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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baked goods and little angels...

This is one of my favourite bakeries in Iceland. It is outside of Reykjavik and in one of those old houses that reminds me of homes filled with the smell of something pastry in the oven. I have to admit I also love this bakery for its name: "Vort daglegt braud" means: Our daily Bread! Now I am as religious as the next Viking, but I always liked this phrase. A girl´s gotta eat!

On other related news. Smari came to town today and we decided to spend some quality time together. Window-shopping to see what he would like for Christmas, some dining out and a visit to my work place. Now while we were gently chewing our food at Kentucky Fried Chicken (his first English words, I am a very proud teacher!) he all of a sudden looks me up and down:

Smari: Monika?

Monika: Yes?

Smari: When I am all grown up, you are gonna be old, aren´t you?

Monika: (starting to panick - I am 29 for God´s sake, I am not with one foot in the grave yet!) When you are all grown up, I am gonna be older than you, yes.
But not old!

Smari: So we can still go out to eat and play together?

Monika: I would love that very much, we might play different games though, but
we´ll always have fun together.

Smari: Even if I am like a hundred years old?

Monika: If I am still around and healthy...then hopefully yes.

Smari:(smiles) Good you started at the gym, then!

I mean, although this talk reminded me of mortality, I still think it is something so precious!

Happy Wednesday to all of you and I hope there is someone in your life that gives you that special feeling... that a world without you in it, would be less sparkly!

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At 00:58, Blogger Doug said...

Now, how am I supposed to act like a proper smartass after a story like that? With Smari pushing and you pulling, I bet you'll be playing at something with him 93 years from now.

And I wish you both that it's something childish.

At 01:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, that's just so delightful. I always get a kick out of how old young children think adults are, too:)

At 02:51, Blogger QuillDancer said...

What a great date. I love having adult conversations with kids. They are always so guilelessly charming.

At 03:23, Anonymous shayna said...

Some of the best and most precious conversations are with kids. I love my conversations with my two-year-old.

Happy Holiday's to you and yours!

At 09:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn Viking men. Trying to round up women even while they are too young to even understand it. And dangerously charming too. Maybe you shouldn't teach him english.

Well, at least Monika has proof she makes the world more sparkly. (We knew that already.)

At 10:06, Anonymous cindra said...

I have three of those special someones who make me feel like a freakin' diamond! Great post, you lucky lil' penguin.

Oh, and i got the card. it was a wonderful surprise and it's beautiful and thanks so much! mwah.

At 11:39, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, yeah. I am sorta hoping that he´ll hold my hand when I am 129 and goes with me to teh pond and we feed the poultry there. God knows, I have done that for him, since he could barely walk.

actonbell, I agree. If I remember back I thought i would have figured life out by teh age of 25, which seemed really old. Here I am,29, none the wiser :)

Quilly, and I bet you get a lot of them too :) I like the bit of harsh truth to it though. Practical and honest.

Shayna, I know you do. And your two year old seems a marvel from a distance. And soon you´ll have the pleasure of one more :) The best of Holidays to you and yours and may it be sparkly :)

Morgan, thank you so much. That was real sweet. And don´t worry, andy woman he´ll round up, will have to go through me first ;) I´ll balanc eout the charm :)

Cindra, you are more than welcome! Have a wonderful time, lots of laughs and great cuddles :)

At 13:18, Anonymous Brian said...

Afternoon Minka,

You are such a lucky woman to have your family so close and loving. And yes, being old is a state of mind. I feel younger than you. :p

At 17:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Vort daglegt braud" -- I don't think its literally about "bread." Instead, your sweet post comes much closer to what this phrase was intended to mean, Minka. Thank you.

At 19:10, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, I would like to test that theory! What form of competition should it take :)

Al, never thought about it like that. But our dialy bread is of course more than just food...it is about survival, love, trials and tribulations. But is definately is also about freshly baked warm rolls on Sunday :)

At 20:27, Anonymous Brian said...

Well Minka,

Since I came to be when Bernard was 22, Brian is only 21. I can now go out and drink. ;)

At 23:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bakery looks sweet; D

And that conversation is sweet, too. You are very lucky to have Smari.

At 00:03, Blogger Doug said...

He was born at the turn of the millenium and soon conquered Iceland or, at least, his Aunt's part.

At 00:31, Blogger Minka said...

Brian...Minka was born last year ;) I win!

goldennib, and don´t I know it!

Doug, It is Christmas time for crying out loud, can´t you stop being a smart-aleck for once?

At 01:46, Blogger Doug said...

You live in a land where at Christmas time folks slam doors for no reason, steal sausages and eat stew and yogurt out of other people's bowls. I think a smart-aleck fits the season just fine, thank you.

At 05:16, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Oh, I loved that! Such delightfulness and charm those little ones bring us! My friend is turning 37 tomorrow and her two year old keeps saying that she's going to be 7:30 and when she asked him how old I am, he said "Seven". It's a confusing commentary, but I was as usual, extremely charmed!

At 13:10, Anonymous Brian said...


You are not old enough to blog!!!

I win. ;)

At 13:41, Blogger Mo'a said...

OK!!!Blogger ate my comment....The Grinch....It was brilliant, let's just leave it at that....I will start over and say something even more brilliant :)

Minka when I come to Iceland can we go to the Tjorn and feed the ducks and the swans? And can we bring Smari? And can we go to Vort daglet braud? Let's say in May or June?

I don't think I have seen this bakery....where is it?

Your relationship with Smari is wonderful and one he will remember for the rest of his life.....especially if you guys are doddering but still palying.

At 14:01, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, does our country sound like it needs more upsetting? Thsi season is tough enough as it is, what with all the jolasveinar hiding aorund eahc corner, teh cat trying to get you and I can only imagine the huge pot gryla is bringing to boil.

Square, he thought you are about 7? So i wasn´t that far off :)

Brian, put one fo my grown up scizophrenic halves, signed a paper and now I cna under supervision. nananannnnnnnnanana

Móa, we can do all that in a heartbeat. Just give the word. Tjörn is beautiful now...kids on skates, fmailies feeding teh ducks, just amazing. Vort dagleg braud is in hafnarfjörður, very close to down town ;) I bet Smari would love to go with us, he might even sing for us on teh way :)

At 14:47, Blogger Sar said...

Awwwwww! Your last paragraph gave me happy chills, Minka. I do believe you found the meaning of life. Of course it's reciprocal as you are a sparkly influence as well.

At 17:08, Blogger Logophile said...

Ohhh, you make mine pretty sparkly, especially my Christmas card wall!
Thank you so much!
And I am glad Smari has you, you are one of a kind and he is very lucky.

At 19:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm - the Island bakeries yum yum! We would have suffered greatly whilst over there if not for the early to open bakeries where we delighted in coffee, and heavenly bread! I always opted for the savory type, while my sweetie went for the sweets :-) Cute cute conversation - from the mouths of babes come food for thought!

At 20:40, Anonymous G said...

That is a sweet story my friend. And your wishes are no less. Of course, I am the luckiest woman in the world to have two such children - the girl plays her cards a little close the vest, but the boy is an open book of love for me. Of course yesterday on a class trip with the boy, he showed me the painting that he made for me! Moments later, when the pretty young assistant came round, J showed her the painting that he made...for her! Too precious. She laughed and smiled "guys".

Anyway, thanks for bringing out the sparkly feeling in all of us.

At 22:21, Anonymous Brian said...

You may have halves, but I have five! :p

If this is under supervision, I hate to think of Minka on the loose. ;)

How about a draw and we shake hands peacefully.

Merry Christmas my friend, may the New Year bring you continued blessings and joy... and a hot guy. :)

At 00:14, Blogger Minka said...

Sar, let´s shine together, shall we?

Logo, I like it when to parts make a whole, in whatever form. Smari and I are supposed to be together. I always believe kids are as honest as possible, him so obviously liking me, gives me hope:)

terry, I still miss German bakeries though. i guess, it is always what you grew up with that makes your heart skip a beat :)

G, it is a pleasure and it nice nice to know, that the best gifts in life you can get, don´t come with a price tag ;)

Brian *shakes hands* for now! And hey, that guy might be closer than we think :) *crosses fingers*

At 00:29, Anonymous brian said...

Do tell Minka. We are all ears. :)

Ow!!! Don't shake my hand so hard. ;)

At 00:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 02:10, Blogger Minka said...

Guys...A lady doesn´t kiss and tell ;) Just kidding, I was just wishing really hard that your wish will come true next year!

At 07:16, Blogger sink sink socks said...

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At 17:27, Anonymous Brian said...

Have a very Merry Christmas Minka. :)

Love Brian

At 04:43, Anonymous neva said...

d'oh! i missed this earlier (what can i say? i've been like this all week!)

such a sweet exchange -- reminds me of the time my (then) 3 year old got mad at me for being "dressed up" and told me i looked like a "grandma". when i told him someday he'd have kids and then i really would be a grandma, he said. "no that won't happen. because i'm going to tell them 'KIDS, DON'T YOU CALL MY MOMMY GRANDMA'!"

ah kids... nothing like 'em to remind us we're getting old(ish). that said, i'm still not a grandma -- and 29 definitely qualifies you as young. so it's all good, my friend!



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