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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Brain Teaser and Exploring

We found a cave last weekend. Granted it needs a bit of re-modeling to suffice our needs. But so far we put a piece of wood where the door will come and made a window. Now we need a really long cable to plug the Playstation in and maybe a microwave and we should be good to survive. I sent the three little ones scouting on top of our cave in case enimies were in the vicinity. During the time of play I did not relaize how tall the rock we live under was...sometimes I wonder why their parents allow them to play with me.


"She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, under the name Marguerite Johnson and is widely known for her poetry and novels. Her most well known novel is titled I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In the 1950s, she was a Harlem nightclub singer and actress, who was active in the civil rights movement. When she read one of her poems at President Clinton’s 1993 inauguration her fame grew."

Any idea, feelings or is it at the tip of your tongue? Venture to the comment section and leave a HINT!!! about the person in question. Go on, you know you want to!

and just to make sure....it is NOT Monica Lewinski. You can´t imagine how many a teasers I had to take, because of my name. So, please...just don´t go there!


Posted by Minka :: 11:50 am :: 18 Royal Subjects

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At 12:42, Blogger Doug said...

A cruel and uncaring world lurks
Between lines in her poetic works.
Injustice may try ya,
And iniquity buy ya,
But celebrity does have its perks.

At 12:55, Anonymous quilldancer said...

She is one Phenomenal Woman, and one of my favorite authors! Great choice, Minka!

At 12:57, Blogger Doug said...

I didn't mean to leave out the little pioneers. That's a great photo. I think they're evolving backwards, though.

At 13:27, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, now it´s Thursday. Limerick and all. I feel nothing can go wrong!

Quilly, until this morning I knew very little of her. Saw her name in teh papers last night and decided to browse and then let people hint for her :)
And I agree! But this wasn´t proper hinting though, do it again! :)

Doug, I already mentioned I am a bad influence. All is lost really. Arenæt tehy cute though??? :)

At 13:53, Anonymous quilldancer said...

It WAS proper hinting. The name of one of her poems is hidden [in plain sight] in my sentence. Pft. F- for Minka today. [goes away pouting]

At 13:54, Anonymous neva said...

she is so wise had she lived in ancient times, she might have been Mayan. or not. one of my FAVORITE quotes of her's is:

"Life loves the liver of it."

she has a beautiful writer's voice, which absolutely speaks to my soul. fine choice for this frigid Thursday, dear Penguin (lovelovelove the picture up at the top of this post, too!)

At 13:57, Anonymous the amoeba said...

Her adopted name sounds like "personal heavenly messenger", but it isn't. You're ghana haveta dig deeper than that.

One thing I reckon about teaching kids to be troglodytes in Iceland, dear Minka. It's one of the few places on Earth where the cave is likely to be warmer than topside. Gotta lava it.


At 16:42, Blogger Logophile said...

I want to play with you, and you are allowed to take the Things out cave climbing any ole time. You should see the stuff I do with them!
I am having a hard time coming up with a good HINT, boo hoo lou.

At 00:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is an Oprah favorite.

I want to plat, too. I love caves.

At 01:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

almost an angel from Mesoamerica?

At 03:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd let my kids play with you any day!

If you don't know what to do
Get out a book by...her.

At 19:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather play in the cave!

I have, alas, never read her. Why? Cuz I boycott whatever Oprah tells us to read for the simple fact that everything she's recommended depresses me. Give me a nice sexy romance any day. That said I did contemplate reading her (not Oprah's...yeesh keep up) cookbook but I figured the symbolism would be over my head anyway.

So...can I play in the cave now?

At 22:17, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Jenna -- this is one lady I think you would very much appreciate. Google Phenomenal Woman and check it out.

Still not speaking to Minka -- improper hint, indeed!

At 00:06, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, come back here right this instance. Pouting doesn´t become you and my bad! I didn´t see the poem within the lines, I usually try to read between them though :)

neva, so I am told. The people that actually have had teh honour of listening to her seem to be very impressed :)

OC, her adopted name sure sounds like that :) Troglodytes...is that from Star Wars????

Logo, it is always in teh last words isn´t it? And thanks, I bet I could show those Things a good time :)

goldennib, always welcome...just close your eyes and you´ll be right here in the middle of all those frosty and freezing landscape. Sure you don´t want to have a second thought about your wish?!

trundling grunt, almost!

G, :) Indeedy!

Jenna, ok, come in. We have a secret password though! WE really do! *whispers in her ear*. I used to like Oprah actually, about 10 years back...now she is just infatuated with her Hollywood elite...

Quilly, pretty please??? I made you hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick!

At 00:50, Anonymous quilldancer said...

Replace the cinnamon stick with a peppermint stick and I'll think about it.

At 01:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures just ROCK.
I'm not good at aliases, but that book's one of the classics I've never read. Me bad.

Have a great weekend!

At 11:28, Anonymous omar9 said...

hææ monika

At 16:24, Blogger Minka said...

quilly, peppermint in your chocolate. You sure are weird, but for you...right away :)

actonbell, love your new avatar:) And the same goes for you. I have to amdit to my ignorance about her writing as well, but it is never to late to dive right in!

omar, hæhæ. Hvernig list ther a myndina?


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