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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A lovely October to everybody!

Another day in the countryside. This time the larger part of this family (and believe me we couldn´t fit all of us!) went to the countryside for a huge BBQ. Sorta "Summer Goodbye" kinda thing. It was go-hood!

But what was even better was the fact that four generations were jumping around trying to beat each other to the garlic butter. Grandpa and grandma stay over the summer here in iceland, they´ll leave for Portugal soon. Than there is Mom and Dad, than we kids and the kids of my siblings. That is a lot of people and even more noise.

I have two fond memories from this weekend, I will never be able to forget:

There was all of us playing actionary and it was such a riot. There was hysterical laughter, Minka´s looking fiercely at anybody trying to insist they screamed the word way before her and little kids falling asleep on the couch. Intensive acting that almost involved breaking body parts. I lost though...I don´t wanna talk about it!

The other is when some of us got our instruments and started to play. My sister on the violin, me on the piano and the fourth generation on the flute and the really little ones had pots and spoons to hit the rhythm (sorta). It wasn´t all that grand...some notes were seriously beyond recognition but everybody applauded feverishly. Until grandma sat down and played this song you are hearing in the background. She is a very good piano player and we all settled down and just closed our eyes and listened to grams fingers creating the melody we all have heard so often.

I guess it was a wonderful way to start into October.
I know it is not time to give thanks yet, but boy am I glad that I found the family I now have!

Rabbit, rabbit everybody!

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Posted by Minka :: 9:16 pm :: 40 Royal Subjects

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At 21:30, Blogger Doug said...

Thanks, Minka. Hase, Hase.

Does Für Elise have an October meaning.

At 21:46, Blogger Minka said...

It does, if you were a little later to read the actual post :)

At 21:56, Blogger ariel said...

family is often unbearable but when it is good, it is very good. it'd be wonderful to gather together all my family just one more time, all the dead ones, too, drink and dance together just one more time.

At 22:10, Anonymous shayna said...

Oh, Minka... what a beautiful post... makes me long to have family like that... :) You are very lucky... cherish every moment!

At 22:12, Blogger brian said...

Hi Minka,

You are a very fortunate woman to have found the wonderful family that you have. You can give thanks every day. We are so happy for you that your life is so good. :)

Love Brian and Diane.

At 22:16, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, mine drives me nuts daily, but I couldn´t be without them :)

Shayna, I try to very much. And although the camera is not always reay, teh heart takes a picture!

Brian, I think they were lucky to get me :)

At 22:25, Blogger Doug said...

Let's not forget how lucky they were to find you. Nothing worse for a family than being almost complete. Second piano is a very important role.

At 23:55, Anonymous neva said...

Hear hear, Doug... and Hase Hase, fair Penguin!

lovelovelove this post, the music, the imagery... all perfect. so glad you had a wonderful weekend, dear friend! xox

At 00:01, Blogger brian said...

Of course I meant you Minka! Any man would be very lucky to get you. ;)

At 03:25, Blogger SquareGirl said...

That IS such a wonderful way to start October and it is never to early to be thankful! Lovely post Minka!

At 03:59, Blogger Swampwitch said...

OK, well that nearly scared the bejeezus out of me. I have a piano, no one else is supposed to be in the house, and all of a sudden someone is playing Fur Elise. I will be back to read your post, but for now, I have only enough time to listen for a second. Thanks. I love this song. One of the only ones I can play by memory.

At 04:59, Blogger Cindra said...

Fur Elise is the favorite of my dear friend, who is undergoing a procedure to determine whether she has breast cancer or not...makes me think of her...keep positive thoughts for her in your hearts, all!

Minka, what a wonderful picture you paint with your words. Honey, give thanks much and often!

At 12:21, Anonymous joel said...

You painted a very vivid picture with your post..."quite" enjoyable and heart warming.

At 13:19, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Wonderful, Minka! I love family gatherings. We don't have enough of us anymore. But I remember the good ol days! Treasure the memories. D :}

At 13:46, Blogger Minka said...

neva, and hear hear Minka. ´Cause I said it first! :)

Brian...I m not so sure about that. And I know :)

Squaregirl, you are right it is never to early to start giving thanks...it should be a daily occurance really!

swampwitch, regardless of how ignorant people claim they are about Classical music...they recognize that they have heard this piece before. It is an amazing piece and I am pleased ot hear fellow piano player is in this here comment section!

cindra jo, I will send good thoughts and hope everything will go well!

joel, what do you mean "quite"? Get your behind over here and explain right NOWWWWWW! Just kidding :)

FF, yes I do and I am very fortunate that this one is so huge, one hardly ever feels alone.

At 13:57, Blogger brian said...


I know you know what you know, but I know that you know, that all know, that you are a very special lady waiting for that very special man who knows you as I know you. :p

At 15:04, Blogger Jodes said...

i love the music....that song is fantastic.

At 16:39, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Minka, Thanks for the reminder on family! This weekend I'll be driving 1200km to get to my parents for (Canadian) Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to it even more now after reading your post. (I'm only there 1-2 weeks a year and this year we're short a generation so it's important to be going.)

Brian, are you hitting on Minka???

Minka, tell Lisa she's a devine dancer.

I-Dive-At-Night (aka Morgan)

At 17:06, Anonymous neva said...

so you did, dear Penguin! my bad.

the best (and most lovely) song i learned to play on the piano was Liebesträume (unfortunately, that's about all i learned, because i quit taking lessons about a year after i started 'em.)

At 20:36, Blogger brian said...

Hi Dives at Night,

Oh I am way past the point of hitting on Minka. She's my very special penguin. ;)

At 23:50, Blogger Semina said...

Your family is lucky to have you dear Minka, and you are so smart to have chosen them.
I could see them and hear them in my mind, as I listen to Beethoven's lovely music, and read your description of your time with them. :}

At 07:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Minka,
Thank you so much!
came here from Madd's blog...Iceland sounds so exotic...
I have a penguin too as virtual pet...
You have got a very interesting blog..

At 09:53, Blogger Minka said...

brian, There are so mnay knows in that sentence that I actually don´t know anymore :)

Jodes, yes it is a lovely piece!

Morgan, Family is important and I can´t imagine otherwise than the rest of them wiating for you in anticipation. Have fun and don´t worry about Brian, I´ll set my birds on him if he crosses teh line :)

neva, I had three years I think and not that much potential to begin with...but it is enough for "Silent Night" and "twinkle twinkle, little star"! :)

brian, hear hear!

semina, thank you. Both sides have made a bargain on my 19th birthday. That´s when I met them and until I move on to other spheres, they´ll cnæt get rid of me!

abhay k, welcome and make yoursefl at home!

At 17:48, Blogger First Nations said...

my darling, thank you. that was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. i am smiling!

At 19:20, Blogger tsduff said...

I love your description - sounds quite a bit like my own family! At holidays and get togethers, Dad played trombone, Mom the flute, sis the violin, other sis the clarinet, other sis the euphonium, other sis french horn... me the accordian (soon to be steel drum :-D) lots of noise all around :-) Say, can you put up Clare de Lune? That is my favorite.

At 19:25, Blogger Minka said...

FN, just as I intended :)

terry, I bet I can...maybe next time around :)

At 22:36, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Hi, minka. Your family gathering sounded wonderful. It's a part of life not to be missed. A number of people across the generations enjoy playing piano in my family. Fur Elise is such a soothing background music.

At 00:00, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, I know. It calms me and mkes me think. Music abilities in my family is amazing...it causes laughter, dance...finger pointing and memories.

At 01:34, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Nothing like a good family BBQ. Trouble is, you need to come to South Carolina for the best!

At 02:02, Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Sounds quite musical and cozy.

At 02:17, Blogger actonbell said...

Hey, you snuck this one in on me...

Rabbit, rabbit! It sounds like a smashing time was had by all. And it's never to early or late to be thankful--so much to rejoice about:)

At 02:35, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

How wonderful! I'm sure your family is so glad that YOU are a part of their lives too.
I hear love and laughter and joy in this post. :)

At 02:50, Blogger Aisha said...

actionary, never heard of it!?

happy october :)

At 14:25, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

AAAHHHH! Damn blogger ate my comment!

Well, I am so happy that you have such a delightful family now... sounds like they were tailor made for you and all that was needed was for you to find them and they you and I am so happy this happened! You deserve it and so much more.

I know what it is like to find amazing souls to love and who know how to love back... a true gift... especially when what you were originally born into was not too kind a place!

Have an equally delightful rest of October and besos to you!

At 16:31, Blogger Minka said...

old mule, and why is that? We have pretty good sauces here, I have you know!:)

pecos blue, it does and it was and hopefully will be for quite a while.

actonbell, coming from the family you come from, I guess you know all about being thankful. Rabbit, rabbit to you too :)

Jamie Dawn, yeah you ears are fine, no need to go to a check up any time soon!

aisha, a slightly different version of pictionary!

Miz B. Thank you for teh heartfelt words, I know that you understand and are able to appreciate the sentiments I am tryign to bring across...kindred spirits!

At 19:31, Blogger brian said...

Evening Minka,


At 20:21, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

This was so sweet. I loved hearing about the family and the music!
Rabbit, Rabbit, a bit late :-)

At 20:42, Blogger Minka said...

Hi brian *waves*

kyahgirl, he had it coming...just trust me on this. Hase, Hase to you too :)

At 02:30, Blogger G said...

Minka ~ I missed this last week but am glad I came back and poked around. Such nice memories.

At 02:34, Blogger G said...

Can't seem to leave as long as the music is playing...Says to self "It's the weekend, she's reading a book, she won't notice if I just lay down and take a little nap."


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