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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thurday Brain Teaser

"He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and as did his parents and grandparents, he taught speech and worked with the deaf in several schools in New England. Trying to find a way to transmit speech, he invented what is now a common household item in 1876. In honor of his accomplishments, several telecommunications companies carry his name."

If you think you got it, journey onwards to the comment section and HINT!!! at whatever you believe to be the right answer. This way you leave clues for others and display your extensive knowledge.
Now go on...you know you want to!

ps. I adopted! If you get a chance, say "Hi" to Ferdinand in my sidebar. Tickle his tummy and see what happens. Ain´t he just the cutest little penguin?!*beams with pride*

Posted by Minka :: 12:13 am :: 37 Royal Subjects

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At 00:49, Blogger Jenna Howard said...

Holy doodle. I know this one!! I ain't no dingaling and I am first!

At 01:59, Blogger Doug said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 02:04, Blogger Doug said...

Some say by warfare humanity fell
But the ringing around me does tell
That nothing invented
Should be more repented
Than what this man burns for in hell

At 02:09, Blogger Minka said...

Jenna, well done with being first ( I hold that in very high regard!) and also hinting quite nicely although being sick *applauds*

douglas, I can see how his invention would annoy a seclusive curmudgeon. Liek the rhyming of fell tell and hell...hinting at his name! very well done, to be honest!

At 02:50, Blogger G said...

Ooh here's one I knew right off the bat!

What's brown and sounds like a BLANK?

The answer: DUNG!!!

At 05:28, Blogger ariel said...

it's a relief that this time this is not someone the name I forgot but someone the name I've never known. he came up with a great think, thogh, thank you, Sir!

from Doug's hint I'd think of Yeats...

jeez, G, my young brother LOVES jokes like that. :)

At 05:30, Blogger ariel said...

of course it was not the rhyming that made me think of Yeats.

At 12:47, Anonymous Joel said...

Whenever his invention makes its presence known in our house I immediately wonder for whom it tolls and I pray that it is not for me.

At 13:54, Blogger Jodes said...

ooh ooh I know I know....and I know it rhymes with, oh wait maybe I won't tell.

At 14:26, Blogger G said...

Ariel - then please share it with him. But give proper credit - Monty Python (so insert proper British accent - much funnier that way :)

At 16:40, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

The other guy besides that Sherlock fellow who needed Watson.

But would he have bothered to ask Watson to come if he knew that, if Watson actually showed up, he would one day be responsible for the William Tell Overture going off in somebody's pocket during a performance of Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune?

At 19:08, Anonymous neva said...

does the fact that he's a bonafide long-lost relative give me any kind of edge around here? no? hmmmm.

his middle name is *also* the name of an essential ingredient for s'mores. (along with marshmallows and a chocolate candy bar)

oh! and the original greeting one employed when using one of his devices what "Ahoy"! (which is what Mr. Burns on the Simpsons still says)

by the way, Ferdinand is almost as adorable as you are. almost. xox

At 19:13, Anonymous neva said...

...WAS "Ahoy" or "Ahoy! Ahoy!"... (stupid blogger's not making spell-checking and/or commenting easy today)

At 20:36, Blogger brian said...

I am so late, I am sorry, but the ringer was turned off and I missed my wake up call.

Ferdinand is so cute. :)

Btw, Dewy is all set for Saturday Minka. ;0)

At 21:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...


isn't it interesting that when you pull the optical mouse on anything solid, the cursor moves but when you pull it in the air, nothing happens? ok, sorry, just thought it was interesting...


At 21:08, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Oooooooo! Ferdinand is wonderful!He is SO cute.

I know this one too! But would he have spurned the product on if Te knew what it would spawn? Grrrrrrr! Telemarketers! Grrrrr! D :}

At 23:05, Blogger Tim Rice said...

His middle name is a delicious cracker and sometimes we like to put melted chocolate and melted marshmellows between two of these crackers. Yummy!

At 23:31, Blogger Minka said...

See, I can be away for a whole day and teh blog takes pretty much care of itself :)

g, that mad eme laugh so hard! Well done *bows*

ariel, I ahve told you many a time...it doesn´t pay to give attention to whatever Doug mumbles. It is usually confused rambling. He gets an effort for trying though.

Joel, whya re you afraid. Do you live in hiding, the Witness protection programmeÐ what did you do? are you dangerous...oh, I got myself almost worked up :)

Jodes, you would be correct!

G, sometimes I wish I knew what was going on!

Oc...see above!

neva, I don´t think it gives you any additional credit. But dontæ worry you are so high on my list that you could stand to even loose a few :)

neva, it is a mystery which I am not willing to resolve right now :)

Brian, see I canæt do that. I have an intern clock. In teh evenings I tell myself I have to wake up at around 7 and without fail I´ll wake up at 2.30, 3.45, 5.10 and then oversleep :)

Ariel, i appreciate our differences :)

FF, isnæt he though. Cute little fellow. I tickled him already three time today...thanks for bringing him into my life :)

Tim, now see that I know! Correct!

At 00:52, Blogger Cindra said...

his three initials are contained in the word "gamble"

At 00:53, Blogger Cindra said...

Aw, ferdinand is so cute...congratulations!

At 01:13, Blogger Doug said...

I even fed your adopted son while you were gone. I'm still sorry about that whole shoving him off the ice floe thing. You must be very proud.

At 01:56, Blogger Minka said...

cindra jo...that would be correct. Well done. And also: welcome, you definately are new around here! And thank you...it was a pianless birth and he is very playful. he leaves puddles on teh floor though :)

doug, yes you did. Although Ferdinand doensæt like burgers, he didnæt have teh ehart to tell you. He´s a fruitarian! *grins*

At 07:14, Blogger Logophile said...

I love Ferdinand, and I think everyone has covered all the hints I could have come up with.
Oh well, I am so glad he came up with his invention though.

At 09:33, Blogger brian said...

Morning Minka,

*looks around for Ariel* Psst, you haven't seen her with a cleaver today have you?

I mean I like Ariel, but her taste for bunny parts is scary. ;)

At 11:01, Blogger Doug said...

He seems to like fish ok, Minka, or is that the fruit of the sea?

At 11:20, Blogger Minka said...

Logo, that makes two of us. I love to hear long away voices when pressing my ear to a thing that fits in the palm of my hands :)

bunny, I think she will be aorudn at some point. Do you think I shoudl make up rules for this page? Something like: Macabre interest in fellow blogger´s body parts is frownd upon?

Doug, you are doing such a great job. Can you pick him up todya after diving practice...there is a penguin splashing he has to get to before dinner :)

At 11:31, Blogger ariel said...

I'm in the office now, they have Explorer here, so I was playing with Ferdinand a little. he is so friendly!

Brian, no fear, I've just finished lunch and I'm too slow and heavy for a quick little rabbit.

At 11:51, Blogger brian said...


Thank goodness. You know, you can swing by my blog.:)

Hi Minka,

Well, I like your flippers, but yes, talking about stewing a fellow blogger is disturbing. :p

Morning Doug,

What is the catch of the day???

At 12:21, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Minka - you are SO welcome. Ferdinand has found a special home.

I have Cookie Puss - she swats at your pointer & follows it with her head! Too cute! D :}

At 14:03, Blogger Swampwitch said...

WEll, I had started my usual limerick for today's brain teaser until I read Doug's. No way can I outdo that one. SO, Watson is outta here. Thanks for stopping by today, and YES, there should be a GlobberAward for the blogger who travels the farthest to the Award Ceremony. I will find a special one for you. Stay tuned.

At 15:02, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, that´s a relief.

Brian, ther eis no catch on this here blog. fair play all day :)

swampy, I think you made the right decision :)

At 15:03, Blogger Minka said...

FF, snuck by me there...I have to go and check her out. Ah kids...they are adorable :)

At 15:45, Blogger Doug said...

@Ariel- I've spent the last day trying to figure out where you got Yeats. you were referring to The Second Coming. The favorite poem of all rough beasts. Things sure do fall apart.

Hi, Minka! My turn with Ferd?

At 16:39, Blogger ariel said...

Doug, you're quite something!

At 19:13, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, yes you always have him on Fridays now :)

ariel, don´t give him ideas!

At 19:14, Blogger Minka said...

oh and the answer to our Trivia is of course:

Alexander Graham Bell

At 19:16, Blogger IDiveAtNight said...

Interesting side note on Mr. A.G. Dingaling. He lived and worked in Canada at the time he was inventing his "long distance voice sending device". However he made a trip to the United States to show his device to a group of investors. During their conversation he casually picked up his device and used it to call for his assistant, saying "Watson, come in here, I need you." Then he calmly turned back to the investors and said," By the way, that's the first time this device has EVER been used."

Considering how much money Nortel (a Canadian company) makes each year, Canadians happily agree that the {device in question} was invented in the United States. (History for sale!)


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