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Friday, December 15, 2006

Well, well ...well

and she´s back. And only because this time nature inhibited her from any activeness and she has to sit at home, almost tied to a chair. And with Christmas just around the corner. I so easily could be stressed right now...
Oh and just in case you were wondering, I am having the allergic reaction from hell. Mom and Dad picked me up from work and drove me to a doctor who decided that 11 allergy pills, some cream and good humour should carry me through this night. The inflammation has now stretched to very private areas and I am not happy. I want some icecream and I want it now!

but alas...it gives me time to sit down-sorta- and browse the net. You see I always had a thing for photography and who better to check out than images made by Reuters. They have now a site up with about 200 or so images of this year and some of them are so amazing. Check it out.
here are two that have been taken within the last 24 hours:

Now about today´s brain teaser...-did I mention that my body is itching all over and I had to take as many pills as I usually do in a year in one minute?- I am a bit lazy and dopey, so I thought I´d bombard you with riddles and you can pick one and tell me in the comment section. How about them apples?

What city has no people?

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

What month has 28 days?

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a wolf?

What flowers do you always wear?

and most importantly:

Why is six afraid of seven?

Now that made me laugh!

Posted by Minka :: 12:48 am :: 45 Royal Subjects

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At 02:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well look at me - first!

I'll take the last one, because seven eight nine! Hahahahaha.

At 02:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well look at me - first!

I'll take the last one, because seven eight nine! Hahahahaha.

At 02:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well look at me - first!

I'll take the last one, because seven eight nine! Hahahahaha.

At 02:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well look at me - first!

I'll take the last one, because seven eight nine! Hahahahaha.

At 02:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me first?

Because seven eight nine!!! Hahahaha!

At 04:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a crazy phenomenon with my multiple postings! I really am not thaaat eager to see what I have to say. Sorry, but I swear it's something to do with my new Blogger Beta Status and leave it at that.

At 04:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's official, I've gone mad.

At 04:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's official, I've gone mad.

At 04:46, Anonymous neva said...

1. uh, tenacity? [see also: "g's gone mad"]

2. because his wife died?? hahahaha! oh, oops... wrong joke. um... because he was so "appealing"?

3. February. 28 nights, too.

4. someone who's hot 'n cold at the same time? (wolf, as in, "chases women")

5. iris? (which is my favorite flower, but that's beside the point)

6. because seven ate nine and ten! (i know g got that right, but she's mad, so i'm not sure her answer counts!)

i know you're itchin' to get back to normal, lovely Monika, and i hopehopehope you're better LONG before Christmas arrives. (in other words, *soon*!) xoxo

At 05:02, Anonymous neva said...

by the way, those are amazing images... thanks for sharing! xox

At 07:20, Anonymous cindra said...

Oh, i can't think that hard...but I do hope you are feeling better soon...poor itchy one...

At 07:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your blog buddies clearly lost it in your absence. (Is anyone surprised?) I hope the itching stops soon so you can feel well soon!

Why are we all up so early this morning? I never get up much before 10am, because I heard "seven eight nine". But it's 8:30am and I don't like it.

At 11:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I've had my coffee now. I'd like to add the following:

3) Every month has 28 days. Most have more.

At 11:45, Blogger Minka said...

G...you answered teh last oe 5 times correctly. Well done. It wa smy favourite one :) I wa sthinking about switching to a new account, all over my blogger page it is advertised, but I don´t dare.

Neva, Hi sweetie. I am feeling much better this morning, it was more frightening than anything else, and since it didnæt reach my lungs I shoudl be up and runnign in like say 4 hours :)

1: maybe , but it is not what we are looking for!

2: you ar eon the right track!

3: February definately has 28 days...but he is not alone!

4: that was actually a good answer, although not teh one we are looking for

5: I´ll take this answer as correct, although I wa slookign for something else. irises is correct...but we are also runnign around with two other flowers ;)

6: yes, correct!

Cindra, don´t worry. It is better to be over the hill than under it, and I am certainly climbing :)

Morgan, you tackled three correctly! Well done and welcome on your feet at this ungodly hour!

At 11:52, Blogger Doug said...

Tulips, Neva. Two lips. It just seems like more, sometimes.

Hope you're feeling better, Minka. My advice is don't scratch and, for now, stay away from guided imagery.

At 11:55, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, we cross-posted. That´s kinda nice! Two lips are correct! Guided imagery?

At 12:51, Blogger Doug said...

I know we're only supposed to do one but since I'm sure this is not the right answer, Frosty the Pedophile

At 13:03, Blogger QuillDancer said...

1. eletriCITY?

At 13:23, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, wash your mouth with soap!

Quilly, well done *claps*.

By now we know the answer to one, three, five and six.
Anyone up for a healthy shot at number two and four?
You can do it!

At 14:42, Anonymous al said...

All twelve months have 28 days, of course. Just like G registered 28 comments on your post.

Hope you feel better soon, Minky.

At 14:50, Blogger Minka said...

al...dontæ run off. wiat a second! You switched to Beta blogger and now I cnaæt comment, regardless of how often I try...that goes for you too G! I wnat you to switch back right NOW!

just kiddin´! I´ll figure it out!

At 15:03, Blogger Doug said...

What city has no nightlife? I mean other than Santa Clarita.

At 15:41, Anonymous neva said...

according to most bill collectors, no month has MORE than 28 days (at least that's how if feels when i get those stupid "late" notices...)

and i KNEW "tulips" was right... i was going for different and/or clever and/or funny. same for tenaCITY. ah well, one out of three ain't bad. (serves me right for trying to think outside the riddle box.)

sorry about the banana/doctor joke, it reminded me of one about Dr. Pepper, and well... tackiness ensued.

fun game, Penguin! made my head hurt, but in a *good* way. (oh wait, maybe i just need more coffee...) xox

At 16:04, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Whoville has no people because only Who's live in Whoville?

Okay, I know that wasn't the answer, but the ones I knew were taken, and some of them like seven or eight times! G has been making me literally laugh out loud though, so thanks G!

I really hope you feel better soon! That does not sound fun at all!

At 16:05, Blogger Mo'a said...

I agree with Neva on all ansvers....so much to do so little time so I like to delegate or ride on coat tails :)

Hvad er med thetad ofnaemi?....ekki klora.....eg vona ad thu verdir god fljot aftur....auntie Mo'a

Beta blogger needs some work....I have a new blog in beta To Live A Creative Life just what I needed to further complicate my life....another blog and in beta no less.

At 16:53, Blogger Minka said...

Doug...are you hosting teh show now? (which also mean: I have no idea :)

neva, I think you did very well and i always love how eager you are. I´d be proud to have you as one of my student sin my class :)

Square, I think it is a good answer, I´ll just ride coat tail with you! I feel better already and I have gotten ice cream, soecial attention and a day off work out of teh deal. I am also quite bored now :)

Móa...oh not another one...what is with people and constant change??? No just kidding...things will be figured out by this here Penguin, it is not like I have anythign else to do today...if only sitting on my bum wouldnæt be that itchy :)

At 17:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What flavour Pup-sicle do you get from a snowman and wolf?

Sorry, Blogger Beta is testing me. Backwards really.

Pup-sicle is such a terrible answer I hope it's not right!

At 17:18, Anonymous Brian said...

Afternoon Minka. So sorry you are not feeling well. At least this gives you more time to blog and not be able to leave comments. :)

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it's skin kept peeling.

Have a great weekend.

At 17:44, Anonymous al said...

When it comes to commenting, Beta Blogger is a real pain in the butt. There are several "known issues" listed on their web site, so I guess they're working on them.

Meanwhile, create a google e-mail account for yourself and log in using that.

Or, just avoid the whole headache and do what I do most of the time: click "Other" under "Choose an identity."

And, many thanks for trying. You're a good friend, M.

At 17:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

4. Yellow snow

At 17:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops - that was me, Terry.

At 17:59, Blogger tsduff said...

Time for a buttermilk bath - helps the itchies :-)

At 18:17, Blogger Logophile said...

Glad you are doing well, and wow, did that make for some funny comments.
I enjoyed your post but this comment box had me laughing out loud.
DOUG!! Frosty the pedophile??
snicker snicker, you are soooo evil.

At 20:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Minka, I followed your link from another blog.

I'm terrible about riddles but I did know the answer to the one about the 28 days. :)

Sorry about your itchiness. I can relate.

I am shamelessly seeking a log into my blog from Iceland. My 7 year old grandson and I are working on a project. We look up information on each country from people who log on to my blog and he is making a notebook of the information. We're almost caught up on the countries so I'm looking for new ones.

Thanks if you can help me out :)

At 20:39, Blogger Mo'a said...

No, no my itchy Penguin not moving adding....the Jolasveinar are on Leikur og List....had some other things to say, sooooo, because I have nothing better to do I added another blog to my list :)

Komdu og sjadu litlu kallana. Are they on milk cartons this year?

At 01:49, Blogger tsduff said...

Also, I LOVE the goosie picture :-)

At 18:21, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

I hope you're peeling better soon, Minka. Allergies have no appeal, do they? Especially when you'd like to peel the skin off, but can't.

And be sure to dress warmly when you do go out, Minka. Wouldn't want you to get frostbite, now would we? Even if Frosty the Snow Dog is a figment of your dosages.


At 19:17, Blogger Doug said...

Terry, that isn't a puffin? I hate when I think I'm smart only to learn the truth. The secret is to not pay attention, I guess.

*flaps paw at Minka*

At 09:25, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, it is not right, don´t worry :) Blogger beta has me screaming too :)

Brian...pealing is on teh very right track :)

Al, I tried, other and anonymous and all those lovely little things...NOTHINGGGGGGG works...kill me, kill me now...and I had wonderful answers to all teh Christmastree related questions *pouts*

terry, probably, but not what we are looking for :) And what? buttermilk? wasnæt there a greek or something godess who used to do that? Hmmm *ponders*

Logo, yesyes encourage him! And thank you :)

Faye pekas, that won´t be a problem. eventually you´ll catch one of us 300.000 in teh world :) A great blogger friendship of mine started with me being invited to sign a guest map :)I´ll be there in a little while :)

Móa, but of course they are :)

Terry, me too. I feed tehm regularly at the pond in downtown Reykjavik :)

Oc, was that a hint? WEll done *claps hands*. Frostbite is indeed teh answer to our wolf/snowman related question, although biology might have a word or two to say about the reality of such a statement :)

Doug *waves flipper*

At 18:15, Blogger tsduff said...

Minka - what do you feed them? I know they like bread, but egads, soo unhealthy for them. Grain is good - dry cat or dogfood is too.
Doug - tis a snow goose or a heinz mix with a dab of Chinese... hence the nob on the bill... lovely though, warming the air it breathes through the soft downey feathers... Puffins look like small clowns.

At 18:43, Anonymous Joel said...

Hope you're feeling better...two words...calamine lotion.

At 19:31, Anonymous Heike said...

Gute Besserung! :-)

At 23:29, Blogger Minka said...

Terry, I´ll have a puffin picture up one day and whom do I feed what?

Joel, actually the doctor ordered me that, it is when kids get the massels or something like that here, so they won´t scratch. I am very childish :)

Heike, Danke...und ist nicht alles in bester Sache bei Dir?

At 03:30, Blogger Sar said...

Because seven eight nine! That's one of my favs too my itch stricken sistah. Hope you're feeling itch & dopey free, but I'll allow for continued laziness. ;)

At 18:21, Blogger tsduff said...

Just wondering what you feed the geese at the pond in Reykjavik.


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