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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everybody!

Yeah, yeah...I know I am late. I checked my resolution and hey, what do you know...there is nothing about being on time in it anywhere. Saved by the bell, ey?! But still, I feel odd writing a new post and not wishing everybody welcome into the year of 2007 when we all know perfectly well that it is my duty to do so and the year hasn´t really started without my mentioning it.

I have big plans for 2007, it will be my year...my Icelandic horoscope says so! It also says that I should look for men born in the sign of the Fish. Been there, done that! Twice. I think not!

Mostly, I would like to thank my loyal readers for returning to this rather lacking blog of late. Life just keeps getting in the way of regular sceduled posts. You guys are such a big part of my life, oddly as it sounds. I talk about you with people I actually get to see face to face and for 2007, my wish is that I actually get to see some of you.

Ok, no point in dragging this any longer than it needs to be...Welcome to the year 2007 *rings bells*. Make the best of it!

best wishes, Monika

p.s I am not sure if this might be a little earlish, but my birthday is July 17th, just wanted to give you a head start! ;)

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At 23:18, Anonymous neva said...

first? me? WOOHOO! (lovelovelove the pictures!)

and Happy Happy Joy Joy to you, beautiful Monika... i hope 2007 is filled with Health, Wonder, Joy, and, above all else, Love. xox

At 23:26, Blogger Doug said...

At last I can change my calendar. Happy New Year, Penguin, and I've started gathering wood for your birthday.

Nice picture with the two sparklers and the magic wands.

At 04:02, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Monika, Happy 2007 -- I hope this truly is a year of blessings treaured. Make joyful memories!

At 04:41, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Oh, Happy New Year Monika!!! I fell that 2007 has now officially begun. Sign of the fish?? I think that's not for any of my fellow Cancers...find yourself a nice grounded earth sign, like a Tauras, a nice balance for us water signs. But I do agree that 2007 is going to be your year!

At 05:53, Anonymous cindra said...

Happy New Year, beautiful one! Hope the new year brings you much joy and you know you didn't even have to remind me about your birthday because I've been shopping since November...

At 07:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessed new year to you Monika! I wish you more joys, more fun and more smiles. And happy birthday too!


At 11:25, Blogger Minka said...

neva, yes you are first and how wonderful is that! Those are some lovely wishes, I was also thinking of having a half birthday. Do you think that is too much to ask on top of the rest?

Doug, you are gonna burn something on my birthday aren't you?

Quilly, I am intending to be fully appreciative of any blessings coming my way.

Square, yeah earth sign sounds good. You know what freaked me out? When I learned that in teh Chinese horoscope I am a snake! A snake! 1977 wa steh year of teh snake. Boy am I glad I am not Chinese, so I don´t really have to listen to that! Incidentially what Chinese year is it now? Rat?

Cindra, I knew I oculd count on you focusing on the important things in life :) *claps* Happy New Year you sweet thing!

anonymous, ??? I have no idea who you are but the same goes for you I am sure! Happy 2007!

At 12:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Monika!

1977 was a good year. But half-birthdays are cheating. Totally not allowed. The good news is you can stay 29 forever. I'm a "level 6" 29-year old.

As for horoscopes et al, just judge potential guys as individuals and not their birthday. Otherwise you're leaving out a bunch of Geminis and others. :-P

At 12:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. You rang the bell. Does that mean you're buying the next round of drinks?

At 16:06, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

You can try to stay 29 forever. But when the kids go to college, people start asking nasty questions. :P

what Chinese year is it now?

Dog. Starting sometime the end of this month/beginning of next (damned lunar calendars), Boar. Y'wanna tell me what's wrong with being a snake? I don't see you being stingy with money. Not if you keep horses.

You going to introduce us to your sparkling compadre?

At 19:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, friend, ...errr, Your Highness! I shall start work on your birthday card pronto! Many blessings! D :)

At 19:40, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, I seriously hope you didn´t take my horoscope bull seriously! People hardly get more down to earth than I am :) And it depends which country I am buying the drinks in...Germany is Ok, Iceland? forget it!

Oc, my sparkling compadre, you talking about my horse or whom? And thanks for the trivia about the Chinese lunar positionings :) Knew I could count on you!

Feline frisky, the same right back at you, except of course, the birthday card :) Many blessings to you and yours!

At 22:01, Anonymous Joel said...

Mostly, I would like to thank my loyal readers for returning to this rather lacking blog of late.

I've been meaning to speak to you about this ;-)

Happiest of New Year's Monika!

At 23:05, Blogger Minka said...

Thanks Joel, your frankness is always well appreciated...now let´s talk about your blog, while we are at it :)

At 00:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 2007, Monika! That's a lovely picture, and you certainly look like someone with big plans.

oh, and happy unbirthday to you, and many more, until we say happy birthday:)

At 00:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Monika! (Am I repeating myself here?)

At 03:34, Anonymous shayna said...

Happy New Year to you and Happy EARLY Birthday... LOL! :) I have to get to writing that perfect B-day song... :)

At 03:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) New year :)

At 03:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, as a newcomer to this corner of Iceland - happy new year to you too. Sounds like we have to start saving for the birthday??

Odd question - which sparkler are you?

At 06:09, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Well, like you, I have experienced snake-phobia, but once I learned that the Snake represents life (from Joseph Campbell), I vowed to get over that and bought a rubber snake to place next to my bedside. It actually worked. I am far less fearful of snakes than I used to be and it is no longer a recuring nightmare.

And I am the year of the Ox. Boring, yet far less scary than a snake.

At 06:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome fireworks! Happy New Year Minka. Doug, what is the wood for? She needs candles.

At 13:41, Blogger Doug said...

Terry, I have no idea, actually. I figured with 6 1/2 months notice I should make something from scratch and wood seemed like a good start.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go domesticate bees.

At 16:27, Blogger Minka said...

actonbell, Happy 2007 to you too :) I can pull of anything :) Happy unbirthday to me too!

Al, I am not sure, but it canæt be said often enough. Well it can, but we are not quite there yet!

Shayna, that would be highly appreciated...hope you are feeling well and ar enot experiencing too much discomfort :)

aisha, it is still the new year..you are not late! Just sorat late :)

trundling grunt, I am the sparkling gem on the right (the darker variety of a German :)

Square, mom bought a wooden snake, which I always hide soemwhere in teh house...´cause I can´t bear to look at it!

terry, I have wondered about the wood myself. Maybe he´ll build a boat and then it will be Doug´s ark and he´ll ship all sorts of animals over here, oh and soem trees too ...please?

Doug, LOL! It might be a good idea though, what with your bitterness, teh production of honey should balance the world :)

At 21:51, Blogger snavy said...

Happy belated everything!!

My b-day is Jan. 17th so only limited shopping days left.

At 23:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Your Highness. Now the fun can begin.

At 00:15, Blogger Doug said...


At 05:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need one of those magic wands! You are too adorable. Happy New Year (I hope I've wished you that somewhere already) and best to you in realizing your hopes for 2007. Ooh I especially like your face to face wish! May it come true.

At 05:54, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Happy 2007! This will be a festive and adventurous year, I can just feel it. What year wouldn't start great with sparklers that big! I sure am glad I stumbled upon Doug and his extended family. Very nice to have met you.

At 10:33, Blogger Minka said...

Snav, absolutely. happy belated everything hits the nails on the head! It des include red-sock wednesday, right?!

Goldennib, indeed it can. I am ready and I have teh weekend off, now how about that. Fun, get thee here!

Doug, awww :)

G, I bet you have somewhere aroudn here or somewhere else, we are on more than this blog together:) I didn´t get the face/face wish recommodation, but it is early...I´ll try later again :)

Old mule, the pleasure is all mine, rest assured, Doug introduced most of us to each other...my greta blogging days started when I stumbled on his blog:) Happy 2007!

At 10:38, Anonymous Heike said...

Happy happy new year, Monika!!! May your dreams come true. Dicke Umarmung!

At 15:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and Gledileg Jol....it is still Christmas until tomorrow :)
What a beautiful photo and you hold the stjornuljos just like a Queen....no wonder, you are The Queen Penguin after all :)
How does the middle of May sound, for a face to face?

At 20:00, Blogger Minka said...

Heike, *snuggles right in there*
The same ot you, you sweetest of things. At some point this year I hope you and I will be somewhere painting fences :)

Móa, That si right. Tomorrow I am going to tak emy Christmas tree down, all the little angels all ove rteh place and teh rest of the decorations, I might let a few lights up, ´cause it is really dark here! Mai sounds fabulous. I am probably going in April to Portugal, so Mai is fully unsceduled yet :)

At 03:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

big hugs Minka...Happy new year!!

At 08:23, Blogger Logophile said...

Happy New Year Minka, making the best as you say, carry on.

At 12:45, Blogger Minka said...

Kyah, big hugs right back at you! Welcome to the year 2007, it is gonna be a blast!

logo, absolutely. The only thing we actually can do :) Make the best of it!

At 17:14, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Happy New Year to YOU too!!
The fireworks looks great, and you and your friend look like you had fun ringing in 2007.
Health, Happiness, & More Blogging to you in this year!

At 01:53, Blogger Tim Rice said...

May you have a marvelous New Year in 2007!

At 05:49, Anonymous neva said...

Happy Happy Happy New Year (again) most beautiful of Penguins!!

and nice work as the FIRST "voice" featured on WA's Diogene's extravaganza (that *is* you reading the story this week, right????) beautiful job -- no wait, make that... BRAVO! *claps* xoxoxo

At 07:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a second! What is wrong with the Fish people I ask?

Just ask Loverboy and he will tell you, I answer!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... talking to yourself ain't that good a sign, I know, I know but hey, I am a fish after all! Ha, ha, haaaa!

And fingers crossed that I make it home SOON so I can be on that "must visit" list!

And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your beautiful Christmas card (which got here some days ago only, believe it or not and I say believe it because it is España we speak of after all!)! It was such a delightful surprise and treat loved by all in the family so muchas gracias Sweet Minka!


Happy New Year! May this be a fabulous year for you my dearest friend and may simply amazing things be in store for you!


At 13:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful job over at Doug's! You had me totally fooled, and off-track. I'm so gullible;)
I agree with Quilly, too--the voice is as pretty as the picture. That's really not fair, you know.

At 13:43, Blogger Doug said...

I agree with Actonbell, except for the part about having me fooled and, maybe, her being gullible. Having set the bar that high, everyone that follows will be doing their best. Thanks, Minka!

At 17:03, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie, Right back at ye! I had teh best start to 2007 ever this year...that is why I feel so strongly that it´ll bring great things :) I hope it will be grand for all of us!

Tim, why thank you and may yours be blissful, peaceful and devoted :9

neva, ye sit is me and thank you. *bows* i am here all week!

Miz B. I am glad you liked it although it stuns me for arriving so late. I mean Americans recieved theirs way before you did, and that´s a whole different continent. Come here, I wanna tell you something...get closer...I think you should leave Spain, no good can come off it! ;)

Actonbell, I have a limp though, huge things growing on my backside and horns coming out of my ears :) There is balanc ein teh world...somewhere :)
And thank you!

Doug, it wa smy pleasure and sure a hell of a ride. Your story is wonderful and I canæt wait fro next Saturday to guess who is reading and in what trouble Diogenes is getting himself into...Bring it on!


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