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Monday, February 26, 2007


I sorta stood still for a sec and let Logo catch up with me, now I am it. I needed something short and easy for Monday and thought a little tag somewhere would fit the bill...until I started. Fortunately she gave me the letter "M" this time. Last time she threw "Q" right into my face! (check May 17th 2006 in my archives!)

Power through, Penguin ... power through!

10 likes and dislikes a la Minka:

1) Marshmallows, preferably chocolate covered :)

2)"March of the Penguins" duh!

3) medium, no not the glass-ball peeking sort, just the balanced middle sorta

4) mollusk, as in "the world is your mollusk!"

5) metre; as opposed to inches and feet, the whole metric system is symbolic
enough as it is, without confusing me further. Change it!

6) masculine, yummy!

7) markets, nothing like walking through one on a Saturday morning when the air
is filled with spices, sounds and colours.

8) Mary Poppins, I mean supercallifragilisticexpialidocious? Brilliant!

9) music, eclectically so. Except opera. Freaks me out. Somebody might burst!

10) Mahogany, my eyes and preferred wooden surface.

1) mint, apart from peppermint tea ... mint makes my taste buds cringe. No After-eight for me,
thank you!

2) mamba, or any type of snake for that matter. But the black mamba sure scares the living
daylights outa me!

3) mink, as in fur coats

4) milk, especially when it´s hot and has formed some sorta skin on top. *shivers*

5) math, I let it be until 4th grade or so, after that it is just a modern device for torture.

6)migrenes, I never have had any, but I hear they are pretty bad and they make my friend grumpy!

7)mistakes, people tend to remind you of them at the most in-opportune moments

8)marathon, why?

9)matches, I like the smell when you blow them out, but it is so easy to burn your fingers on
them. Can I have a wand and some magic, please?!

1o)milisohicaryptogolgy, ok...I made that up, but it could happen and it wouldn´t be pretty!

now here is where you come in. Thought you´d have a day off, right?! Think again...even Mondays need attention! Think of a word starting with "M" that YOU think describes me. If you say something really mean, consider yourself tagged! ;)


Posted by Minka :: 3:26 pm :: 14 Royal Subjects

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At 20:08, Blogger Doug said...

You mean besides Monika and Minka?

How about "multi-attentive?"

By the way, I have staff in my office and "milisohicaryptogolgy, ok...I made that up, but it could happen and it wouldn´t be pretty!" made me burst. I'll be writing m-words for a living if I'm not more careful when I read your posts.

At 21:04, Blogger goldennib said...

Marvelous mademoiselle. Do you get many snakes in Iceland?

At 21:55, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, sorry about that. At least they know now that you still have a sense of humour. Maybe thet´ll group you as human in the next meeting :)

Goldennib, not that many and the ones that are here, were smuggled into the country and are kept as pets. If ever I see one, it will be deported.

At 22:35, Anonymous cindra said...

Magnificent! That's you.

At 23:08, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Minka, that list was supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! I hate opera too. Love classical music, but hate opera.

Milisohicaryptogolgically Yours,

At 00:49, Anonymous Quilly said...

Majestic Minka makes magic memes.

At 00:50, Blogger Logophile said...

Minka, you are mostly magnificent, marvelously merry and magnetic, mesmerizing, multi-faceted, and I'm MAD about you!
Good job!

*snicker snicker*
LOVE that and I too hate being reminded of my mistakes. We won't get into their number and frequency, thank you very much.

At 00:58, Blogger Minka said...

cindra, I like that word very much. Thank you!

Morgan, Classical music is just aquired taste, much like drinking wine...once you got it down...you are in for heaven on earth!

Quilly, that´s like four words with M. Well done!

Logo, I had fun with it and I hope I make you proud. I handle the letters you give to me with the greatest respect! Even Q!:)

At 03:49, Anonymous neva said...

Mmmmmmmmmarvelous, Ms. Minka. Most Muse-worthy, and, um... Mega-fun/cool/entertaining. the More Miscellaneous Material about you we have to Mull over, the More reasons we have to be Mad about you, i always say (or Mean to say, at any rate). ah, the Miracle that is Monica -- 'tis Most Magnificent! xox

At 10:59, Blogger Minka said...

neva, so I take it you really don´t wanna do this quiz :) So much lovely M vocabulary can make a girl's feet lift of the ground :)*puts on some extra brick to keep closer to earth´s surface*

At 19:44, Blogger birdwoman said...

melifluous? magnetic?


mademoiselle is the only one I'm pretty positive fits...


At 22:15, Blogger actonbell said...

Dial "M" for Monika!

Great meme! And that's a brilliant new word.

At 23:31, Blogger Minka said...

birdwoman, a bit of French never hurt anybody :)

actonbell, I know...I should make a new dictionary...more prescriptive, rather than descriptive grammar. The Words of Minka...maybe I get a prize...possibilities everywhere.

At 00:07, Blogger Doug said...

*clears throat*


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