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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday Brain Teaser!

A rare look at the world under the seas was given to millions of television viewers thanks to his TV specials and films. A former French naval officer in World War II, he designed the aqualung, which allowed divers to stay under water longer. He won two Academy Awards for his documentaries. Up until his death in 1997, he continued to explore the waters on his ship the Calypso.

off you go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the right answer! Try to limit the googling until a few clues have passed and you still feel brain-dead:)

and why you dwell on this for a bit, this might help:

I said: It might!

Posted by Minka :: 11:29 pm :: 34 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 00:23, Blogger Doug said...

Un homme ne peut vivre dans l'eau
Les animaux des terres commes Rousseau
Fautent les contrats sociales
Et les guerres et les mals
Mais les pesces promettent Jean Jacques a l'ecole

I'm dying to know if the above is French.

At 00:24, Blogger Doug said...

Et je suis le premiere.

Merci beacoups, Monde.

At 00:28, Anonymous cindra said...

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was a parody and homage of and to him.

At 01:09, Blogger Doug said...

poissons. Oh, bother.

At 01:11, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

he was such a jock

At 06:08, Blogger ariel said...

I know! but you already gave away the hints I had. I'm happy that I know, though.

At 11:28, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Oh, how I LOVED this man's adventures! Watched every episode! Fantastic clip, Minka! I remember some of those spots - Oh, Lord - am I old or what?? sigh D :}

At 11:48, Blogger brian said...

He made movies about a Pink Panther. ;)

At 13:09, Blogger ariel said...

THAT nose!

At 13:25, Anonymous neva said...

can't respond, i have to finish listening to this John Denver tune first. this is one of my favorites! so full of passion and joy, not unlike the man whose praises he also sings. (and, yes, i am a fan of John Denver, so what?)

oh my, this is too easy (for me). and way wonderful. thanks for the happy earworm, Penguin. it just brings out too many lovely memories for me to properly focus on clever commenting and or clues.

"La meilleure manière d'observer un poisson est de devenir un poisson " (The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish) ~ Mystery French Underwater Explorer xox

At 13:59, Blogger ariel said...

Doug, you fake so many languages. I'm very impressed.

At 14:18, Blogger Doug said...

Yeah, Ariel, anyone who speaks French can read above and tell you I don't. Even I found mistakes and I'm illiterate. I'm hoping there are points awarded for courage, effort and the right answer.

Lucky that Franz Liszt wasn't the answer.

At 16:17, Blogger Sar said...

Yves, that was clever Kyah! ;)

Nice touch adding the video clip, Minka.

At 16:44, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, do you want to sit down sweetie? Have a glass of water...breathe!

cindra, correct. Well done!

Doug, maybe you should lie down!

kyahgirl, he might have been, never met him, so I don´t really know. :)

ariel, I believe you!

FF, just like wine...age is appreciated around here;)

brian, I donæt think so *puzzled* The inspectors name rhymes with this one though ;)

ariel, the nose is what you are focusing on?

Neva, LOL. John denver??? Oh my!

ariel, he´s a great pretender!

Doug, you know that you get always all teh credit you need aorund here :) Plus...I throw you a bone once in a while. have you fed Ferdinand of late?

Sar, I know lots of people on a semi-second name basis;)

At 17:53, Blogger Mo'a said...

He lived life with Gusto....Moi Mo'a, I prefer to live a zesty life on top of the waves sipping drinks, decorated with umbrellas...Doug, that is parapluie to you.

At 18:08, Blogger brian said...

Gosh Minka, a guy tries to be funny to please you, and you are puzzled. Ah, my heart is broken, my girl no longer thinks I am funny. *sobs*

At 19:54, Anonymous neva said...

Monika! i'm in *shock* (rhymes with your Brain Teaser's first name) you're in shock by my confession! (okay, maybe i'm not a huge fan, it's just that some of his music has real meaning for me...what can i say, i also saw him in concert once, and he was wonderful) xox

oh, and Doug gets credit for his bad french, but i don't get any for mine?? (pourquoi est-ce que je ne suis pas étonné?)

At 20:03, Blogger Doug said...

Monika, I feed and pet Ferdinand daily. Who do you think is teaching me French?

Yes, please. Water. Cold water.

At 21:03, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Doug, you'd do famously well in Montreal. Walk into a shop/restaurant/whatever. Everybody's happily speaking French - or the unreasonable facsimile thereof that rules in Quebec. Not a word of English in evidence anywhere. You open your mouth, the first word of French comes out of it ...

"May I help you?"

What were we talking about? Ah, oui, the imperial dynasty of (yay!) oceanography, with the son attempting to fill his father's flippers. Amoebae everywhere approve of this week's teaser topic, Your Icelandic Highness.

Whatever became of that foal?

At 01:10, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Same first name as me! (translated, that is) :)

At 03:49, Blogger Solace Cai said...

Hey Minka! You've got me stumped on this one... I'm not a water-lover... actually, I can't swim. So I don't really know anything about this one. Hmph, how could I have been the random knowledge queen 3 years running and be stumped when you've even given us a video clip!


At 11:01, Blogger ariel said...

that why television is, Solace! we that cannot swim can take a look at things under water without wetting our NOSES.

At 11:27, Blogger Minka said...

Móa, yep and lovely to see you back!

brian, *strokes his back* you know I think you are funny. STop sobbing, I canæt see you cry!

neva, boy...I didnæt side step that landmine, now did I? You have gotten the biggets credit in teh last two Brian teaser Thursdays. I just felt I had to throw Doug a bone, he tries really hard! :)

Doug, That is good to know...what with me drivign back and forth in teh countryside, ferdinand just needs a singing and animal friendly nurse.

Oc, I am glad you approve. I knew this one wouldnæt be a Brain Teaser for you: Oh and teh foal is just as pretty when I first saw it. preperations are under way.

old mule, I will ahve to check on that!

solace cai, I learned to swim at teh age of 14. I am glad I did. Living on a tiny island, it could come in handy one day. Youa re almost excused from thsi weeks brain teaser. Almost.

ariel, if you actually are very careful, you don´t have to get your nose wet, when swimming. So, that makes two ladies not being able to swim. Any more? 'fess up!

At 12:46, Anonymous a said...

Bill Murray, pronounced WEE-lyum Merr-REE. I love his work, and this guy knows how to swim around a stingray.

At 18:36, Blogger tsduff said...

His son was with the croc hunter when he had his tragic stingray encounter.

At 19:21, Blogger snavy said...

His first name rhymes with shock. I dunno what to hint.

At 01:08, Blogger Minka said...

a, careful on the Steve Irwin connotation :) This here Penguin loved that man!
Otherwise, well played and so nice I dragged you over here:)

terry, see I didn´t know that!

snav, it is just lovely tos ee you as always.

At 05:46, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Well, 'tis pretty clear who he is so I might as well just say and so...

ha, ha, haaaa!

I learned my lesson I tell you! NO MORE!

Loved the video! I had the lil' bohemians watching it with me and though the girl enjoyed it the boy and I were in a screaming match over his not poking my laptop... oh my!

At 19:11, Blogger Minka said...

those kidoes...can´t live without them, can´t lock them up :)
Theya re cute though, I have seen a video :)

At 21:06, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Pouvre Neva. I understand. I saw JD twice as a kid and will always love some of his songs. (Not gonna to buy 'em!) And that song was a great one!

Especially since it reminds me of the time I saw JC live and in person. The Calypso was going through the Welland Canal just a few miles from where I grew up. And my mom and I took the day to wait for the ship and follow it up the canal. Close enough to talk to the crew!

Minka, thanks for the great salute to the father of scuba diving. He's always been a hero figure in my life, from watching him on TV to following him into the water myself. V-cool!

At 15:04, Blogger G said...

Oh pick me! I spent every Sunday evening of my youth watching his Undersea World with my siblings.

At 15:09, Blogger G said...

Ooh Julian and I just enjoyed the video and fed Ferdinand as well.

At 19:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...dropping in late to say, that's a cool video! And Terry had an interesting tidbit--I hadn't heard that.

Hope you're having a glorious weekend!

At 20:05, Blogger Minka said...

Morgan, I am glad you did like :) I am very fascinated by the sea and love watching documentaries...so this one was an easy Trivia, yet delightful!

g, I understand and Ferdinand says HI!

actonbell, I seriously wish I had more hours ina day. These last few weeks have been extraordinary busy. But the sea is calming, order hopefully returns.


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