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Friday, October 13, 2006


Gets in the way of plans. I love it. This last week I have been little around the WWW and certainly blogged the least I can remember. But this is a wonderful fall we are having and such a time for merriment that it feels so good to be alive. Usually there is a bit of nordic wind and all the leaves are gone within a day...this year is different. I love it when my favourite season lasts longer than the blink of an eye!

But to be honest...I also have been a bit of a party girl of late. But not just me. Mom too! Unfourtunately I have to inform you that neither of the men on the picture is her husband. Daddy, I am sad you had to find out this way, but as the loving daughter that I am, I felt it my duty to approach you with my blogadress this morning. I mean that woman is wild when not chained! Love you MOM :)

Other than that I have been on the road a lot. Can you blame me. I have been painting fences in the countryside, got together with some friends and just simply enjoyed breathing.

Yesterday I spent with one of the most delightful Germans I know. Her name is Heike and she comes to Iceland quite a few times. Once you have been in Iceland, something will draw you back again and again. So Heike, will you get the hint and move already, you sweet little thing?! She demanded that she´d be mentioned on my blog and anything for you sweetie. I can even do better than that...I have a digital camera :) You just be grateful I didn´t use one of the other pics to post :) I had a grand time, we all will miss you and you know where to sleep when you get back. And remember, there are plenty of fishes in the sea ;)

Ok, you guys...I have abandoned you long enough and it is time I make my rounds and see what you have been up to. Here is to life and the wonderful surprises it holds around each corner, if you are willing to take a peak. Cheers!

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At 20:21, Blogger Doug said...

That was a post worth waiting for. Sabine, I'm shocked! What kind of example is that to set for Minka?

Obviously it's true that pretty girls flock together. Nce to meet youk Heike.

Regarding autumn we've had our first rain since early spring so the colors here are changing to green.

At 20:28, Blogger Minka said...

yeah, the change from lighter green to a bit more darker green must be breath-taking *ducks*

At 22:02, Blogger brian said...

Hi Minka,

I agree well worth the wait. I love the wild women of Iceland, I may have to visit some day. ;)

It's wonderful to see all the beautiful scenery and to hear how much fun you are having.

At 22:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful post--it's great that you're having such a beautiful fall and enjoying life so much!

At 22:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and CHEERS!

At 22:32, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

there are plenty of fishes in the sea, eh? Then how come there aren't any in my cove, huh? You sweeping them up in an Icelandic fishing boat when I'm not looking? So you can post blackmail pics of your Mom?

What about that sunset picture? Is that the last you'll see of Sol before April?


At 22:51, Blogger Tim Rice said...

It does sound like your life has full with fun activities. Loved the picture of the autumn-colored tree.

At 22:56, Blogger Biene said...

doug: you should have seen the other pics! MOM

At 23:12, Anonymous cj said...

Oh Minka - I love the pictures. I am so glad that you had a nice time. *LOL* I love pictures of wild moms!

At 00:31, Blogger tsduff said...

You Icelandic women are so free
:-D Lovely post Monika - glad you've been having fun. (Mom too :-D)

At 02:20, Blogger G said...

L'chaim - you kids sure know how to have a good time!

At 03:03, Blogger Doug said...

Biene, you mean the ones you took of Monika? Don't you still have a blog?

At 03:20, Anonymous neva said...

well i was wondering where you'd been off to, girlfriend! so glad to know your absence was due to the fact that you were out seeing beautiful sights, friends, and partying parents! your friend Heike looks as lovely and full of life/mischief as you, i'm certain you two are fun to watch when you're out on the town together!

fall is lingering (or getting a late start?) out here, as well... i, for one, don't mind. winter will be here soon enough, and with it, plenty of that white stuff. that said, i'm guessing you'll see it before we do, and have more than your fill before next spring. so party on, sweet Monika! Carpe diem while there's diem to Carpe. (or something like that)


At 04:56, Blogger consise10 said...

Sounds like you and your German buddy had lots of 'intoxicating' fun..good on you Monika.The pics are a blast!

At 05:48, Blogger Logophile said...

Glad to see you are keeping suitable company, Minka dear.
Stuffy companions are bad for the soul. Cheers!

At 12:17, Blogger brian said...

Afternoon Minka,


I love you. :)

At 14:00, Anonymous Joel said...

Oh! You're still around? I had almost given up on you. Glad you've been having fun...I'm sure we'll get over being neglected in due time. :-)

At 14:02, Anonymous Heike said...

Hello Sweetie :-)

I am very proud to be mentioned on your famous blog. Thanks again for Thursday. It was really an unforgetable day! Fishes in the sea? You know how I am thinking about the fishes ... in Iceland :-) but anyway be sure that I will be back in Iceland. Missing you all too! Wie gehts dem Toepfchen? :-)

Biene: The two guys have been in DV on Friday and they will be on stage in Reykjavik soon. So if you want to see them again .... :-)

Big hug,

At 14:05, Anonymous madd said...

Minka..looks like you are having a great time..enjoy..!! I love the pics, thanks for sharing..take care..m

At 16:17, Blogger ariel said...

very cheerful pictures, I'm glad you're having fun! autumn is a wonderful thing, it's good this year you have more of it than usual. :)

At 19:04, Anonymous Old Mule said...

Is that some type of ash tree? (Sorbus?)

And yes, that Heike is a catch!

At 20:09, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Minka - Oh, what a wonderful way to spend your time! Enjoying it! So glad for you! D :}

At 20:35, Blogger Cindra said...

Minka-so glad you had a good time...love the pic of yer mommy! Lucky you two! cheers!


But who will post about how you behaved and where are the pictures of you???

At 01:05, Blogger Jodes said...


At 01:32, Blogger SquareGirl said...

How fun! Glad to hear how wonderful life has been to you! And yes, where are the pictures of you?

At 02:01, Blogger Fred said...

I love the pictures. Can I come next time?

At 12:17, Blogger Solace Cai said...

You always take the most amazing photos. I especially love that wine glass!


At 13:06, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, we only live ones, life is short and with those odds one better gets going and take it all in :) Cheers!

actonbell, yes it is. We had our first frost tonight!

Oc, depending of where you live and teh water conditions...there might be fewer fish where you are :) That sun set was just breath taking, my camera is only a tiny little in-expensive thing...but do not worry, in winter us fishes are shining as brightly as ever . There is always a source of light and if it calls for it, my Christmas lights will be up by the end of this week :)

Tim, I knew you would like it and I put it there with you in mind!

Mom, look who´s coming out of lurking mode :) And Doug...I agree. Mom has quite a few incriminating pics of herself, taken by me :)

Cj, that does nto come as a surprise :) My mom is really lovely though and just went with teh good time sthat were had by all. I think daddy got nothing to worry about.

terry, there is a chance for you to become one of us ;)

G, kids? I can see Mom blushing :)

Doug, can I have a word with you outside please? Now!

Neva, your words are always so sweet and sincere. Carpe Diem...now there is a movie I have watched way too many times:) Soon I cna make snow angels. I give it another two weeks before flakes will hit us :)

consise 10, yes we did. But we stayed decent. Ok, we drowned one bottle of red wine and a bit of champagne, Heike had beer too! We made it home :)

Logo, it is all about the right kinda people surrounding you. I am glad I know who they are. I bet, painting teh town red with you, would be like that :)

Brian, right back at ye! Many a hugs and I hope the spirit has been lifted.

Joel, "Hello kettle...you are black!" :) I missed you too :)

Heike, Hello you sweet little thing. Back in Germany! I miss you...come back and if you don´t like Icleandic fishes, German ones can be transported;) I hope you are happy to be back, work a lot and safe enough money to buy a ticket to this ice-cube in say about 2 months?

madd, why thank you. I am having a blast and I am realizing that I seriosuly shoudl publsih more pics of my life, people seem to enjoy them a lot.

ariel, yes...absolutely. Still some leaves on teh trees...I can´t believe theya re still there. It´s been a month or so!

old mule, yes she is but she´s been caught already :( I have no idea what type of tree, I am sorry!

FF, thank you and I hope you have plenty to smiel about as well :)

cindra jo, I am always the decency at any party. Nothing to tell about my misbehaviours at all. Nothing. *angelic light appears behind her head while she secretly tries to hide those red little horns beneath her hair*

Jodes, I am glad!

Square...ok...I´ll add another picture if blogger permits.

Fred, no problem...I´ll get a ticket for you to a "Golden Ball of Femininity" next year. I am sure we´ll find soem clother to disguise :)

solace cai, it is my favourite picture. And thank you for pointing it out. Have you seen that the part where you hold it is not straight down? It was a special glass and we got to take it home after the evening, unfourtunately I can´t recall where I put mine :( I never finsihed drinking that glass, I just thought it was so beautiful...and as you can see: my glass is way more than half full ;)

At 13:57, Blogger Swampwitch said...

First, thank you for your kind words to Ben in Iraq. I know he'll surprised to find greetings from someone in Iceland. :)
The photos are wonderful. I especially like the tree and the sunset...but then again, the pics of your mom and Heike look like so much fun was being had...makes me want to visit Iceland.
Merriment ! I love that word and must remember to use it in my writing and my life.
Nordic Wind: Me thinks it was blowing here in Colorado last evening. It looks as athough it was raining gold leaves for about 30 minutes. This morning my trees a stark naked.
An unchained wild woman? Nothing more fun.
Thanks for another wonderful post. It's always so refreshing to visit here. One never knows what to expect from Minka.
Have a wonderful week. Don't stay away so long.

At 17:03, Blogger cube said...

Glad you had fun. Cheers!

At 18:00, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

So glad you are enjoying your autumn Minka. I never tire of your beautiful pictures and your naughty pictures too. :-)

At 23:43, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

That's the life! Glad you're smart enough to get out and live like a young woman should.

At 13:16, Anonymous shayna said...

Looks and Reads as if you are having a wonderful fall... keep on living it up!

At 13:45, Blogger jillie said...

Sounds as if you're really enjoying life! I love the fall and I miss the Wisconsin fall season. Southern California just doesn't cut it. Happy Wed Minka ;o)

At 14:33, Blogger karma said...

how is teh darling penguin???

At 03:39, Blogger snavy said...

Take every moment you can to enjoy life sweetie!! Cheers!!

At 03:50, Blogger Doug said...

His code is considered the first written law.

At 07:01, Blogger ariel said...


At 14:07, Anonymous Joel said...

knock, knock...anybody home?

At 15:52, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Halllooooooo!!!! Its Thursday you lazy penguin. shake a leg will ya? First time I ever made it here on the right day!

At 17:53, Anonymous neva said...

apparently i should have thought twice before linking to you on the Snark, little Penguin!

heh heh... i know you're busy, but still... would it kill you to put up a brain teaser of some sort? yer makin' me look bad!!

oh wait... instead of the "teaser" are we supposed to solve an acual mystery this week? as in "Where is Monika"? a la "Where is Waldo"?? if so, we need more pictures! xox

At 18:18, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Making rounds? And I have yet to see you! I was gonna HMPH you but I see I am not the only one being neglected!



A bohemian way of saying thou art missed!

At 23:14, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Have you left us without a good bye? ;)

I know. Life does just get busy or intervenes in other ways. But we miss you here and on our blogs.

At 00:05, Blogger Minka said...

Boy oh boy...I really need to get my life more sceduled. I feel so touched by all of you missing me. Thank you guys.
I get on teh Brain teaser right away...can´t believ it is Thursday again.

I mis syou guys too and in a couple of days my life will be back on track...hopefully :)

At 20:53, Blogger Biene said...

Hmmm. I see, the penguin is dearly missed. But though I am THE mom, that is a stubborn little girl (shakes head) and seems she has a life worth living. What could make a mom more happy? Sometimes I get a glimpse of her heals, clattering in and out of the house. But anyhow, our working hours don´t fit together, when I come home she goes out. That´s probable why we get so well along with each other. But I really didn´t want to chat so much. I just wanted to tell that I had lost my camera that evening in question so while Monika took pics of me... and so on. But I found it again. The camera. Today at least I can tell you the penguin was by the waterside, watching her brother fall into it. Mom.


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