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Saturday, December 23, 2006


In Iceland? In December?
Are you friggin´kidding me?
This is supposed to be our Christmas weather this year?
I did not sign up for this...

take a look, why don´t you?!

Iceland gone tropical!

I actually have to go out and about in this weather, carry presents back and forth and have Christmas cards flying out of my hands.

What´s up with Thor?

And it seems we are not alone either...Finnland is troubled too and I don´t mean to scare you guys, but it looks like Santa won´t be able to get his reindeers together in time for Christmas! *look nervous and pulls hair*

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Posted by Minka :: 1:38 am :: 18 Royal Subjects

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At 03:22, Blogger Doug said...

I can't see the videos but good grief. If it isn't cold in Iceland in December I don't know where I'm going to go for weather I like. Maybe the moon. You're right. Maybe santa has a canoe and some red-nosed seals.

At 07:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hey Minka....global warming is a worldwide phenomena...down here we are burning literally in hell.Bushfires all over the place..rain would be a welcome relief....do a dance for us...
All that aside I hope you have a very***Merry Christmas*** and an even better***Happy New Year***. I hope that all your dreams and desires come to fruition in 2007.May you and you and your family be healthy and well in the new coming year.

At 09:38, Anonymous Brian said...

Global warming? That's just a lot of bunk! There's no global warming! Snow??? What's that? In Iceland? Change the name to Coconutland.

Merry Christmas and safe rowing. ;)

At 12:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my comment!

It was witty and insiteful and really good. Now I'm all inspired out and can't rewrite it.

Like being washed away by a flood in the last time/place you'd expect.

At 14:09, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Sounds like New England this year, Minka. Maybe you should transport Iceland to our West Coast states. Looks like all the snow went there. You'll feel right at home.

Trust me. Getting his reindeer together is just the start of Santa's problems. But I'll reckon he'll get to you anyhow.

PS: re: there are 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified. That's just the beetles ...

At 15:11, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Minka -- ther eis snow here. Come to Vegas for Christmas.

To all the denizens of Minka's frozen yet heart warming blog -- Merry Christmas.

OC -- first you say no Christmas gifts until Christmas morning after breakfast is cooked and servd, and now you offer us a scientific explanation of why Santa can't exist -- are you sure your children like you?

At 16:37, Blogger Fred said...

We're at 80 degrees today. It's crazy how warm it is for this time of year.

Happy Holidays, Minka. Have a great one.

At 17:10, Blogger Minka said...

Out of curiosity: can anybody view the links??????

Penguins everywhere need to know....

Doug, for his sake, I hope he does :) No point of being good all year and than he doesn´t show. We are historically conditioned and I need my gifts!

Consise 10, thank youa nd teh very same to you. May you have a wonderful time!

Brian...safe rowing mad eme smile. Thank you.

Morgan, sad the first comment dissapeared then ;)

Oc...thanks fo rthat PS :) I´ll sleep better tonight!

Quilly, on behalf of all of us deniziens: Merry Christmas to you too ;)

Fred, I usually let weather decide what it wants to be on a day to day basis, but flooding Iceland around Christmas is just not right :)

At 17:52, Anonymous neva said...

flooding on Christmas in ANY part of the world just ain't right -- but most *especially* in Iceland!

not to worry, beautiful Penguin -- i hear Santa's got a dolphin powered boat. i think your gifts will get there in time. (well, at any rate, most of 'em)

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend! xox

At 19:32, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Hold on to your hat!!
Iceland should be icy and snowy and bitter cold for Christmas. I can't imagine Santa NOT making his sleigh ride this Christmas Eve. I will not be able to be consoled should he be unable to stop at our house.
The photos below of you and Spa the horse is lovely.
Have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!!!

At 19:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Wow. I don't know what else to say. It's a bright and sunny mild day here, too. As unseasonable as that is for us, it's nothing compared to Iceland not being cold enough for snow. Scary.

I hope Santa has a plan B.
Merry Christmas, Minka!

At 21:32, Blogger Minka said...

neva, just to keep you guys updated...presents have arrived under the tree. I was abiot worried, but the elves seem to have been as busy as usual.

Jamie Dawn, Merry Christmas to you too, sweetie. Hope it will be a grand one and I am close to teh Northpole, if the fat, jolly big man doesnæt make it, I will make that trip....

actonbell, It is just plain weird, we´ll probably have snow in June instead :)

At 05:51, Anonymous cindra said...

Eeek. Al Gore will tell you all about it. Happy Holidays, sweet penguin.

At 05:51, Anonymous cindra said...

This is a Cindra spam. Happy Holidays! And please do go wish mine hubby a happy happy jolly jolly. Thanks!

At 06:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Thor's been hitting himself in the head a bit too often with that hammer of his...?

At 13:39, Blogger Mo'a said...

Enn skritid.
Gledileg Jol og farsaelt komandi ar Monika min :)

At 14:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was able to open the second link, but not the first. I did like Santa's outfit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you no matter what the weather.

xox ~ G

At 20:58, Blogger Minka said...

Cindra, wonderful festivities to you and yours!

Al, that is a very possible option indeed!

Móa, a very Merry Christmas dear Móa. Hafdu thad holt og gott um jolin!

G, the best of Holidays to you! May it be blissful!


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