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Saturday, February 03, 2007

some funnies for the weekend...


Evolution in Africa
Nothing like a warm welcome!

Talking about defecating....

remember: nothing is cooler than a surfing Penguin;)

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Posted by Minka :: 10:21 am :: 12 Royal Subjects

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At 14:01, Blogger Doug said...

The surfing penguin is about as cool as can be. Have a great weekend.

At 14:07, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Happy surfing... erm, weekened, penguin!

FYI, I switched to the new blogger a long time ago.

At 15:36, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

have a great weekend monika. :-)

At 17:02, Blogger tsduff said...

LOVE your pictures!! Funny post today - the penguin is so cool he doesn't even need a surfboard! Now that is slick.

At 23:57, Blogger Fred said...

I need to get the "not you again" sign for one of my neighbors. He's here every day telling us about all the things we could care less about.

Have a great weekend.

At 04:58, Anonymous cindra said...

The penguin is funny...I really would like one of those welcome signs on that door though. Happy Week-End to you, dear!

At 15:12, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Great! Double post for a double fun weekend? Thanks, Minka -- you, too! Oh, and btw, that's a very fancy Kentucky bathroom - -it actually has toilet paper instead of corn cobs and/or the J.C. Penney's Catalog!

I figured, if you're going to run the post twice, I am going to run muy comment twice.

At 18:53, Anonymous the amoeba said...

We need to have a talk about natural selection. Also double posting. I insist on single commenting. ;)

A colleague of mine sent me a cartoon from the New Yorker. A penguin (I presume male) is sitting on a sofa, holding, er, hands with a pretty girl (human) in the living room of a posh New York apartment or house. They are speaking with an older couple (the girl's parents?), who are seated on the opposing (sic) sofa and giving Our Fowl a hard stare. The bird is answering what must have been an aggressive question.

"I prefer to be called Arctic-American."

The pedants among us would complain "that should be 'Antarctic-American'"! But I don't know any pedants around here. Do you?


At 19:20, Blogger actonbell said...

That "welcome" sign had me laughing--thanks:)
I hope you had a great weekend, too.

At 14:36, Blogger goldennib said...

Someone sent me an email with penguins that I have kept in my inbox for 2 years now. I have to see if I can send it to you. It makes me laugh every morning at work.

At 21:29, Anonymous neva said...

well, i'm a crummy friend, if ever there was one. so sorry i missed this happy little post -- especially since it features such delightful and/or amusing pictures!

the weekend is over -- sigh -- here's hoping yours was as beautiful and wonderful as you are, my friend! xox

At 10:49, Blogger Minka said...

I swear to God I had a comment up and runnign somewhere on this post...
*looks puzzled*


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