilarious comment, whatever thought i had just flew out of my head like a group of Latter Day Saints making that trek from Illinois through Nebraska on their way in to Utah, back in 1847.

i think he had over 50 wives, and some of 'em were, no doubt, young -- tho' apparently not all that fertile, since between 'em all they only had 57 children. (perhaps his Morman "swimmers" were impaired?)

relevant to nothing, he was also a Freemason, tho' not very well-liked (perhaps if he had brought more quesadillas and fewer cassaroles to those potluck dinners, things would have turned out differently?)

interesting brain teaser, Miss Penguin! and, i have to say, i lovelovelove the comic anecdotes, too! (yes, i *am* laughing, but at your request, i do so with utmost respect.) xox

At 11:53, Blogger Minka said...

neva, I had a feeling that the dude had more than 27 wives, but I think he only managed to marry those 27. He didn´t seem to have been particularly chosey, have you seen some pictures of them? And laughter is good, pointing even, if it is done with all due respect :)

At 12:15, Blogger goldennib said...

Unlike the once great Henny,
Who did not have wanted any,
He said, “Bring them here;
They bring me great cheer.
I will take one, all and many.”

At 13:37, Blogger Mo'a said...

*still laughing* Goldennib....you and G crack me up.
Minka your brain teasers are great. For one so young, you sure know how to bring them every week for us to scratch our head about.

At 13:40, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Has it been solved yet? Mark Twain has a nice account of a dinner at the man's house, in the book "Roughin' It" - at least I think that's who it is.

At 14:02, Anonymous Quilly said...

If I have a vote, G should get the prize for the best answer.

In that Universiy OC menioned, the women are actually educated to be wives and mother's first. The purpose of their education is to enable them to understand the pressures of the world so they can better communicate with their husbands, understand and meet their needs.

At 14:15, Blogger Minka said...

goldennib, that could have been his actual words :)

Móa, and I sure hope I will get even better with age:) Like a good wine :)

Indy, welcome back! And you are right. Roughin´it does pass by Salt Lake City and a young Mark Twain visits our Mormon leader. Very well done!

Quilly, wow...that university is still standing? Iceland´s feminists are going beserk now because we have a famous porn crew coming to Iceland today filming "stuff" at spectacular sights for four days...
people might die!

At 00:28, Blogger tsduff said...

ewwww, with all those wives that guy ought to be in the Brig, although he wasn't a youth.

G rules with the humor - wellsaid indeed :-)

At 10:00, Blogger Minka said...

Terry, yes the brig, ey?!

The answer of course is:


G, you take the crown on this one!


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