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Friday, November 24, 2006

29 years on earth....here are:

29 things I am thankful for.

1) the fact that I am here (duh!)
2) snow
3) rain
4) sun
5) my family and friends
6) my birds
7) my blog and bloggers
8) strawberries
9) crunchy peanut butter
10) books (*thinks of Prachett and smiles*)
11) the smell of freshly cut gras
12) my ability to knit socks (hey, you have to hold 5 knitting needles!)
13) optimism
14) Fishbone,Clockhouse and Warehouse
15) being a role model (seriously, you could pick a lot worse!)
16) Prince Otto Dumbledore I
17) My nieces and nephews in no partiuclar order(Niece number 2 rocks though!)
18) Bread and Cheese
19) the twinkle in Mom´s eye when she looks at me
20) my bed (it is King´s size; with abit of lace - a perfect fit for a Queen)
21) the ability to survive almost anything
22) my humor (don´t worry you´ll get it eventually!)
23) Icelandic Christmas dinner
24) laughter (unless I am eating or drinking something at that moment!)
25) my apartment pants
26) that Iceland is too small to matter in the grand sceme of world politics
27) any mistake I learned from ( I learned a lot!)
28) everything that is within my heart
29) the fact that I am only 29 and can stop now

this goes out in honour of Miss Quilly!

Posted by Minka :: 11:43 am :: 47 Royal Subjects

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At 23:15, Anonymous Joel said...

excellent list...speaking of which...I am first.

At 23:30, Blogger Biene said...

Me second :8 and half an hour since the Penguin waddled out of the house.
My dearest I have seen you laughing while eating - no, I will not talk about the consquences.
Otherwise this is great. You forgot your tomatoes onion sandwich, Yes I will stock new crunchy peanut butter tomorrow, Julius always cries when you finished it once again ;)

At 23:30, Blogger Doug said...

That is an excellent list, wise and cute at once. And, Joel, we're seventh.

OK, so when I was young and Minka, you were still taking a bottle, there was a band called Fishbone (which, before they were big played my senior prom). Are Clockhouse and Warehouse bands, or should someone be writing me a limerick?

At 00:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list, very interesting. I took a look at your mom's blogs. She a Libra like me and you call your grandparents Oma and Opa like we do. My mom's Austrian.

At 01:43, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Minka -- you did a much more thoughtful -- and funny -- job on your list than I did on mine.

At 01:45, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Oh! And Miss Quilly is honored. Thank you.

At 04:47, Anonymous neva said...

what a fabulous list! and this was, indeed, a lovely way to honor the clever and lovely-herself, Miss Quilly!

Apartment Pants? please tell me that's a reference to Friends (of course it is! i can even tell you which episode, but since you know that *i* know about "apartment pants", i'm guessing that won't be necessary)

your mom's a Libra? me too! glad to know i have one or two things in common with the special people in your life, dear friend. xox

At 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice list, M, but now who's sucking up to Miss Quilly?

Correction to number 11 -- perhaps should be "...freshly cut foie gras"?

At 14:51, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, of course you are :)

Mom, you mean the sandwich you always try to get a bite of, whenever i make it? I love the combination of tomato, onlion and coffee...lush!

Doug, just like me, ey?! And those three brands are clothing stores;)

goldennib, ok...I didnæt know that. Both grandparent sare German, hence Oma and Opa :)

quilly, I just wanted to do well by you, what with you being my teacher and all :)

Neva, you know me well enough that Apartment pants comes from Friends. You´ll probably be surprised at my level of shooting lines from those episodes. I am as much a freak ad you are. Apartment pants: episode where Rachels sister comes to visit (who just has been cut off by her daddy, becuase she bought a boat!), she goes shopping on dad´s credit card and Pheobe make sthe comment of teh apartment pants to Rachel, Rachel pitches the idea to her boss and voila (I know it is sad!)

Al, stop being such a smarta**, will ye?!

At 15:23, Blogger Mo'a said...

A wonderful list my dear Minka....I would not have expected anything less from you.
I don't think I will be doing this meme by 48 the reader would be cross eyed and there would be a lot more to come *hehehe*

Er thessi jolamatur hangjikjot eda habrogara hryggur?

At 15:23, Blogger Mo'a said...

A wonderful list my dear Minka....I would not have expected anything less from you.
I don't think I will be doing this meme by 48 the reader would be cross eyed and there would be a lot more to come *hehehe*

Er thessi jolamatur hangjikjot eda habrogara hryggur?

At 19:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your list! You do, indeed, have much to be thankful for and the wonderful spirit to appreciate it:)

At 20:54, Anonymous swampwitch said...

Great list...am missing having the time to visit you and play the brain teaser games...busy with Thanksgiving company and traveling. Stay in touch.
Swampy :)

At 21:56, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I love this list!!!!Thanks fo sharing!

At 22:50, Anonymous neva said...

that was a classic (and hilarious) episode -- and Reese Witherspoon was perfect as Rachel's spoiled little sis! xox

At 00:15, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, did your highness just ask me to dot the i in compliment? A clothing store named Fishbone seems suspicious.

At 01:12, Blogger Sar said...

What an awesome list, my pretty Garman sistah in Iceland. I happen to be thankful for many things too, among them -- you! :)

(Holy crap, Doug! Fishbone played your prom?!?!? Strider met them some years ago, and they're currently in my playlist! How cool is that?!)

At 05:15, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I just noticed your new "I Live By:" and I can't help but say how much I love Edna St. Vincent Millay. That is absolutely one of my favorite poems which I quote quite often. Quite an independant free-spirit that one! Excellent choice of wors to live by!

At 06:45, Anonymous cindra said...

Wonderful list! You are grateful, and you are great. Happy belated birthday, Minka!

At 11:43, Blogger Minka said...

Móa: Hamborgrarhryuggur, brunadar kartöflur, rosakal or brun sosa...*wipes mouth*

actonbell, thank you which reminds me I am also thankful for teh fact that people think I have a wonderful spirit. I do, but I am so glad for you all to be able to see it too :)

swampy, thank you and everybody is busy around this season ;) I´ll get around to ragular blogging once life has straightened itself out :)

square, you are most welcome! It wasn´t my idea though :)

neva, they were very good together as acting sisters. I loved the interaction in the coffee house with "Bob from research!"

Doug, but it is a good brand...I knew you´d like teh jeans they make;)


Squaregirl, I got introduced to her via Roald Dahl and his books.

cindra, Happy belated birthday? July 17th! Ok, I´ll take it and guess who´s package arrived yesterday. I love my mug especially...I took a pic of it and will post it soon. I love the combination of light blue and brown! Wonderful, thank you so much and each mornign now...you ar eon my mind! :)

At 13:56, Blogger QuillDancer said...

Minka, your celebration of thankfulness was much more popular and witty. The dream of every teacher is that the students will take what they are given and build it into something even more grand.


At 14:39, Anonymous pia said...

You wrote this on my sister's birthday, and yours is two days before mine---Doug's least favorite month as I recall

Thanks for partaking in our Thanksgiving more than most of us do

At 15:29, Blogger Jodes said...

great list

At 15:44, Blogger Mo'a said...

Thettad er godur jolamatur....vid hofum hangjikjot, kartoflur og graenar baunir i hvitsosu, raudkal, og i eftirmat mondlugraut.mmmmmmm jol, ja thetad er godur matur. vid getum ekki fengid hamborgarahrygg herna.

Above is food talk....you would think after four days of glutony I would not like to talk about food but Christmas is coming :)

At 16:05, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Roald Dahl is terrific too! I didn't know he wrote about her though...interesting.

At 17:01, Blogger Minka said...

Quilly, I used to have a teacher at university that used to say: "The highest grade I only give, when I feel a student has exceded my own knowledge on the subject, ask Monika how it works!" *beams with pride*
THANKS for my A+

*hands a a polished apple*

Pia, well I had to get as much into it as I could, living that far away. Doing my own thanksgiving week in iceland. Yes, I stretched it to a week :)

Jodes, thank you!

Móa...thetta a maturinn a joladaginn hja okkur :) Hangikjöt, nammi! Og graflax of sosu...jolin eru ad koma!

Square, not that I know of. But in every of his books (at least the editions I have!) in teh ned where all the credits are and publication rights, there is usually this quote and that is where I saw it first!

At 18:53, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

What an excellant list! Only 29??!! So wise for so young! D :)

At 21:23, Anonymous swampwitch said...

Just a return visit to sit and enjoy this list since I have more time today...you so make me want to visit Iceland. If I had to choose only ONE as a favorite, it would be "the twinkle in Mom's eye when she looks at me." So many of the others are wonderful, but that one pulled at my heart strings.

At 23:03, Anonymous neva said...

thought i'd pop back over to tell you how much i enjoyed your post at Shayna's. that was beautiful, dear friend. just beautiful. xox

At 11:46, Blogger cheesemeister said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed yourself. :-)

At 11:59, Blogger Minka said...

FF, Thanks *blushes*

swampy, I love that one too. She ahs a way of looking at me that resembles pride and happiness and I have a feeling regardless of how goofy I get, she´ll love every bit of it because it is me. I can´t really say, how and in what way I love her!

neva, oh bugger...that was this weekend? just when I am not home, I am guestposting....I better head on over there!

cheesemeister...it is not my birthday! I was being thankful in the spirit of Thanksgiving! But I do have one birthday each year and I do love that time of year, so thank you!

At 12:31, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I am thankful for you... fabulous you...

... and there you have it!

At 08:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi...coming here through Shayna's. Loved your musical choice so much, wanted to stop by. Glad I did -- great list!

At 11:05, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. I have got you covered under 7! My favourite number. But it doesnæt hurt it to say again: I love my blogger buddies and sistahs so much. I get such a feeling of love from most of them, friendship from others and inspiration from some. There are those special few that even make me want to be a better person!

At 15:57, Anonymous cj said...

Happy Birthday Minka!! I'm 29 as well.... at least for a few more months. I hope that you had a fantastic birthday and are ready to start resting up for that big 30 party that will occur in a year!

At 00:30, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Bread and Cheese...well said, Minka! You must be a Frenchwoman at heart.

Anyhow...you are a cool new blog-friend and I wish you a happy birthday!!!

At 00:51, Blogger Doug said...

HINT: Her birthday is on July 17 and she's a penguin.

At 01:28, Blogger Minka said...

CJ, afetr re-reading my original post I can see how people got confused about my Thankfulness. But I donæt mind having an extra birthday :)

Old Mule...It is offical: November 24th is my HALF BIRTHDAY! I seriously hope there are presents coming my way!

Doug...smarta**! Isn´t there a plane somewhere calling your name?

At 05:50, Anonymous Old Mule said...

ok ok I did not read close enough. Sheesh. But still, happy 1/2 Birthday! Doug said he's baking one half of a cake.

At 12:19, Blogger Minka said...

old mule...you are more then forgiven :)
I enjoy attention!
I had a grand time and it took me a while to realize why people were wishing me Happy Birthday all teh time :)
I am quite slow for my young age!

At 16:14, Blogger Doug said...

That's right, Mule. Just the pan and icing. You coming to the party?

At 20:14, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

I cannot believe I missed your birthday. I hope you can forgive me!@!

Happy 29, a little bit late.
I'll make it up to you, I promise. :-)

At 01:00, Blogger tsduff said...

Did you say Doug was half baked? Sheesh. Okay, just kidding. This was a nice post Minka - sorry I've been away for a while. I like #19. Moms are so precious.

At 01:35, Blogger Minka said...

Doug...It´s my party and who said you were invited?

Kyah, don´t worry about it. I like strawberry cake!

terry, My Mom certainly is one of the best people I know!

At 04:13, Blogger snavy said...

happy belated 29

i'm so out of the blogging loop

At 16:10, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Happy Birthday Minka! Sorry I'm late, but I've surfaced now and am catching up. Awsome vacation! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoy 29 a lot! Don't worry, 30 is even better. (But with your spirit I doubt you worry about such things.)

*applause* and *bows*


p.s. Thanks for the tag. Notifying the taggee's now.

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