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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kyah´s Meme...

I think it is time for another one of those little memes that makes you wish you´d read something, were a bit wittier and your stomach wouldn´t announce that food-intake better be an occurence in the nearest of futures. But alas...

1. One book you have read more than once.
ahhh...that is easy! Every single Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett (of which there are 30 and the newest one comes out in October!). Yes, I am sad and you are way out of line!

2.One book you would want on a desert island.
Does Iceland count? No? Ok...I´d take the bible. Because:
a) I have come to appreciate fanatsy novels (see above!)
b) the thin pages could come in handy otherwise as well;)

3.One book that made you laugh.

There truly are many. I am easily amused. Just typing this meme makes me smile. But there is a very recent one: "The Phantom Toolbooth" *winks* that had parental units in this house concerned about hysterical laughter in Minka´s bedroom!

4.One book that made you cry.
Hmm...some made me cry because it was so darn painful to read them. Oh, I see we get to that option later. Back to Square one then, I think I was a toil of emotions when I read Waris Dirie´s "Desert Flower" and "Desert Dawn". Those had a huge impact on me!

5.One book I wish I had written.
Do you realize I´d be filthy rich (more so than the Queen of England) if I would have plotted down some lines about a Magic Boy and heavily relied on amazing fantasy books throughout the ages. *bangs hand against forehead*

6.One book you wish had never been written.
It is a tie between Joseph Conrad´s "Heart of Darkness" and Henry James´s "Golden Bowl". There was a crack in the bowl, which symbolizes...I just wanna hurl right now! Those were two very painful novels during my studies and considering: I had to read Chaucer´s Canterbury Tales in Old English!

7.One book I am currently reading.
'The musings of the Blogoverse' It is really long, too ;)

8. One book I have meant to read.
I will sit down and get aquainted with "100 years of Solitude" by Marquez. If you don´t hear from me for weeks at a time, I am lonely soemwhere :)

9. One book that changed your life.
Bugger. Hmm...the first book I truly enjoyed back when I was young was "The Secret Garden". I just wanted to read it and re-read it. So I guess that one started of my appreciation for books. Which is changing your life style a bit.

9 quetsions, what kinda number is that for a quiz? I refuse to tag anybody with
such an un-even amount of questions. A girl´s gotta have her principles!

disclaimer: I do not mean to be-little the value of the writings of the Bible, nor do I have evidence to disprove them. I just don't know better!

Posted by Minka :: 12:33 pm :: 33 Royal Subjects

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At 13:20, Anonymous neva said...

now see? your Bible line caused me to laugh out loud! and make me rethink my possible answer if i get around to doing this meme later today!

you are so incredibly well-read. no surprise for a girl who loves language as much as you do, but still...

as for the Secret Garden? makes perfect sense... i can see the appeal that would have had for you as a young girl, and i lovelovelove that you had something so special and wonderful to get lost in as a child.

great meme, Monika! between you and Doug i now find myself a bit intimidated. is that a good reason to procrastinate on doing my own after Kyah tagged me, too?? maybe.... xoxox

At 13:21, Anonymous neva said...

woohoo! not that i want to brag or anything... but... um... FIRST!! (as you can see, it doesn't take much to amuse and/or otherwise entertain me!) xoxo

At 13:29, Blogger Minka said...

neva, I think this meme is worth doing and every take on it will be fun to read. I would so loveloveLOVE to read yours :)
and, yes you are first...I am very impressed and happy about that! *hands her a chocolate muffin*
And I am so glad you know "The secret Garden" as well. I got lost in there and could escape the outisde. IT had a key and a hiding place within.

At 14:31, Blogger brian said...

Morning Minka,

Love the list. I see nothing wrong with being a Pratchett freak. Takes one to know one.:)

We both love fantasy. Must have something to do with escaping.

And I LOVE "The Phantom Tollbooth".

At 14:32, Blogger brian said...

BTW, Sam is coming soon.

At 14:38, Blogger Minka said...

Brian...I knew you were a fanatsy fan. And Sam is coming, I can't wait...3 weeks I have been waiting for him now!

At 15:29, Blogger Doug said...

Your meme certainly makes me wish I were wittier. You don't see writing like that in a Harry Potter, for sure. Good luck with 100 years. I started it three times then loved it.

The Phantom Tollbooth is fantastic, isn't it? I still want to be Milo. Willie wants to be Tock.

At 16:27, Blogger brian said...


Just realized Sam doesn't make an appearence until episode 7 which is next Wednesday. :(

I could....e-mail the story to you, but then you wouldn't read my blog! *pouts*

Still, you are my dear friend, so if you can't stand the suspense, and want an advance copy, I'll e-mail it to you tonight. Let me know either way.:)

Love Brian

At 17:57, Blogger tsduff said...

I too am a little freaked out by the brain power around here... I'm so behind on the knowledge train that I had to look up meme... I had no clue :-) I have to admit it has been years since I read the Phantom Tollbooth - although I did enjoy James and the Giant Peach (Roald Dahl) more recently :-D

At 20:35, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Minka - I must be fast - the connection is spaz this afternoon. Great meme. D :)

At 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books of ALL TIME!!!

At 20:55, Blogger RennyBA said...

Ineteresting Memo - thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas about these books.
Hmmm: 'The musings of the Blogoverse' - never heard of that one :-)

At 21:21, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Thanks for playing with me Minka! I really enjoyed your answers to this meme.

Between us? its just a sly way for me to find out some more good books to read :-)

Strangely, I too have 100 years of Solitude in my 'books in waiting' pile. We can discuss it at a later date, if we ever get around to reading it!

At 22:22, Blogger Minka said...

Waking Ambrose Dude, I am not sure we are on speaking terms!

Brian, no I want to wiat like all teh others. I bet it is worth it when he arrives though:)

tsduff, I have been bloggign for years..memes come and go and then come again. Before you know it soembody has the oddacity of tagging you :)

FF, that sucks. Hope you solve it!

Jenna, I know you have style :)

rennyba, it is very easy to get a copy. I believe it involves turnign on your computer.

Kyah, sneaky little minx :)
But it was fun doing it, reading others and even come up with one´s own :)

At 23:12, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, I sincerely apologize for offending but it wasn't easy reaching deep into my own heart to find whatever's still liquid and then extend my cupped hand to one and all only to have you sneeze milk in it. Wherever the clauses are telic, there is only pain.

It's my fault. I should have known the gift of my soul only mattered to me.

It just hurts so much.

At 23:19, Blogger Minka said...

These words mean nothing to me. You threw me out of your place....and I would have been homeless if it weren´for Jenna! How could you...what about my skin is thicker than that?
I wish you the best of luck in all your endevours and enjoy blogging with that hollow tin chest of yours! *stomps off*

At 23:33, Blogger Doug said...

I brought you ice cream!

At 23:58, Blogger Minka said...


At 00:43, Blogger Doug said...

Um, yes? *sprinkles red food coloring*

At 01:15, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

The Secret Garden is one of my all time favorite books!
My sweet Gramillo gave me a copy of hit when I was a little girl, and I have loved it ever since. I've also seen all the movie versions of it, and there are a LOT of them!

At 05:30, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Well it took me quite some time (i.e. three years) to make it fast the first chapter of 100 years of Solitude...but I ended up loving it once I did!!! It is a difficult first hundrend pages, but well worth it...and don't fall for the sprinkles (not that I think that your savvy-self would)

At 06:08, Blogger tsduff said...

Ha ha - you DO know what RED FOOD COLORING is made of....

At 10:55, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie, I think I have seen two movie versions...both of which I liked. None came close to my imagination of the book though:)I am amazed at how many people know and love this book...it is so great!

Square, It is the next book I amgonna read and if it is the last thing I do! Oh and I have taste buds ... did you see me reply to that cheap offer? Nope!

Terry, nope...but I know it isn't strawberry!

At 10:56, Blogger Minka said...

knowing Doug history, it probably had para red in it! And i am not falling for that!

At 11:58, Blogger Doug said...

His short story, The Handsomest Drowned Man in The World, was made into a movie.

What's para red?

At 12:06, Blogger Minka said...

Oh bugger...it is Thursday...better get going!
You think I tell you? Google!

At 12:21, Anonymous neva said...

squished bugs, Minka, but i'm *certain* Doug didn't know. (they use the same dye-based bugs in some makeup, too. and yes... ewwwwwwww!)

At 12:31, Blogger Minka said...

I knew it wasn´t good as soon as I read it! You think i should go and get myself to a doctor...because I gobbled that ice-cream down when nobody was looking. *looks worried*

At 12:42, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I had to read Heart of Darkness in college. And struggled and hated it the whole way through. But we had an exam and I had to understand it. I read it again and something strange happen. It began to sink in. It seemed like the meaning of life was in that book, and for a moment I felt I could even understand it. Since then Joseph Conrad has been one of my favorite authors, and I have never been disappointed again by anything he wrote. I think I got an A on the exam, too.

(Chaucer was good bawdy fun, but then I read a modern translation.)

At 12:52, Blogger Minka said...

indy, nice seeing you again. I loved Chaucer very much. I stuggled through teh old English though...Hey I still know the first 13 line sof teh Prologue to the Canterbury Tales...off by heart...in Old English! *beams with pride*
I guess I will just have to re-read it. I mena it is a ig deal and people that got it say it is one of the best books ever, maybe I still have a bit of growing to do :)

At 13:21, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

One has to be ready for a book - Conrad write very modern psychological novels, but in a romantic style. And he is very complex at times. It's no bad reflection on you that it didn't click the first time. He's not the easiest author to read, but he's brilliant at creating intense moods. I would have gone on hating the book if I hadn't forced myself to reread it.

At 13:42, Blogger Minka said...

Indy, hw wrote in his third language I believe. That gives him some credit with me already!

At 00:15, Blogger Tim Rice said...

The Secret Garden is a very special story. Loved it.


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