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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Brain Teaser...

"A champion of workers’ rights, he barely ever kept a job. After getting his doctorate, he began revolutionary writing, which often got him and his family kicked out of every country they settled in including: Prussia, France, and Belgium. In his Communist Manifesto, he called for worker to rise against their oppressors, believing it would lead to a classless society."

You know what to do, don´t you?! If you feel you got the answer, go to the comment section and HINT/LIMERICK/or SMARTA**!!! at the right answer. That way you leave clues, appear brilliant and I´ll try to figure out what you are talking about. It is fun, it really is. If you have no idea, couldn´t care less, or haven´t woken up yet...but love me: just say "Hi"! :)

Meanwhile: why don´t you feast your eyes on this?! Yesterday I had to drive east and the path goes up a mountain and on top, there was so much snow, it was so bright, yet tranquil; I decided to turn off the car in all my hurry and get out, breathe and shiver a bit :) Peaceful!

To all of you: welcome to November 2006, may you all have a wonderful rabbit, rabbit!

Posted by Minka :: 2:59 pm :: 28 Royal Subjects

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At 15:54, Blogger Doug said...

When workers did cast off their chains
And porters attacked their own trains
Karl, though deceased
Promised portions of peace
And to each their fair share of his brains.

Beautiful photo. It's a spectacular land you live in.

At 17:13, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

I love the brain teasers, they are always right on the marks. If you drive somewhere, a car'll be necessary.

Are those two ideas related? Hmmmm.

At 18:28, Blogger G said...

I see that you did not want me to snarl
So you gave a brain teaser that ryhmes with...
What does it rhyme with?

I couldn't help but snicker at "classless society". In many ways, that is the one in which I reside.

Happy November Pengie!

At 18:31, Anonymous brian said...

Hi Minka,

You must have lovely Parks in Iceland.

I think he was part of a comedy family of brothers.

At 18:41, Blogger tsduff said...

My cousin Karl spells his name with a K - always signing his mark with great flourish.

Wow - such cold and white snow you have. Got your scarf on today I hope :-)

At 18:48, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Your subject was always trying to get the right social Engel on life, and though he wrote about Kapital, he never had any.

His work has been repudiated by people who, in today's political, social, and economic spheres, are doing their very utmost to repudiate the repudiation. Dammit.

At 20:06, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I know who he is but have nothing witty to say I am afraid! Can I say hello and send you kisses instead?

At 20:18, Blogger ariel said...

here we were taught his name who made up dialectical materialism sooner than we learnt to walk!

At 20:25, Blogger Doug said...

Ariel, I've been walking for almost 40 years and I still don't understand dialectical materialism. But I know when I'm hungry.

At 21:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... once a city was named after him.
Greetings to all,

At 22:19, Anonymous old mule said...

I am in serious need of some Capital! My fridge is empty. Unite!

At 23:00, Anonymous neva said...

after spouting off a few of his "radical" ideas at a party, one of his pals suggested he write 'em down in a book, to which he replied "Das is Kapital idea!" and thus, a manifesto was born.

(not really, but hey, it makes for a good story, no?) xox

At 23:04, Anonymous neva said...

oh, and wasn't his favorite color... red?

beautiful picture, by the way, i suspect your mystery man would say it was ???????!

At 23:59, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I knew I oculd count on you! And just between the two of us..which part of hinting allows for the entire first name?

Morgan, they are related in my books and well done!

G, it rhymes with many things, but I have a feeling taht you are hinting at teh right rhyming word! Hapyy november to you too ;)

Brian, Parks...not so much, what with the trees missing here :) But well done!

tsduff, LOL. And yes scarf and gloves, although the snow isnæt down from teh mountain yet;)

Oc, brainy points for the Friedrich association!!!

Miz B...always more then welcome, as you know!

ariel, I don´t get it. I really don´t. *bangs head against table*

Doug, I knwo what you mean ;)

Andrea, if youa re talking about Dresden, correct!

Old Mule, you have me right behind you, mine is empty too and I am always hungry. Let´s march to soembody elses. Kapital shall be had by all!

neva, i was just gonna say...! *raised eyebrows and puzzled face*

At 00:05, Anonymous neva said...

hahaha! that last word was "fantastic", and it was written in Russian. apparently Blogger doesn't speak Russian (but then, neither do i!) xox

At 01:03, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Hey, in the picture of the mystery communist, he has the same itchy spot as Napoleon. Weird? N'est pas?

At 04:05, Blogger Doug said...

Let's see, Ice Queen. I guess after I referred to "Gregor, the Monk" when the answer was Mendel and "Jacques" for Cousteau and you didn't say anything, I rashly assumed first names were allowed. A thousand pardons and I will be more compliant in the future with this rule and those yet to be revealed. *sulks away*

At 06:37, Blogger ariel said...

c'mon, Monika, that's his world famous theory our teachers tried to teach us so unsuccessfully. I figure they didn't fully understand, either. :)

Doug, dialectical materialism says that material is not static, ergo why you get hungry soon after eating!

another hint: his writer twin was not an "angel", ehem.

At 19:18, Anonymous brian said...

Evening Minka,

If you have no trees, how come you always have pics of them. Btw, the parks is what rhymes with his last name. :)

Have a great weekend my friend and maybe when life slows down we can have breakfast together.

At 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again!~

I have to admit that the last Ice Queen that I have run across was playing bass guitar on Beale St., Memphis about 04/05! It was quite the music; blues by the best of them.
Nice to see your blog again.

At 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add that I am not good with games, sorry.

At 20:19, Blogger Swampwitch said...

WEll, obviously I'm too late to play the game this time. Have been away from posting comments for a week. Come visit sometime. I have a contest going, too.

At 21:11, Blogger Logophile said...

Doug's funny when he sulks
(snicker snicker)
OK, here is one of the things that guy said with which I completely agree,

"Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point however is to change it"

At 23:35, Blogger Doug said...

Ariel, is that the "mixing your labor" thing?

At 06:20, Blogger ariel said...

Doug, that is capitalism. :-P

At 12:09, Anonymous Al said...

Hi, Minka -- Looks like I'm last in line on this guy, who's certainly no relative of Groucho and Harpo.

And, speaking of last, race ya to bitterbierce.blogspot.com! One, two, (whoosh!)...

At 12:16, Anonymous Al said...

Rats! Lost again! But, that was some fun, huh?

At 13:38, Blogger Minka said...

neva, I know a bit of Russian...but it was all too symbolical in the end for me :)

Morgan, life is filled with weird coincidences. Or maybe we just think they are;)

Doug, you are adorable on tiptoe! :) A lovely pout you have!

ariel, unsuccessful teaching...with me as a subject a lot of teachers could write entire novels :)

Brian, there will be a time, donæt you worry, once this busy time of life will storm over :)

goatman *looks puzzled* do I know you?
And also: you donæt have to play along, to be welcomed aorund here...we value free spirit, choices and independence. We really have no say in it either :)

swampy, I will make my rounds...and I too have been away more or less from posting...it is ok to live life ;)

Logo, correct...he was pretty smart for a German :)

Doug, no...it is not!

ariel, it isnæt good to indulge him too much in his teasing...but good answer!

al...beat you to it, now didn´t I? We will have a lot to compete with in teh future :)


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