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Monday, November 20, 2006

Snow, snow and a bit more snow....

There is so much going on in my life right now, that blogging has taken a serious hit. But I miss you guys and whenever I drive around I think of you. So I thought the best way is to take your for a quick spin with me through my last weekend!

Not all weather conditions are perfect for driving. Don't worry though we have really good tires and in case we get stuck, somebody will drive past us that we know, are related to or met last Saturday on a bar. You are never quite alone around here.

Much better. I have to say I am sucker for just getting into my car and drive (yeah Mom I know about the gas prices yaddayaddaya!) A Johhny cash CD or whatever takes my fancy and off I am driving through, what I believe to be one of, the most amazing sceneries I know. I love the mountain ranges, the powder snow on their peaks and the endless sky. Just Peace.

Well, all my drives usually end here. On our family home in the countryside where my three nephews live and breathe and really get to be little guys. I love them so much and on a frosty evening when the winds are beating so hard in your face that playing outside is impossible, well the stables hold much joy...I was minorly involved causing this havoc!

And we drive back to Reykjavik. I love the pastel colours that appear when it is a bit cold and really sunny.

Yes, it did snow, quite a bit actually! Finding your car in teh morning is a bit of guess work and befor eyou know it you might have wiped your neighbour´s car clean :) If this is not my favourite time of year, I don´t know what is. Everything is white and clean and sparkles. You get to jump into snow and just play and after your body has adapted to the coldness of the snow you just feel warm and your cheeks start to glow. I love this time of year.

now excuse me, while I make myself a hot steaming cup of chocolate, one for you too, of course!

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At 13:07, Blogger Doug said...

I never would have expected snow in Iceland. As always, thanks for sharing, the photos are always great and the sense of humor. I suspect you got the boys to pose so their mother or grandmother would think they threw the hay on each other. You are a perfect innocent.

At 13:19, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Yes please, chocolate! Great pics Minka. I felt a bit of winter (the fun of it) while reading about your weekend. Thanks! Morgan

At 13:47, Anonymous neva said...

lovely pictures -- as always -- and i agree with you, there's nothing quite like seeing the landscape freshly painted with a coat of snow. pastel skies are a beautiful bonus.

hot chocolate, you say? with marshmallows? mmmm. xoxo

At 14:03, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, it came as quite a shock to me too. But there you go! And yes, I know how to play my cards, so I come off well :) care for a game of Poker?

Morgan, I am glad...winter is precious and I have a feeling that I will be involved in many a snowball fight in the next weeks. Kids in iceland tend to throw snowballs at drivign cars, I tend to stop, run after them and fire right back. Lots of fun!

neva, *hands her chocolate with marshmallows* There you go, sweetie! This year teh nsow softly announce ditself and then came down full force, luckily I had teh sense of changing to winter tires a couple of weeks ago!

At 14:39, Anonymous al said...

Mmmmm, The hot chocolate smells nice.

Got any Scotch?

At 14:59, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Minka -- I'll just stay in, thanks. You ake my mittens.

Al -- Bailey's is better.

At 15:17, Anonymous brian said...

Morning Minka,

*Snow* is a four letter word! Hate it... but lovely pics. :) We had a great, warm vacation, but is was mostly cloudy all but one day. Back home, it's been around five degrees in the morning, too cold. That hot chocolate sounds good.

At 15:19, Anonymous al said...

Yes, Bailey's is definitely tastier --but slower, Quilly, slower. :-)

At 15:53, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Finding your car in the morning

This time of year, you actually have morning, Minka? Didn't think you could be so enamored of the Dark Side, Princess. Though I might've known ...

You and your hooch, Al and Quilly. Quite inappropriate conversation for this half-Puritan castigator of Demon Rum. Pass the Jim Beam, willya? :)

At 17:14, Blogger Biene said...

I think we deove the same raod last weekend! I have the same mountains on a pic, put them on the blog this evening to make my point. Nice to share the same view on things! But my photo of our frontdoor is of another angel, though :)

At 18:21, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Minka! Love your weekend reviews, your stories of family just warm my heart! As always, your pics are fab!

Snow - yuck! It's been cold here since we got back from vacation, no fair!!! :( D

At 20:43, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, I'll play but if you win my house, can the dogs stay?

At 23:26, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I used wish for snow every wintertime growing up in So. Cal, but it has yet to happen. In fact, i't nearly wintertime here and I believe it's over 80 degrees farenheit here. I have a firelplace that gets wasted most of the year, as I would love to light it and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate if it weren't so darned hot right now. Maybe I'll just look at your photos and turn on the AC and pretend that it's snowing here so I can do so!

At 00:25, Blogger Fred said...

I agree, Minka, the pastel colors are beautiful. I sort of miss snow, but not enough that I want to go where it's cold. I'll enjoy your pictures instead.

At 00:36, Blogger Minka said...

al, no sorry...just good old-fashioned German Beer! Going teutonic on you and all!

Quilly, you ake my mittens makes absolutely no sense to me...eleboration?!

Brian, glad to hea ryou are back safe and sound, sorry to hear the wetaher hasnæt been more sensitive. We had lots of sun, although really cold...maybe you prefer you vaiety?

al, slower? At your age...get to it, will ye?!

Oc, teasing me over at Doug´s that is just fair play, but following me to my own home and pointing out my follies, that´s just mean! *sobs*
FYI, morning in my books is defined by the time of the day not teh level of brightness. Otherwise we´d never get up for like 8 months of the year :)

MOm, yes we drove the same road, we often do. Maybe one of these day we get to drive it together again?!

FF, I have to admit that my family is quite awesome...they are every bit as heart warming as I let on, if not warmer :)

Doug, aure they can and you can OC will be happy campers in my garage :)

Square, you could always come visit ;)

Fred, I am not asking people to move...just come for a visit, throw some snowballs, make an iglu and de-freeze when back home :)

At 01:03, Blogger Mo'a said...

Eg vildi ad eg vaeri a Islandi :)
Love those photos Minka. I often visit Iceland in the winter so that I can see the snow in the mountains and the beautiful pastel sky.
Ja thad er fallegt a Islandi :)

At 01:08, Blogger Doug said...

Thanks, Minka. I'd have felt irresponsible losing their home at cards.

At 02:14, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Oh Minka, I couldn't do days with no sun. I think I am part plant. I need sunshine or I get gloomy and morose. And please TAKE my mittens. Yours are all wet now.

OC -- Jim Beam once left me gasping for breath and craying -- and it wasn't in a good way.

At 03:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got any mini marhsmellows? Brrrrr. However, Tali and I just bought two plastic type cheap sleds to get ready for the coming winter in the discount store tonight. In my heart, I actually hope for snow (not too much - enough to have fun)!

At 03:48, Blogger Mo'a said...

Minka can I have my Hot Chocolate with whipped cream.....mmmmm good :)

At 05:12, Anonymous Joel said...

Thanks for sharing Minka...great pics! I like the snow on the weekends, not so much during the week when it makes for loooooong commutes in and out of the city.

At 05:58, Anonymous cindra said...

Minka, it is beautiful! I love when you share the pictures and your lil' stories. The nephews are adorable, lucky lil' guys. You are so lucky to live in such beauty. Um, may I have a few more marshmallows in my cocoa, please?

At 12:57, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful! And I am glad you are making the most of every beautiful second of your life, not that I would have expected anything else from you sweet Ice Queen... thank you for popping in and for the beautiful comment... touched my heart I tell you, MY HEART... and all I can muster is a sincere te quiero...

It was simply a crazy week with birthday celebrations (yes, plural!) for the girl and cleaning and packing and patching up walls and doing paint touchups and last night when ready to post, right after your message, my DSL was down (Spain, you see!) and so I couldn't pop in but now the posting and the popping in has been done so yep... DSL back on! Phew! I was ready to faint otherwise! The horror of not being connected and seeing y'all was too much to bear, TOO MUCH!

See? Wonder where I am and get a friggin' novel in the comments! Ay! I know, I know... I am going now! ;-P

At 14:43, Anonymous Old Mule said...


Your blogs are fun! I am stuck down here in the tropics, brooding over Sartre and Bukowski, steaming in the swamp. So the site of snow is a fine diversion. And the fact that you like Johnny Cash is just one more feather in your cap...

At 14:55, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. Te quiero, mia amiga. So much!

Old Mule, thank you! I have many a wonderful quality, they are just hard to transmit via blog;)

At 18:43, Blogger madd said...

Minka..wonderful catch up and as always..great pictures, even though I have had my fill of snow and moved tropical..your pics and enthusiasm makes me miss it..ok now it is time for hot chocolate..!!see ya..m

At 23:29, Blogger Biene said...

Looking forward!

At 04:17, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Excellent photos from your life. Will you see that we get some of this snow here in Southeastern Pennsylvania by Christmas? :)


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