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Friday, October 06, 2006


It is World Smile day today. Every year, the first Friday in October we celebrate this day around the world. Its tradition...8 years today! :) So come on you guys give it a smile, show some teeth...you know you want to!
You are also encouraged to show and act of kindness, a loving gesture or just simply being there for somebody.

Now excuse me...

while I find myself a hole for the next 24 hours and enter the Discworld. My precious *she says in a Smeagol voice*. I´ll be without phone, computer or adress for the next two days. I don´t care if the real world falls apart. The newest Pratchett book arrived on this ice-cube yesterday and that is:

Penguin out!

I just have time enough to wish you all a lovely weekend and be nice, friendly and sociable!!!

Posted by Minka :: 4:45 pm :: 30 Royal Subjects

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At 17:04, Blogger jillie said...

Smiling back at ya! :o))

At 17:45, Blogger Doug said...

Is it ok if I smirk instead? Otherwise I just grimace.

Enjoy the book. I remember how much you love Pratchett.

At 18:24, Anonymous neva said...

a weekend curled up with a book by a beloved author? it doesn't get much better than that, my friend!

i AM smiling, even as i read your words "my preciousss"--this is something my sister and i still say to each other ("what's it gots in it's pocketses, preciousssss.... we wonders oh yesss we doesssss) what can i say, we're weird like that. apparently you'd fit right in!!

happy happy, lovely Penguin!! xox

At 21:23, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Enjoy your book!

Neva, I've often found myself using those lines.

I'm off to see my neices, so I'm sure to smile a lot!

At 21:51, Blogger Cindra said...

Enjoy, dear. And here is a BIG TOOTHY GUMMY GRIN!

At 00:20, Blogger brian said...

Have a great weekend my friend and I will see you Monday.

At 00:42, Blogger Aisha said...

:) :0) :-)

At 02:24, Blogger G said...

Well you've got plenty to smile about today now doncha? Enjoy a lovely weekend with a good friend :)

At 11:15, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

When you return, dear Minka - visit my special Saturday post, you'll see why! D Enjoy the read! :}

At 11:50, Blogger ariel said...

yay, it's wonderful to get lost in a good book!

At 16:45, Blogger Doug said...

Um, just a question. Does that say "cyberdork.com?"

At 18:23, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I'm guessing the book must be that good...

I've never read Pratchett...I'll have to check into her/him?

At 21:50, Blogger Semina said...

Semina always smiles :}
Enjoy your book Minka Min :}

At 20:24, Blogger Logophile said...

I smiled,
in a suspicious manner.
That is the best, keeps people wondering.

Hope you are at least stopping for potty and food breaks.

When you have a good book sleep is option, but you really ought to go to the bathroom and the kitchen on occasion.

At 22:23, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Figures I'd check in two days late and miss the "Smile Day" announcement.

But I'm covered. For my sins, I sing in a church choir, and at the end of Thursday's rehearsal, the director announces that she's off to visit her daughter at college this weekend, she needs a sub and she points at me!.

So not only do I have to get me to smile, I have to get 25 grumpy old people to smile and sing (the Thursday rehearsal did not go well). On a foggy Sunday morning in Maine.

But hey, the sun came out, the piece went well and we were all smiling at the end.

Surely that's worth a vote for me at Sar's place! :)

Yes, Doug, that does say "cyberdork". I think it's Norway, not Iceland, that still does whaling ...

At 14:56, Blogger Sar said...

Still smiling! Hope you're enjoying the book hybernation. :) (see, still smiling!)

At 17:15, Blogger snavy said...

dammit --- no one told me about smile day. i was out all day.

At 18:32, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

How's teh book?

At 23:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe I beat you to a Pratchett book, since I've only read two! Happy reading:)

At 23:39, Blogger tsduff said...

I didn't know you could talk like Smeagol... good job for a bird without lips :-D

Hope your eyes still work after abusing them on Pratchett all weekend...

At 01:26, Blogger Minka said...

and she returns....

a day and a half late :) It´s been quite the weekend...I hd a blast though and see that all of you took my smiling advice to the utmost *claps*
well done!

jillie: HI and you have a beautiful smile!

Doug, You look like you hve a coat hanger in your mouth! *grins*

Neva, "whats it in its pocketses? We wants it. Give it to us!" Pure delight...

Square, join teh club. Some films and some lines just stick!

cindra Jo, your dentist is probably very proud :)

Brian, better make that Tuesday!:)

aisha, now that is what I call grinning!

g, thanks and I am very thankful that I have so many things to smile about in life!

FF, I´ll of course check it out!

ariel, ther eis nothign quite like it...the smell, the careful fingers as they try not to crumble the pages to much. The blnket almost tucked up to your ears, a light and quiet...coutn me in!

Doug, um it says cyberdark.net at mine! *looks puzzled*

Square, it is almost a prerequisite of my friends to have read at least one. After that you can decided if it is up your alley or not! Give it try...you might enjoy it very much. But check in with me before. There are 30 books in his Discworld series, some of them good, many great, quite a few extraordinary...but one or two bad apples in between.

semina, thank you!

Logo, you might be right on that one. Boy, am I glad I have just such fortunes on the sme floor!

Oc...that deserves a few pieces of candy and a checking of your caption :)

Sar, I got through it and had life ahppening as well. I did well and I smiles a lot this weekend!

snav, it is never too late!

kyah, it was so worth lettign teh world take care of itself for once :)

actonbell, dontæ get me started. donæt you find it just a bot odd, that the book comes out in the USA way before it comes out in Britain (pratchett´s home coutnry???) Breathe, Monika!

tsduff, just about. It is good to have somethign to blame my typos for though;)

At 14:39, Blogger Jodes said...

go pink - see my post.

At 23:56, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.
I was not aware that it was SMILE DAY, but I can assure you that I smiled on Friday nonetheless.
Smiling is good for the soul!!

At 01:39, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Some time ago, I read Terry Prachett's Thief of Time. I enjoyed that book.

At 04:52, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Minka! Thanks for the tip, I've got tons o' time to kill and didn't know about the knew book til you told me. *bow*

As for smile day. Well it was the last day of work on a 1/2 year contract I *hated*. Smiles were EVERYWHERE on Friday! On my face any way. *dance* I'm still happy!

Oh, and it was great to be home with the family on Thanksgiving! Two new additions under 1 year old. They cried a lot. I laughed. I'm cruel, oh well. :-)

Morgan (needs a dive buddy)

At 11:03, Blogger Minka said...

Jodes, I have always been more of a lavender sorta girl :)

JD, some people smile almost every day. They need no reminding, but I knew that certain curmudgeons check this blog out once in a while...so I felt they needed a reminder! :)

Tim, I bet you would enjoy more of them. They are 30 now, but I say that to everybody :)

Morgan, sounds great! Thanksgiving dinner I mean. When I am invited to dinner, and toddlers are around, the parents always smile...´cause their darling little angels have found my weak spot :) Now what are you reading for?...off to the bookstore with you!

At 17:28, Blogger cube said...

I've always meant to read the Discworld series. It sounds like something I would like. Enjoy the new one!

BTW I thought only bears went into hibernation.

At 01:29, Blogger Doug said...

One of the greatest conquerers and horsemen of history, he once said "The land that is conquered from the horse can not be governed from the horse."

At 05:47, Blogger Minka said...

cube, bears and wonderfully weird penguins!

Doug, grfsiuyoitds!!!!

At 03:09, Anonymous shayna said...

Darn it... I missed it!!! Well... I'm still smiling anyway! :)


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