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Sunday, January 07, 2007


I am more than honoured to be this weekend´s guest reader over at Waking Ambrose. So, if you want to hear my voice, that is where you would go and look for it. Infact, I enjoyed the recording so much, that something Icelandic might hit you sooner or later aorund these shores. Or German for that matter...so many possibilities.

Doug, thank you for letting me part of this wonderful continuing story and even more so, for allowing me to be first!
I don´t know why, but it is important to some people!
You writing was good, too...

Penguin out!

p.s The last day of Christmas was yesterday in Iceland. I un-decorated my tree, was invited to a delicious evening meal and anti-socially played Playstation games the entire evening, while at the party. What? I didn´t have my laptop with me and I needed to press some buttons. I made it to World 12 in Crash Bandicoot! *fiercely proud*

Posted by Minka :: 1:25 pm :: 32 Royal Subjects

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At 13:54, Blogger Doug said...

I'm sure the pleasure was all of ours and thank you for starting the continuing story beautifully.

You were anti-social? *fiercely proud*

At 14:26, Anonymous neva said...

well done you clever Penguin, you! (and way to "cover" up the fact that i've already congratulated you for a job well done -- and by that i mean a FABULOUS job BEAUTIFULLY DONE -- on the post below this one!)

that said, it was a thrill and a joy to hear your voice, especially because it allowed one and all to put together a *complete* picture of the lovelylovelylovely person you truly are. xox

At 14:37, Anonymous al said...

Nice work, Minky! You could do voice-unders for animated feature films. "The Adventure of Crash Bandicoot!" Need an agent?

At 14:48, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Minka -- in the world of "firsts" your Diogenes will be a hard act to follow. You are the Queen!

At 14:59, Anonymous Joel said...

I was so sure it was Al! Nicely done Penguin, nicely done. I must admit the accent threw me off just a bit.

At 16:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful tale made even more enchanting by your reading of it. You know you've ruined it for the rest of us now don't you? But really it was a perfect kickoff to the new format. And congratulations on that as well because really it was a stroke of genius to give Doug this new direction and to have people guessing. A lot of fun.

PS: My face to face comment in post below meant here's hoping you get to meet some of us face to face this year :) We can dream ay?

At 16:58, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I had a blast and I enjoyed reading our loud what you wrote. I´d do it again anytime. Just let me know!

neva, thank you so much. I just had such a good time and I donæt mind being teh center of attention for a day. And on top of that over at Waking Ambrose, i sure am a lucky girl!

Al, we´ll set it up when i see you next :)

Quilly, I am pretty sure that every single one of us has a special voice, a sertain intonation and a bit of character to make each installment special. That being said, I am so happy people liked what I did with it!

Joel, what accent did you expect me to have. And please...don´t say Arnold´s variety :)

G, I told ye...2007 is gonna be teh year of great things. Face to face encounters implied;) Thank you for your so many a wonderful comment over here and at WA, I am touched by your words.

At 18:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm stunned! I foolishly said aloud I *didn't* think that was your voice. The accent was just too good! *BOW*

Is that your normal english accent?

Your Majesty, I'm shocked and stunned and impressed and congratulate you on a lovely reading. (Good writing too Doug!)

At 18:41, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, that is actually how I speak. I studied English at university. Literature and stuff like that. My favourite three teachers were British, hence I learned their accent. I also have a dear friend who is British, I think she is partly to blame as well :)
Thank you for teh compliment :)

At 18:53, Anonymous cindra said...

I don't understand a thing you said about the video game, but I think I'd be in there doing that with you and learning it! My son just got a new 360 and is insane about it.

I'm heading over right now to hear your voice!

*pats on the back*


At 19:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful lovely Minka...wow you have a lot of names, Minka, Penguin....I put a photo of a penguin up for you on one of my blogs....can't remember which one...Monika, Ice Queen and your lovely voice and great reading should garner you another....like, the Silky Voiced Reader.

At 20:31, Blogger Doug said...

I'll ask again, Minka. You were a big hit and not for nothing.

At 21:24, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

See? I thought it was misdirection. Maybe sometime I'll actually get to hear this marvelous voice - even though I spent all that time in your garden, my ears didn't work so well. Being terra cotta and all. But the sound file just won't load. Grr.

At 21:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful voice and your reading was very dramatic.

At 22:08, Anonymous Joel said...

I guess I expected a German accent?

At 22:11, Anonymous cindra said...

Holy crap! What a beautiful voice! Good grief. Are you for real? Beautiful, funny, smart, and eloquent...what's up here? And this will embarrass you...so you are humble too. Jeez.

At 23:22, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

"Dude! Wow! World 12!! I gotta meet this chick! Whaddaya say, eh dude? Dude? Dude?!? Snap out of it, dude!!" [slap, slap]

"Whattheheywhatthe ... will you cut that out??"

"Don't tempt me, dude. Pay you back for cutting out on me. What level of la-la land were you on?"

"Didn't you hear this gal's voice?"

"Voice? What voice?"

"The one you might have heard if you hadn't been crashing virtual marsupials."

"Maybe she'll use it to teach me how to reach World 12."

"She might at that. Could be a match, even. Though you might have to wait in line. I'll introduce you. But bring sauce for your spaghetti hair."


At 00:42, Blogger Minka said...

Cindra, go on hop ove rthere and have fun. It is worth the trip. A good beginning to a wonderful, kinda longish tale. So better not miss teh beginning :)

Móa, thank you...but if I have to remember another nick/password/verifier/ code...I´ll shut my computer down :)

Doug, I am glad it all worked out well. It is just that your audience is equisite and one wouldnæt wanna make a fool out of oneself over there!

Oc, i am so sorry to hear that...and I am not technologically advanced enough to even help!

goldennib, ok...dramatic. We professionals *pats herself on teh back*

Joel, sorry mate...but i sure can fake one if you like :)

cindra, well after today...my humbleness might have taken a slight fall. i feel reallt special after all those wonderful comments over here and over there.

Oc, yeah.......I got a dude interlude in my comment section. I love those two. So i take it you finally got to listen to the recording?

At 01:21, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, I make a fool of myself there every day. Good job missing the landmines.

At 03:19, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Brilliant Minka! The reading AND making it to World 12 (even though I addmit, I have NO idea what that means..still, I'm impressed!)

And I think if you weren't first, I'd have to boycott Saturdays at Waking Ambrose, for destoying justice in the world.

At 16:13, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

You did a wonderful job on Doug's blog. Just super! We enjoyed your reading. Such amazing talent.
And, by the way, that pic you have there looks like me (Icy) and Master Tom.
Hail to the Ice Queen!

At 21:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh super fantabulous reading! I had to come here and say it because, well, it just needed to be said twice!

At 23:56, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, yeah I sidestepped those for the
time being :)

Square, I totally understand where you are coming from. Even Doug knew better :)

Tom and Icy, woof and yes...now that you mention I see similarities. Woof!

Jenna, feel free to come back and tell me again ;)

At 01:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh super fantabulous reading oh lady of the lovely accent!!

(thrice I have said so!!)

At 04:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have the most interesting voice Minka! I enjoyed listening to it.

My son has one of those Crash Bandicoot games....now I may have to go try it to see if I can beat you...virtually :-)

At 11:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your superb job over at Doug's, and your victory while pushing those buttons!

At 14:59, Anonymous swampwitch said...

OK, I'm headed over there to hear you. Happy New Year !

At 21:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn, Blogger outages are usually a sign of Minka posting, but not today. ;-(

At 21:59, Blogger Minka said...

Jenna, all good things come in threes. Hi lovely!

Kyahgirl, if you do...make sure you really have some time on your hand...it grabs you! And, thank you!

actonbell, I have accomplished much this last week, donæt you think?

swampy, I hope you like and how lovely it is to see you!

Morgan, well i really shoudl be osting, but blogger is nasty about uploading a picture I need to be in teh post...so it is either my way or teh highway. hence no post yet. Blogger is stubborn. I think it wants me to switch to beta-blogger, but i am not gonna ;)

At 08:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah ha! So you were trying to post when, again, Blogger crashed. The theory still stands! :-)

At 13:25, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, I am responsible for many a delightful accident in teh world, but blogger being a bitch is not one of them :)

At 01:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll have to listen to that, but I did post a little about Diogenes in the early days of Secrets and Lies.


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