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Friday, September 01, 2006

some pictures...

I really don't know what to post about today...my ideas ran from jokes, through quizzes all the way to blood types and now my head hurts.
So instead I decided to publish a few animal pics I took while in Germany.

So there you go, my job here is done!

no, wait a sec...two more things.
1) Happy Birthday to BOBO. Although sometimes he can be a pain, he truly is amazing!
2) Rabbit, Rabbit to all the Pezes and friends, to the rest of you a wonderful Septemeber.

Posted by Minka :: 5:29 pm :: 31 Royal Subjects

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At 22:34, Anonymous Joel said...

Me? a pain? (sulks away with a small tear forming in the corner of his left eye)...no, no I kid...thank you so much for the birthday greeting. You are way too kind!

But speaking of greetings...I translated the message left on Puppytoes and came up with this...

"Alles Gute und Liebe zum geburtstag, Joel.
ch hoffe du hast einen shönen Kuchen und die Kerzen leuchten in euren Augen.

Und ausserdem: Hase hase und einen wundervollen September!"

and came up with this...

"All property and love for the birthday, Joel. CH hopes to shine you has a shoenen cake and the candles in your eyes. And in addition: Hare hare and a wonderful September!"


At 22:35, Anonymous Joel said...

...oh and, I am first...only fitting since it is my birthday and all!

At 22:36, Blogger Doug said...

I suddenly feel like I'm in one of Aesop's fables. Great photography.

Haha, Joel.

At 22:46, Anonymous joel said...

...sorry, one more thing...forgot to mention I enjoyed the pictures very much.

At 22:50, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, I´ll give you 7 out of 10.
I basically wished youa ll the best, and I hope that teh candle light of the cake gets close to the sparkle in your(you adn Puppytoes) eyes.
I know!

Doug, yeah and you know what animal you´d be?!

At 23:28, Blogger Doug said...

Is that a trivia question, Minka? You posed with one wearing Icelandic flags on your face.

At 23:34, Blogger tsduff said...

Cute pics... who was holding the toad?

At 23:36, Anonymous neva said...

see what a true and beautiful doll you are? that was such a lovely wish you made for Joel... and to add a little Birthday greeting on your *own* site was truly generous!

as for these pictures? just fabulous. based on that second picture, i started to worry that all the gardening you did while in Germany had ruined your hands... but i'm thinking those belong to someone else. someone not too creeped out by holding a tiny amphibian. of course, i'd do something like that, on the other hand (heh heh)? Joel would *not*. oooh, and how cute is that raccoon? *very*! too bad they're such little rascals.

this was a pretty fantastic post for a girl who had nothing to say, Sweet Penguin! well done! xoxo

At 23:43, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, remind me!

Ts duff...neithe rof those hands are mine. It is not Thursday and I already posted a picture of my well-shaped, creamed and no scars hands ;)
First picture is my sister´s father in law holding up the "Heuschrecke". In the second picture it is my brother in law :)

Neva...I had to work in teh garden...I ahve pictures to prove it...maybe another post! :)

At 23:50, Blogger Minka said...

I remember now! EEyore! Awwwwwww...

At 23:57, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Great animal pics! I guess you didn't see any other penguins in Germany to pose with though.

At 00:27, Blogger actonbell said...

Aaaw, cute toad. Or frog, I never could tell the difference...and is that big fellow--a muskox? Great pics!

Rabbit, rabbit! A little late, but it was in my head all day:)

At 01:26, Anonymous Joel said...

Thank you Minka!

At 06:29, Blogger ariel said...

what pretty things! (be careful with frogs, though, they are easily jammed.)

At 10:11, Blogger Minka said...

Square, is taht you? I don't believe it! Look who´s abck fro a month´s vacation :) WElcome, sweety!

Actonbell, Rabbit Rabbit to you dear Pez. I believe it to be a frog. I cuaght it and put it father-in-law's (of my sister) hands adn took a picture. Pretty sure it is a frog rather than a toad, although the difference is not that clear to me either. Maybe a post?

Joel, you are most welcome and I hop eyour dyas was fun and it might even have involved Mexican food, how perfect would that be?! No, I am not making fun...I am smiling with ye!

ariel, I know ariel...we were very careful with this little fellow I calles Hermes!

At 10:32, Blogger consise10 said...

Hey Minka,nice photography I especially like the one of the flies on the sunflower.Is that animal a 'fox' sitting in the cut tree trunk?

At 10:40, Blogger Minka said...

consise10, the things on the sunflower are trhee bees :) And I thought the dude in the tree trunk is a racoon. (afte rmy best biological distinction abilities!)

At 10:52, Blogger consise10 said...

A 'Racoon' ahh okay, we dont have such animals down here.

At 15:49, Blogger brian said...

Afternonn Minka,

I hope you are having a good day. Thanks for the animal pics, they look neat.

At 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeek! Spiders! *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

Except for the spiders *stomp *stomp* *stomp* I looooooved the pictures.

At 23:17, Blogger Tim Rice said...

You have excellent close-up photos of various animals here. They were neat to see. You have taken noticed of some excellent nature life to photograph indeed.

At 23:52, Blogger Minka said...

consise, see I did not know that!

Good evening Brian!

Jenna, this was the reaction I have been waiting for!:) You never fail :)

Tim, thank you so very much. But I also know that these taken in a split decision ar enot comparable to most of yours. Your fourth picture today ...just loved it!

At 00:36, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

sorry I am late - it's been rather hectic round here. Love your vaca pics - I love the racoon! Who is the little one with the donkey? D

At 00:26, Blogger Mo'a said...

Love the animal photos :) The Grashopper is wonderful....love frogs....do the Buffalo roam in Germany? Awwwww!!!cute Racoon.
Can you come over here and take a photo of a cat that sleeps in one of out porch chairs, every day....when I even think photo op....he up and runns.....I will make Hjonabandssaela and Ponnukokur for you :)

At 06:41, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...


Thank goodness the pics did not load up! Kill 'em Jenna! KILL EM!!!!

Minka! You are being a naughty sister! Don't you know this is the stuff of nightmares, spiders, that is!

Dios mio! Was our big brotha in on this? Hmph!

At 08:06, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I was just able to see the pics... I stand by what I said about the spiders... as for the pics though? BEAUTIFUL!

At 11:02, Blogger Minka said...

FF, the little one with teh donkey is my youngets niece. There was soemthing goign on between them. I think I had to wait for about 15 minutes before they finished with eahc other :) I love that picture. She stretches her little hands in his direction and he slowly trotted over and sniffed her out :)

Móa, be right there! throws on any old pair of jeans and a hsirt and she´ll be there in 6 hours :) If only...that would be lovely.

dear sister, for once our brother carries no fault in this here display. I happen to like spiders quite a bit, and I am not talking about teh Tarantula variety, although I wouldn't mind seeing one.
Didnæt mena to scare you though :) How about a mouse next time?

At 11:42, Blogger ariel said...

I once had one in my hand, it was surprisingly heavy, like I held a small kitten. that brand with brown and orange colours, they are said to be tame and friendly and easy to keep. (of course "friendly" with spiders means only that they won't try to kill you.)

At 11:50, Blogger Minka said...

Cool, I bet there was sweat on your forehead:)
Where did you get to see a Tarantula?
Uh...and then there is the black Widow...Tell you as soon as teh man is out of the picture, women just act up!

At 13:26, Blogger Mo'a said...

Yes it would, and you know that you are always welcome :)

At 16:13, Blogger Minka said...

well about that...checked your e-mail of late ?


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