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Friday, January 12, 2007

What in the name of Thor?

She did it, she really did it. AGAIN!

Being a Queen, however, I have to be gracious about this sorta stuff and deliver so my royal subjects will be pleased. *waves hand slightly*

so here goes this royal decree:

FOUR jobs I have had

1) East Germany, age 7-9

get to Mrs.Mueller´s house after school. Bring coals from the basement upsatirs and help her fire up the oven. Go to the grocery store and get three bottles of milk for her...it was a long list to my childish eyes! I wasn´t payed either and she always wanted to hug and kiss me and we all know how embarassing that is to a 7 year old! ´Nuff said!

2) Home, from age 10:

Clean your own room, fold your laundry and throw dirty clothes infront of the washing machine. Need I even say it? No money forthcoming for this one either!

3) school paper editor, age 16:

tough job and yes: NO CASH!

4) student, age 20:

pay a lot of cash, that you haven´t earned :)

C´est la vie!

FOUR movies I could watch over and over

1) BBC edition of Pride and Prejudice. 6 hours of Colin Firth? he takes a dip in a pond somewhere and his white shirt get all wet! Need I say more?

2) Shrek (the first one...all about the layers of onions! And how cute is the gingerbread man?!)

3) Pulp Fiction - oh yeah, baby!

4) The original trilogy of Star Wars...(it´s obviously about weird, green creatures with me ;)

FOUR places I have lived apart from where I live now

1. my mother´s womb. She didn´t smoke at the time, nor did she drink. Hence the wonder that is me :)

2. an orphanage close to a sea for about two years. Plau am See for those of you with the need of detail.

3. little village I like to call Little-see-me-not, that had 23 inhabitants and 8 houses.

4. Magdeburg, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany! Attended a really good school there for 5 years!

FOUR TV shows that I love

ok, I don´t own a TV, hence these are all a bit oldish:

1) FRIENDS - yeah, buuuuuuhhhhhh all you want...you just don´t get it!

2) "Whose line is it anyway?" Brilliant!

3) Mila- a japanese cartoon-like installment of a girl who is really good at Volleyball. I used to compete in that sport and so I might have felt slightly partial :)

4) Amazing Race... what can I say? a) they made it to Iceland and b) I love to travel and see new places, but (see above!) with little money...sometimes you have to see it through a squared box in Mom and Dad´s living room (see also above!)

FOUR places I have been on holiday

Prague, Czech Republic

New York, USA

Lyon, France

Jyvaskylaa, Finland

FOUR websites I visit daily

nah...I am not falling for this one. Showing preferences publically is a definite reputation killer for a good blogger girl :)

but I do read the Icelandic newspaper online, check BBC news and read some blogs almost every day!

FOUR favorite foods

1) Spaghetti a la Steffi, my most beloved sister who cooks anything I want whenever I get to Germany. The depth of my love is directly related to the food provided by potential object of my affection. I gained 2 kilos while in Germany last summer, she did real good. She also doesn´t read a word of English, that´s why I get away with this crap ;)

2) Strawberries. I can´t explain the way my taste buds react whenever I bite into those scrumptulicious drops of heaven.

3) Mom´s fish soup. Now I am not a soup kinda girl, I need potatoes and meat to call something a dinner, but boy...that is delicious. Until now, she has not shared the recipee! In 10 years I had it 4 times...Mom, I lovelovelovelove you!

4)American Style dinner nr.4, 1.690 Kr...pepper steak! It has gravy and lots of it!

FOUR places I would rather be right now

1) Somewhere sunny and just a tad warmer, yet not a beach. I need mountains.

2) Prague, I´d go there anytime.

3) on horseback

4) in my sister´s kitchen

FOUR books I enjoy reading over and over again

1) The Secret Garden

2) The Phantom Tollbooth

3) Reaper Man

4) My comment section

FOUR CDs that never leave my regular rotation

1) The best of Johnny Cash - whenever I drive into the countryside

2) Smetana "The Moldau"- gorgeous!

3) Sigurros- just to calm down

4) Disney soundtracks...you know, for the kids ;)

Now that was long and intense, I feel we really opened Minka up and put her out on the open road.
"Man, am I screwed up...let the healing begin!" -Good Will Hunting"-

Posted by Minka :: 8:28 pm :: 34 Royal Subjects

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At 23:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm first this time. And for a change I wanted to be fourth.

At 23:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That's quite a list of lists! Couldn't help notice the lack of paying jobs. How can you afford Disney soundtracks on that salary???

At 23:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love hitting Minka's blog *as* she's posting! Pictures appear between my comments. Very cool.

At 23:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fourth! (Okay, I'm done for now.)

At 00:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lovely meme! Your pictures make it so fun to meander down the list - and a wonderful list it is indeed. I like fish soup too. I imagine your Mom makes the best in the world. My own list was outdated (by a year, ha ha) Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink it because a few items were not included in my old one. Thanks for all the new trivia about my favorite Icelandic girl. :-)

At 00:31, Anonymous neva said...

wow... great meme, dear Minka! and fun -- just like teh sweet Penguin who wrote 'em! (some of this stuff i already knew about you, but *some* of it, i did not...)

so... if i read this right, your idea of a perfect day would be listening to Johnny Cash in the mountains, perhaps while on horseback, as you suck down a plate of spaghetti while peeking at your video iPod from time to time at an old episode of Friends -- right? hmmmmm.... wonder where one would go for all of that? Prague? maybe. then again....?

i'm always happy to learn new things about you, my friend, for surely, to know you is to love you, and i do! xox

At 01:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reaper Man - dynamite book. I like all the Death books and it's a shame there hasn't been one recently.

At 02:28, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Minka -- pleased to know so much about you -- Shrek -- Yes!

At 02:34, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Oh, btw, spaghetti is on ....

At 02:49, Blogger Doug said...

A Phantom Tollbooth fan! I knew there was something good about you if we just got to know you, which is always fun to do.

At 04:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when did Hugh Grant suddenly appear in Pride and Prejudice? (LOL)

At 04:39, Anonymous neva said...

by the way, that version of P & P with Colin Firth-but-not-Hugh-Grant-tho'-he-was-in-the-Bridget-Jones-version-which-was-almost-as-good-as-the-Jane-Austin-tale-it-was-based-on is one of MY favorites, too! xox

At 17:31, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, obsessive compulsive disorder? If so, join the club!

terry, i saw yours and than heard Kyah tagged you, in turn and witha slight suspicion I went over there only to realize she did tag me too. Hence I saw your list as well :)

neva, I know you do and teh feeling is more than mutual. I luv ye te pieces :)

trundling grunt: High Five! Put it right there mate. I couldntæ agree more. Nothign like death´s dry attitude to things and his desire to understand human emotions. Another Pratchett fan in my midst???

quilly, It is impossible not to love him :)

Doug, well I am still looking in regards to soemthing good about you. It sure is a quest though.

neva, ups my bad. But Imagine how brilliant it owuld be if my fanatsy were true:)
I remember Hugh Grant in a BBC adaptation of Jane Austen though, and for teh life of me, I canæt figure out where.

At 19:34, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Did you say Johnny Cash? You have a bit of mule in you too, I see. I can't get enough of that intro to the Folsom Prison thing... "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash". That defines cool. And I do agree...good stuff for a country drive.

At 20:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post, Minka, and La Moldau? No way! Brava, Minka!

I saw/heard it performed outdoors at Liberty State Park during the Summer of 2000. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra played it beautifully. As their music swelled, the sun set across the Hudson on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, clearly visible in the background, framed by the stage.

I enjoyed that concert, and would have appreciated it much more were I aware that this particular experience could never again be repeated.

At 21:06, Blogger Minka said...

old mule: that is a good one. Folsom prison and I am proud to announce I liked Johnny Cash way before teh hype of Wak the Line!

Al, I can just picture it and hear it I can definately...I wish I could have witnessed that, your description brings me a lot closer though ;)

At 03:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were one hard working kid! Loved the meme, can I just borrow yours for mine as I was tagged for the same one? It seems like a lot of work. But I enjoyed yours so maybe just maybe...Great photo accompaniment by the way.

At 08:34, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Colin Firth, drool.

Phantom Tollbooth, excellent!

Amazing Race, a HUGE fan. I'm still convinced I'm gonna go on it one day...wanna be my partner?

Johnny Cash, excellent taste my friend!

And Good Will Hunting, yes do let the healing begin. An excellent line from an even more excellent movie!

At 16:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it when we get to know more about you :)
You have lived a very interesting life.....ever thought of writing a book?
The Morgunbladid must be very old I could not read the date.
Bless a medan......komdu ad sja mig.....eg sakna thin.

At 16:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Minka. thanks for playing with me :-)

we definitely have more in common...Shrek and spaghetti!!

At 21:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting answers! Of course, you've had an interesting life.

I love you movie selections, btw. I'm reading an older Pratchett book right now, and will keep The Reaper Man in mind!
Happy Monday!

At 23:01, Blogger birdwoman said...

No wonder I always come back here. Your taste is impeccable. BBC P&P and Pulp Fiction would be in no one else's top four...

and your wide ranging taste shows in every category. Cool!!


At 23:08, Anonymous neva said...

sweet Penguin -- i believe your faux pas was *minor* at best! seriously, the movie "Bridget Jones" was based on "Pride & Prejudice", and Hugh Grant was terrific as the dashing/devilish Daniel Cleaver (a modernized version of George Wickham) -- so really, you weren't wrong. just a little "off" (but aren't we all?) xoxox

At 00:38, Blogger Minka said...

G, well...hmmm...I guess if you liek spaghetti you can have it all :) Whod ared to tag you?

square, the day we´ll meet we will have fun, ´cause finding soemthign in common will take us a split second :)

Moa, I will and I am gla dyou still like hearing more. You guys are real tough taking it all in :9

kyahgirl...of course we have. We both a filled to the brim with taste and appreciation :)

actonbell, you know you donæt get away with that one! which one are you reading???

birdwoman, well hello and welcome back and thank you for your compliment. My likes of variety however comes with edges too...I take a long time making decisions for one :)

neva, I know...but I´ll be damned if I donæt find the adaptation I am having in my mind...it bigs me :)

At 04:30, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Oh, have you done sushi? When you make it to my neck of the woods, I can't wait to introduce you to sushi!

At 12:15, Blogger Doug said...

You know, my mother smoked and drank when I lived in her womb, hence the wonder that is me.

There's enough to admire in this list for many trips back. The various Johnny Cash earworms I keep getting please the heck out of me but probably depressed the people in line at the grocery store I treated to "Long Black Veil" and "Dark as a Dungeon."

At 13:34, Blogger Minka said...

Square, I can't say I have treid it much, just a little...but from what I tasted, I liked it very much!

Doug, I bet that would be quite a sight to behold. If people would have any sense of humour they´d just tap teh beat along. I mean what else is there to do in a grocery line?

At 05:21, Anonymous cindra said...

Hey, that was a ton of fun! You are witty and it's always awesome to learn more about you.

At 14:56, Blogger Minka said...

cindra, why thank you! and a ton of fun is the precice amount I was aiming for :)

At 21:29, Anonymous Heike said...

Hi! What's going on in Iceland? I read that the last days there has been so much snow in Reykjavik that it probably breaks a 13-year-old record. Even in North Iceland there is less snow than in Reykjavik.
And we had 15 degrees and strom last week in Germany!! Crazy german winter …, I mean there is no winter. Haven't seen any snow yet :-( I know Minka, I should come to Iceland ... :-)
Take care!

At 00:47, Blogger Doug said...

A freed slave herself, she helped many others escape slave states to the northern U.S. and then Canada.

At 00:47, Blogger Doug said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 00:52, Blogger Minka said...

Heike, I read similar rumours. Imagine every morning getting out of your house, into teh freezing cold, trying to scrape teh ice and snow of your car...I do love this country, but one of these days, I am just not goign to get up.
I wore leg warmers today...thsi is how fa rit has come!

Doug, gflafuaoiug!!!!

At 01:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it is so cold. I have my Icelandic woolen hat on today. Scraping ice isn't my idea of fun in the morning. Hope the cold snap breaks soon, and the snow and ice vanishes with the growing sunlight. :-D PS - Sushi can be an addiction problem. I know this from my own experience.


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